Tools For Faith

Tools for Faith

Table of Contents:

1. Questions/Answers for non-believers (non-Christians), believers (Christians), skeptics
2. Growth
3. Help for common topics and issues
4. More for new believers or those wanting a closer walk with God
5. Tools to use for evangelism
6. Tools to equip for and in sharing your faith
7. For teens and young adults
8. Mobile sites or mobile downloads/uploads
9. Online Bibles
10. Misc.
11. Entertainment

Questions/ Answers for non-believers, believers, skeptics or specifically – “Do you have a question about God, Jesus, the Bible, or theology? Have you ever needed help understanding a Bible verse or passage? Are there any spiritual issues in your life for which you need advice or counsel?” – for those who want to be sure! -also available is Great site for those in the business world – but not exclusively. The content of the videos is written out around the video in case you are not able to watch. The videos are done by John Beckett (see his Bio here: )
He is a dynamic speaker IMHO!

Growth – Great site, much shorter and less involved for newer believers – Exploring Life’s Issues – LOTS of media – EXCELLENT resource! – A 30 day guide for new believers

Help for common topics and issues

http://www.dougbrittonbooks.com Free Bible studies for many issues Christians struggle to overcome such as Anger, Anxiety, Marriage, Money, Temptation and more. – Christ-centered courses are free of charge and help people just like you escape impurity, over-eating, substance abuse, gambling, smoking and more. – Radio broadcasts for various topics from Focus on the Family – Podcasts, downloads and broadcasts.

More for new believers or those wanting a closer walk with God

Tools to use for evangelism and – Are you a good person?

Tools to equip for and in sharing your faith : [Growing in and] “Sharing your faith;

http://www.christiananswers.net – At this website you will find Bibles, New Testaments, Christian literature, Bible-study books, tracts, paintings and other categories of Christian production. The goal of our Christian Literature is to bring inmates home – changed! – This is new to me, but so far I see nothing ‘out of place’, it all seems to be ‘precept upon precept’, topics dealt with solidly with the Word of God. Please let me now if you should find something of concern.

For teens and young adults – geared more for ‘tweens’ – children’s version of the “Jesus” film – for “tween” and teen girls

Mobile sites or mobile downloads/uploads – mobile 30 day guide for new believers.

Create Your Own Mobile Devotional using a RSS Feed;

Bible apps – – also has a Strong’s Concordance and favorite hymns. or simply


Online Bibles – mobile friendly – different versions and different languages available – different versions available also has sermons – mobile friendly – devotions available also – audio Bible

Misc. – Christian search engine – Reviews on different forms of popular entertainment (movies, games, videos) from Focus on the Family – Test your knowledge about Jesus 😀 Quizzes – Easy, Intermediate and Difficult – – Art – Some pretty awesome pencil drawings (Some are better than others, but who am I to be a critic?) – People on film re-telling stories of God’s supernatural intervention in their lives in short, hard-hitting three, five, ten minute videos. Twenty topic channels to choose from ranging from Sports heroes, epic love, addiction and grace to money matters, teen life and simple miracles. – Combines google maps technology with Bible verses. Type in a verse or chapter and see locations on a map and in information pop up boxes about the city, inside a city, region, people group and geographic features. Takes some time and experimentation to get the hang of it. Here is an example page; – Fun and informative presentation of the Armor of God – a little bit of everything for just about everybody! She also has a page for those suffering from chronic pain/illness;


Movie Trailers:

Hidden Secrets –
Road to Redemption – (lol!)
Bella –
The Theory of Everything –
The Second Chance –
The Last Sin Eater –
Time Changer –
Facing the Giants –
Flywheel –
Fireproof –
What If –
A Walk to Remember –
Saving Sarah Cain –
Unidentified –
Amazing Grace –
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed –
China Cry –
Pilgrim’s Progress –
Standing Firm –
In the Blink of an Eye –
The List –
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry –
God of Wonders –
The Climb –
Mercy Streets –
Thr3E –
The Visitation –
Hangman’s Curse –
House – (not nearly as creepy as the book
The Ride –
Love Comes Softly –
the first six are good… the seventh was not.
End of the Harvest –
The Hiding Place –
The Wager –

Apostles of Comedy –

Thou Shalt Laugh – 4 different DVD’s Hosted by Patricia Heaton, Tim Conway, Sinbad and John Tesh featuring many talented comedians –

4 Bananas comedy – Season 1 trailer
Season 2 trailer –

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