Foreign Country Useful Websites – International Christian Links

+++ Arabic

+++ Arabic

Smart, Young Arabs 🙂 🙂

Arabic Christian TV- CHAT ROOM!!

In Arabic Father Zakaria’s Site GREAT!!

Gets thru to Egypt 🙂

Jesus film & Bible Arabic songs and sermons

From TV Show

Arabic news Arabic Literature -Bible in Arabic

80 min. Panorama of bible in Arabic

free Injil Great articles

Arabic radio programs
children’s Arabic broadcasts run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bible in Arabic-audio 🙂

+++ Bulgarian

+++ Would you prefer Chinese ?

in English

Does get through in China

Does get thru to China

in English

is in English

is in English


Countries near China- Vietnam, Burma

Connect with Vietnamese Christians

Vietnamese Christian broadcasts

Burma Churches-links to

+++ Dutch-Would you prefer Dutch?

+++ French- Would you prefer French?

is in English- Watch videos 🙂

Click on (French Top Right)


(select French Flag at top right)

+++ German

+++ Hebrew

is in Hebrew – in English it is

+++ India-

Map of states

Great Website!!! Downloads Awadhi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Video Bar 🙂


Videos, Romance. Relationships – 3 lang.

Many tips on how to answer contacts from India

nice website for Hindi Christian songs

Gospel resources for India

family ministry

Hindu become Christian

+++ Would you prefer Indonesian?

Smart Young people *****

For Indoesians 🙂

offers Christian articles and the Bible in Indonesian

Indonesian Bible

Questions and Answers-Humor 🙂 Indonesian

Videos -Indonesian, English

+++Investigating Christianity

is a series of excellent multi-media presentations from notable sources –Exploring the life and claims of Jesus.

is translated in multiple languages and explains the life of Jesus, the miracles he performed, what others said about Him, how He has influenced the world and what all this means to you.

+++ Iran-Would you prefer Farsi?

Smart Young College Students 🙂

Tough questions- Honest answers !!

Hormoz Shariat @
+++ Islam

free Arabic Injeel Great articles


Watch videos-
Muslim University woman’s story- next to last video in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, English

Jesus’ Claim to be God

Fantastic Stories !!!

You tube Google Afshin’s testimony

Saudi Arabian Muslim-Google Muslim accepts Jesus

audio gospel in many languages

Wow!!! stories from 5 countries ********************

answers to questions of faith in audio and video***********

Arabic Father Zakaria site

Taurat, Zaburt, Injil, Quran

Very Detailed answers for Debaters Albanian, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Tamil,Thai, Turkish, Urdu

Error in Quran mary Motherof Jesus=MRIAM SISTER OF MOSES

+++ Japan

Japanese calligraphy of Bible verses

+++ Lebonan

Salem b’Isa, Shlama bMishikha Yeshua, Peace in Jesus Name!
Pastors in Lebanon are very willing to help disciple and baptize new believers and seekers in Lebanon.

This is Al Tareeq Radio, run by Pastor Yusef, and the local Arab believers from New Covenant Congregation

The people you are in contact with can use Al Tareeq to contact others who can write them in their own language. Through Al Tareeq, they can hear music and sound teaching from the Word of God, plus access videos through YouTube that will build them up in their faith whether new or renewed.May your endeavors have much fruit! br Dean Psalms 122: 6 to 9

+++ Mongolian

+++ Nepal

Great Website!!! Downloads Nepali,

Testimonials- News- Discussion- Word of God-Music- Links

+++ Philippines

Smart, Young Filipinos

Visions of Isa ** cool Filipinos

+++ Poland

+++ Portuguese


+++ Romanian

+++ Russia


Central Asia

+++ South Africa

+++ Spanish/ Italian/Portuguese Que Dios te bendiga

Paz Y Gozo steps John Beckett

y haga clic en “paso uno”, y luego siga los demás pasos, para aprender más acerca de lo qué significa ser un cristiano.
Si tiene una Biblia, comience leyendo el Evangelio de Juan, en el Nuevo Testamento.


Click on Italian (Top right)




in Portuguese

+++ South Africa

+++ Swahili Kenya

Click on Swahili

+++ Thai

+++ Turkish

Turkish New Testament


in English

+++ URDU-Pakistan Would you prefer URDU?
Favorite 🙂

Watch videos- young Muslim University woman- next to last video

all in URDU

In URDU life story

4 laws URDU

helpful Visual of Lamb on altar

This website has a Free Injil and study of Taurat, Zabur and Injil !!!! Will send you a free copy of the Urdu Injil when you click on link at website

Audio Urdu bible

Many questions and answers in Urdu


Exploring Life’s Issues
Check out Q & A Forum and Sex and Relationships

Great answers to many questions

Excellent answers to tough questions- many languages

4 laws
No cost-daily e-mails sent-for men and women for 49 weeks- provide instruction and encouragement to meditate on verses
Browse the many great albums at the bottom !

many great Christian answers – Has Kid’s section also

*************Visions of Jesus- 5 different Muslim countries-Men and Women- From

Jesus claims to be God


there are 30 great lessons that will help you learn about the Christian faith.
There are short lessons, videos, and scriptures.You can do one a day for a month and God can use this to help you be a stronger Christian. You can also tell your friends about this who you would like to help grow as Christians.


you can take short lessons to help you learn about God…about Jesus Christ…about the Holy Spirit… about prayer… about the Bible…and much more. Each daily lesson has Scripture; some key teachings or thoughts; a short video; and an action step that you can take.

On line English B studies

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