Helpful Resource Links for Internet Missionaries

Helpful Links

Tools and resources for Evangelism and Discipleship

Look to Jesus

New Believer’s Guide

Following the Path


30 Day Next Steps

Foundations of the Faith

Living the Spirit-Filled Life

Weekly Prayer Letter Archive


VIDEO RESOURCES from JESUS FILM PROJECT (multiple languages)

Jesus Video – 128 minutes, 1157 languages

Magdalena – Released from Shame – 83 minutes, especially for women, 95 languages

Story of Jesus for Children – 61 minutes, 148 languages

My Last Day – 9 minutes animated, 70 languages


Gospel of Mark Bible study


Reaching out to Jewish People



GODLIFE – DESKTOP LINKS Gospel – Learn –     Look To Jesus –     New Believer’s Guide –     30 Day Guide –     Jesus Booklet – Explore –     Know God –     New Life –     Bible –     Community –     Prayer –     Share – Connect –     Response Form –     30 Day Guide –     Prayer Letter Sign Up –            Find past Prayer Letters – Bible – Chapel –

Other Links Available –     Following the Path –     GMO Church Finder –     Four Laws –

GODLIFE – MOBI LINKS Begin –     Know God – Learn –     Look To Jesus –     New Believer’s Guide –     Following the Path – Connect –     30 Day Guide –     Prayer Letter signup – Jesus Booklet – Explore – Life Issues –

BIBLE OR BIBLE LINK – YouVersion link for discipleship tracking – easy ENGLISH (ESL) Bible and Study materials. Both mobi and desktop, audio, download and read online.  Made for mobi, great for desktop too.  Many versions, audio, reading tools, mobi at   Online Bible in multiple languages and versions   Download for Chinese Bible  – Audio downloads in over 4000 languages   – Audio Bibles in over 550 languages   Order Free Bibles from American Bible Society, 120 languages  over 250 languages – some free online, printed for purchase, audio   Free NT for Philippines only – English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon Bibles for needy people in French, German, Chinese and Finnish

DISCIPLESHIP – CRU’s Transferable Concepts – Gospel of Mark Bible Study in 10 parts   Christian living tools, Bible study tools

MOBILE SITES  Biblos site for mobile use, apps, downloads, Bible tools  Bible apps, comprehensive offering of Bible tools   Bible – made for mobi, great for desktop too.  Life’s questions answered from Biblical view, easy to read format   Bible commentaries, Bibles, dictionaries, maps, concordances, for MOBI   For MOBI contacts, lets them choose from 6 devotionals  – sign up for daily bible verse, daily bible text message

CHILDREN’S RESOURCES  Child Evangelism Fellowship’s site – requires login info.  Christian ED tools/resources for evangelism, teachers, some free

CHURCH FINDERS – from, should be solid Bible teaching churches   USA /international churches, includes many churches in India  Church Directory of the United States  Christian Church Directory for United States

ONLINE WORSHIP SERVICES – From Florida, USA – Godlife site

CREATION/EVOLUTION RESOURCES  Discovery Institute – refutation of evolution Comprehensive apologetics – creation /evolution  the Institute for Creation Research  –  Good articles for skeptics and those from a scientific background

EVANGELISM   15 minute video by Francis Chan, also on – A lot of great evangelistic and apologetic articles   Four Spiritual Laws in many languages   Watch the Jesus film in many different languages  Presentations exploring life and claims of Jesus, Jesus film.   GMO site, Jesus’ life, miracles, testimonies, world influence, 4 Laws   Biblical answers to life’ questions   from Got, more apologetic/worldview focus. No mobi  yet  Search from GotQuestions for tough Questions, enter Bible verse for comments   Video testimonies and more in many subjects.  Free printable evangelistic tracts in over 100 languages.

MUSLIM EVANGELISM – onlline course for Muslims  LIST of Muslim Countries with percentages.   English, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, include this in emails to Muslim countries  will send one free Arabic bible.   for Free Injil/New Testament – read online or download.  Urdu Bible downloads   Videos of former Muslims who have become Christians    Helps Christians dialog with Muslims  Testimony & video of Ergun Caner, former Muslim Video Testimonies about Jesus

HINDU – Buddhist – South Asian  Bible in Hindi   Godlife in Indian language for West Bengali, include in first response to India  50 Day Study of Guru Jesus for Hindu – include in first response to India   for Hindus – onlline course for Hindus    Multi-language Evangelistic web site for Indians and South Asians  Answering Buddhism   Witnessing to Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christian info Another good site for reaching out to people from Hindu background.

HEBREW/Jewish evangelistic sites IN Hebrew

OTHER RELIGIONS   Major religions, Catholicism, Christian history, pointing to Christ – Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry – covers almost every cult.   Arguments for existence of God, includes Atheistic view

FAMILY ISSUES – SUPPORT GROUPS – ADDICTIONS – MENTORING Many helpful items, including “God Has Not Forgotten You,” 31-Day subscription devotional  helps an OM in answering marriage/family questions, many topics  Counseling via internet, source for written materials   Help Christians overcome addictions  MANY online support groups and forums. Check it out before referring.   For those who are experiencing grief in the loss of a loved one   Help for various life situations

MISSION ORGANIZATIONS  Gospel for Asia, provides help, schooling, church directories for India/Asia  International Christian Ministries, includes Africa, various helps, schooling

ONLINE THEOLOGY/RESEARCH   Robust multimedia theological education online in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic).  Free outside the USA  Voice of the Martyrs online workshops on persecution studies, FREE  Christian ED tools/resources for evangelism, teachers, CHILDREN  FREE online Christian classes, over 40 different courses!    BIBLOS – online reference materials – huge data base!   Huge data base of concordances, categorized verses, commentaries, Bibles Operation World – demographics

ONLINE DEVOTIONALS/MEDIA  – sign up for daily bible verse, daily bible text message – daily, weekly messages, commentary, downloadable Bible studies for both individuals and small groups (part of Radio Bible Class Ministries family)    Devotions – great site! Provides a daily email of scripture reading, can choose translation. – Reading plans – sign up for daily verse, devotionals – 24/7 streams on all devices. Very good Bible teaching

GMO  STUFF Fun viewpoints on hits coming to GMO sites, use for churches   Do you know someone who would be a great OM? Send them to this site – YouTube video on GMO ministry, good for church presentations.

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