The Hope Project: The Story of God’s Promise for All People – Learn of God’s great promise of HOPE that we all can have because of Jesus Christ.

I’m so glad you want to know more about the hope we can have because of Jesus Christ. God has done a lot to have a relationship with you.

How do you think God feels about you?

The Bible tells us that God created everything and that he is a God of love. It also tells us that He is also holy, completely without sin and therefore perfect. And our sins (wrong thoughts, words and actions) have separated us from God.

The great news is that God Himself provided the solution by sending His Son. Jesus lived a perfect life, and then died on the cross. He willingly took the punishment for our sins, and now freely offers the gift of forgiveness and hope to all who will accept it and follow Him.

To fully understand God’s love for you and to receive the peace, joy and hope that can only come from God himself you can read it for yourself in the Bible at or if you prefer to watch a video version of the Bible, click here

This video takes you from Creation to Resurrection. By viewing this film you will begin to see so many truths about the redeeming love of God. You will begin to see how the God who created the world has been at work through history to rescue us (sinners). You will see that the Bible is where we learn of God’s great promise of HOPE that we all can have because of Jesus Christ.

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