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A Soft, Mysterious Voice

In the midst of the deepest guilt and distress of the people, a voice speaks that is soft and mysterious but full of the blessed certainty of salvation through the birth of a divine child (Isa. 9:6–7). It is still seven hundred years until the time of fulfillment, but the prophet is so deeply immersed in God’s thought and counsel that he speaks of the future as if he saw it already, and he speaks of the salvific hour as if he already stood in adoration before the manger of Jesus. “For a child has been born for us.” What will happen one day is already real and certain in God’s eyes, and it will be not only for the salvation of future generations but already for the prophet who sees it coming and for his generation, indeed, for all generations on earth. “For a child has been born for us.” No human spirit can talk like this on its own. How are we who do not know what will happen next year supposed to understand that someone can look forward many centuries? And the times then were no more transparent than they are today. Only the Spirit of God, who encompasses the beginning and end of the world, can in such a way reveal to a chosen person the mystery of the future, so that he must prophesy for strengthening believers and warning unbelievers. This individual voice ultimately enters into the nocturnal adoration of the shepherds (Luke 2:15–20) and into the full jubilation of the Christ-believing community: “For a child has been born for us, a son given to us.”

A shaking of heads, perhaps even an evil laugh, must go through our old, smart, experienced, self-assured world, when it hears the call of salvation of believing Christians: “For a child has been born for us, a son given to us.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

For a child has been born for us,

a son given to us;

authority rests upon his shoulders;

and he is named

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

His authority shall grow continually,

and there shall be endless peace

for the throne of David and his kingdom.

He will establish and uphold it

with justice and with righteousness

from this time onward and forevermore.

The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.

Isaiah 9:6–7[1]

If Jesus’ Birth Made the Angels Glad, We Should Be More Glad

Luke 2:8–14

If the birth of Jesus was so gladsome to our cousins the angels, what should it be to us? If it made our neighbors sing who had comparatively so small a share in it, how should it make us leap for joy? Oh, if it brought heaven down to earth, should not our songs go up to heaven? If heaven’s gate of pearl was set open at its widest, and a stream of shining ones came running downward to the lower skies, to anticipate the time when they shall all descend in solemn pomp at the glorious advent of the great King; if it emptied heaven for a while to make earth so glad, ought not our thoughts and praises and all our loves to go pouring up to the eternal gate, leaving earth a while that we may crowd heaven with the songs of mortal men?

Charles Spurgeon (1834–1892)[2]

Grant That We May Hasten from Darkness to Light

Isaiah 9:2; Matthew 4:16; John 1:9; 1 John 2:10

O Lord, unto whom our soul watches from the light,

grant that we may always hasten from darkness to light;

that the mist of the mind may utterly pass away,

and the fullness of your light abide in us.

Mozarabic Office[3]

[1] Bonhoeffer, D. (2010). God is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas. (J. Riess, Ed., O. C. Dean Jr., Trans.) (First edition, pp. 10–11). Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press.

[2] Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2013). 300 Quotations and Prayers for Christmas. Lexham Press.

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December 1: Ezekiel 45–46; 2 Peter 3 | ESV: Read through the Bible

Morning: Ezekiel 45–46

Ezekiel 45–46 (Listen)

The Holy District

45 “When you allot the land as an inheritance, you shall set apart for the LORD a portion of the land as a holy district, 25,000 cubits1 long and 20,0002 cubits broad. It shall be holy throughout its whole extent. Of this a square plot of 500 by 500 cubits shall be for the sanctuary, with fifty cubits for an open space around it. And from this measured district you shall measure off a section 25,000 cubits long and 10,000 broad, in which shall be the sanctuary, the Most Holy Place. It shall be the holy portion of the land. It shall be for the priests, who minister in the sanctuary and approach the LORD to minister to him, and it shall be a place for their houses and a holy place for the sanctuary. Another section, 25,000 cubits long and 10,000 cubits broad, shall be for the Levites who minister at the temple, as their possession for cities to live in.3

“Alongside the portion set apart as the holy district you shall assign for the property of the city an area 5,000 cubits broad and 25,000 cubits long. It shall belong to the whole house of Israel.

The Portion for the Prince

“And to the prince shall belong the land on both sides of the holy district and the property of the city, alongside the holy district and the property of the city, on the west and on the east, corresponding in length to one of the tribal portions, and extending from the western to the eastern boundary of the land. It is to be his property in Israel. And my princes shall no more oppress my people, but they shall let the house of Israel have the land according to their tribes.

