How do I know if I should get married?

The most serious long-term contract anyone could make in their lifetime is the one of marriage. Regrettably, many enter into it with out sufficient maturity and knowledge and many unrealistic expectations. As a result, they spend many miserable years adjusting to their marriage, or suffering, if they stay married at all. Often people make the decision to marry for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they want to merely change a difficult situation they are currently in. It is important to understand that love is fragile and has to be worked and cultivated. Simply put, even the best marriage requires a great deal of work.

A good marriage is based on respect for one’s self and for their partner. When they both come into the marriage with a poor self-image, they will find themselves on a difficult path. It is far better to first develop a solid relationship with Jesus Christ, with a good understanding of His great love and forgiveness. Christ is able to help each of the partners develop a sense of worth and significance based on their relationship with their Creator, rather than each other. (If you want to know how you can become friends with the God of the Universe, please go to

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