The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – (Video Series)

The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 1

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The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 2

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The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 3

Too often believers reject unfavorable news about pastors or teachers they are personally endeared to. Instead of consumers reevaluating their positions and coming to grips with biblically-based data, a continued blind acceptance of error is often the result.

Illustrating with a clip excerpted from “The New, Truly Confused Evangelicals” DVD set, Barger asks, “Can we ever separate Jesus from the Bible?” The answer is NO, but this deceptive, liberal, postmodern error is taught – and insisted on – by popular Atlanta pastor to over 20,000, Andy Stanley.

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The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 4

As the culture around us quickly declines, Christianity has its own set of resident anarchists determined to overthrow biblical truth with a new unholy reformation. The research is disturbing and the conclusions shocking to those uninformed but the fact remains – evangelicalism is in desperate trouble.


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The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 5

In part five of the series, Eric Barger details the ongoing theological collapse of modern evangelicalism underway around us. He documents the disturbing trends resulting in belief becoming secondary while and the actions and activities of men becomes primary in the Church. After gathering considerable data and communicating with many victims of the “new”evangelicalism, Eric Barger simply notes that according to the law of physics where a void exists something must fill it. Now, as alarming numbers abandon the long-held mission of the Church, the cry of “social justice” is now trumpeted from many once-conservative pulpits. But where are the calls for biblical evangelism, repentance, and holiness heard not long ago?

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The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 6

This segment examines two tragic elements of confused Evangelical thinking as both Universalism and Mysticism have become a staple in postmodern thought.

For many decades once-faithful Christian leaders, denominations, and seminaries have been moving further and further from Scripture to adopt what they view as only “positive” attributes of the faith – while discounting or completely ignoring what they deem as unseemly. Seeking only a God of love while ignoring the equal attribute of His justice, the perverse view of universal inclusion now reigns as the politically correct, more charitable stance on eternity but completely betrays the overall teaching of Scripture.

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The Truly Confused Evangelicals – Eric Barger – Part 7

In this final episode of the series, Eric illustrates that “Kingdom Now” or dominionist eschatology rules in many postmodern circles – while an orthodox outlook on Bible Prophecy is often mocked.

Aided by the “gurus” of Church Growth, young pastors have been led to believe that Bible prophecy must be avoided. Passages such as Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13, let alone several large sections of the Epistles and the entire book of Revelation must be allegorized but that matters little to those intent on bringing about a suitable Postmodern remake of Christianity.

As this series comes to a close, Eric provides a list of points that every concerned Christian should be aware of in combating the unbiblical elements of the growing Emergent/Postmodern movement in our churches. He warns that the current wholesale theft of the faith will continue unless Bible-believers become knowledgeable and bold in communicating with those taken captive.

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