As we begin this study of the Bible we need to look briefly at some short topics.


1. Supernatural: Why do we value the Bible so highly? Because it is the Word of God, because it is His Revelation to us, and because it is supernatural in nature.


The supernaturalness of the Word is seen in the fact that there is a complete unity of thought throughout the book. It is a self declaration of God, not man’s view of Him. It is a system of life that works. This has been testified to through all generations. Finally, there is no way that man could have come up with the thoughts and principles of the Bible. (Examples: God dying to save man. Sin. The Trinity.)


2. Authenticity: The Bible is trustworthy, credible and authentic. Christ authenticated the Old Testament in His use of it.


If the Scriptures are true and credible then we can take, and stand on the promises of God no matter what the doubters might say. We can believe in each miracle and each supernatural occurrence which the Bible reports. We can find assurance about our future destiny. We can be certain of eternity with God.


3. Genuineness: This relates to the questions of dating and authorship. Were the books of the Bible written by the man that the book states, and at the time indicated? If not they are not genuine, yet if they are, then they are genuine.


If we know a book is genuine, then we can study secular history of the period and apply that knowledge to the facts that we gain from the book. In this way we can gain a more complete picture of the situation. If the book is genuine, then we can know that the history contained in it is also true history. (If secular history contradicts the Biblical history, then the Biblical history should be held as true.) If the books of the Bible are genuine, then we have no need to doubt or question what they say. If we do not understand a passage we do not need to doubt the Bible, only realize that we need further study.


We will see in this section of our study that the Bible is the revealed word of God. We will see that it is complete, trustworthy, and genuine. We will see that we can, and should understand the Bible as we study. We will see that it is the only guide for our life here on earth.


The strong warning that needs to be given by the author, and then heeded by the reader is this; Do not give up Bible study on a personal basis, because you are studying the Bible in this area of study. There is no type of Bible study that will substitute for personal, devotional Bible study.


The time alone with God, for Him to speak to you, is of great importance to your spiritual life. To set it aside and assume that He will speak to you through a study of theology is error. This is not to say that He will not speak to you from your study of theology, but the personal, devotional study of the Word is required as a prerequisite for further study in other areas.[1]



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