“Thus says the Lord GOD: Enough, O princes of Israel! Put away violence and oppression, and execute justice and righteousness. Cease your evictions of my people, declares the Lord GOD.

10 “You shall have just balances, a just ephah, and a just bath.4 11 The ephah and the bath shall be of the same measure, the bath containing one tenth of a homer,5 and the ephah one tenth of a homer; the homer shall be the standard measure. 12 The shekel shall be twenty gerahs;6twenty shekels plus twenty-five shekels plus fifteen shekels shall be your mina.7

13 “This is the offering that you shall make: one sixth of an ephah from each homer of wheat, and one sixth of an ephah from each homer of barley, 14 and as the fixed portion of oil, measured in baths, one tenth of a bath from each cor8 (the cor, like the homer, contains ten baths).915 And one sheep from every flock of two hundred, from the watering places of Israel for grain offering, burnt offering, and peace offerings, to make atonement for them, declares the Lord GOD. 16 All the people of the land shall be obliged to give this offering to the prince in Israel. 17 It shall be the prince’s duty to furnish the burnt offerings, grain offerings, and drink offerings, at the feasts, the new moons, and the Sabbaths, all the appointed feasts of the house of Israel: he shall provide the sin offerings, grain offerings, burnt offerings, and peace offerings, to make atonement on behalf of the house of Israel.

18 “Thus says the Lord GOD: In the first month, on the first day of the month, you shall take a bull from the herd without blemish, and purify the sanctuary. 19 The priest shall take some of the blood of the sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the temple, the four corners of the ledge of the altar, and the posts of the gate of the inner court. 20 You shall do the same on the seventh day of the month for anyone who has sinned through error or ignorance; so you shall make atonement for the temple.

21 “In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, you shall celebrate the Feast of the Passover, and for seven days unleavened bread shall be eaten. 22 On that day the prince shall provide for himself and all the people of the land a young bull for a sin offering. 23 And on the seven days of the festival he shall provide as a burnt offering to the LORD seven young bulls and seven rams without blemish, on each of the seven days; and a male goat daily for a sin offering. 24 And he shall provide as a grain offering an ephah for each bull, an ephah for each ram, and a hin10 of oil to each ephah. 25 In the seventh month, on the fifteenth day of the month and for the seven days of the feast, he shall make the same provision for sin offerings, burnt offerings, and grain offerings, and for the oil.

The Prince and the Feasts

46 “Thus says the Lord GOD: The gate of the inner court that faces east shall be shut on the six working days, but on the Sabbath day it shall be opened, and on the day of the new moon it shall be opened. The prince shall enter by the vestibule of the gate from outside, and shall take his stand by the post of the gate. The priests shall offer his burnt offering and his peace offerings, and he shall worship at the threshold of the gate. Then he shall go out, but the gate shall not be shut until evening. The people of the land shall bow down at the entrance of that gate before the LORD on the Sabbaths and on the new moons. The burnt offering that the prince offers to the LORD on the Sabbath day shall be six lambs without blemish and a ram without blemish. And the grain offering with the ram shall be an ephah,11 and the grain offering with the lambs shall be as much as he is able, together with a hin12 of oil to each ephah. On the day of the new moon he shall offer a bull from the herd without blemish, and six lambs and a ram, which shall be without blemish. As a grain offering he shall provide an ephah with the bull and an ephah with the ram, and with the lambs as much as he is able, together with a hin of oil to each ephah. When the prince enters, he shall enter by the vestibule of the gate, and he shall go out by the same way.

“When the people of the land come before the LORD at the appointed feasts, he who enters by the north gate to worship shall go out by the south gate, and he who enters by the south gate shall go out by the north gate: no one shall return by way of the gate by which he entered, but each shall go out straight ahead. 10 When they enter, the prince shall enter with them, and when they go out, he shall go out.

11 “At the feasts and the appointed festivals, the grain offering with a young bull shall be an ephah, and with a ram an ephah, and with the lambs as much as one is able to give, together with a hin of oil to an ephah. 12 When the prince provides a freewill offering, either a burnt offering or peace offerings as a freewill offering to the LORD, the gate facing east shall be opened for him. And he shall offer his burnt offering or his peace offerings as he does on the Sabbath day. Then he shall go out, and after he has gone out the gate shall be shut.

13 “You shall provide a lamb a year old without blemish for a burnt offering to the LORD daily; morning by morning you shall provide it. 14 And you shall provide a grain offering with it morning by morning, one sixth of an ephah, and one third of a hin of oil to moisten the flour, as a grain offering to the LORD. This is a perpetual statute. 15 Thus the lamb and the meal offering and the oil shall be provided, morning by morning, for a regular burnt offering.

16 “Thus says the Lord GOD: If the prince makes a gift to any of his sons as his inheritance, it shall belong to his sons. It is their property by inheritance. 17 But if he makes a gift out of his inheritance to one of his servants, it shall be his to the year of liberty. Then it shall revert to the prince; surely it is his inheritance—it shall belong to his sons. 18 The prince shall not take any of the inheritance of the people, thrusting them out of their property. He shall give his sons their inheritance out of his own property, so that none of my people shall be scattered from his property.”

Boiling Places for Offerings

19 Then he brought me through the entrance, which was at the side of the gate, to the north row of the holy chambers for the priests, and behold, a place was there at the extreme western end of them. 20 And he said to me, “This is the place where the priests shall boil the guilt offering and the sin offering, and where they shall bake the grain offering, in order not to bring them out into the outer court and so transmit holiness to the people.”

21 Then he brought me out to the outer court and led me around to the four corners of the court. And behold, in each corner of the court there was another court—22 in the four corners of the court were small13courts, forty cubits14 long and thirty broad; the four were of the same size. 23 On the inside, around each of the four courts was a row of masonry, with hearths made at the bottom of the rows all around. 24 Then he said to me, “These are the kitchens where those who minister at the temple shall boil the sacrifices of the people.”


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Evening: 2 Peter 3

2 Peter 3 (Listen)

The Day of the Lord Will Come

This is now the second letter that I am writing to you, beloved. In both of them I am stirring up your sincere mind by way of reminder, that you should remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles, knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God, and that by means of these the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished. But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.

But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you,1 not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. 10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies2will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed.3

11 Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness, 12 waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set on fire and dissolved, and the heavenly bodies will melt as they burn! 13 But according to his promise we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

Final Words

14 Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace. 15 And count the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, 16 as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures. 17 You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own stability. 18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.


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December 1 Morning Verse of The Day

6:20 The people of Beth-shemesh realized their own unholiness in the presence of the Lord this holy God. The Philistines had sent the ark away; the citizens of Beth-shemesh now determined to do the same.[1]

6:20 to whom shall it go up from us? The people of Beth-shemesh wish to be rid of the ark, just like the Philistines.[2]

6:20 The people of Beth-shemesh sound like the people of Ashdod (5:7–8).[3]

6:20 Who is able to stand before … God? This question climaxes the narrative of the ark. No one is able to stand against God’s judgment. This applied to the people outside the covenant as well as those under the covenant. Presumption before God is unacceptable. to whom shall He go. The expression was used to denote the desire to take the ark away from them.[4]

6:20 Who is able to stand: Since God is holy, He requires those who minister or serve Him to be separated from all that is contrary to His holy character. The people responded in terror and frustration. They knew of the troubles that the ark had brought to the Philistines; now, they believed, they were next.[5]

20. If this question of the men of Bethshemesh be the humble enquiry of souls under divine visitation, the question is gracious indeed: and in a gospel sense it may be thus answered. None but souls who approach this Holy Lord God in the holiness and sin-cleansing blood of the Mediator. But in him and his all-sufficient righteousness, the poorest sinner hath boldness to enter within the vail by his blood. See Heb. 10:19–22. But if the question was the language of displeasure, perhaps it was like that of David upon a similar occasion, in the instance of Uzzah. 2 Sam. 6:6–9.[6]

6:20 Who can stand in the presence of. The Hebrew expression can mean “attend to” (Judg. 20:27–28), but it can also carry the nuance “withstand, resist” (Exod. 9:11; Judg. 2:14; 2 Kings 10:4). The latter nuance fits nicely here as an affirmation of God’s invincible and potentially destructive power.

this holy God. In its primary sense “holy” refers to someone or something that is distinct from what is commonplace or ordinary. Here the nuance may be “off limits, unapproachable,” since touching and peering into the ark causes the death of the people.[7]

20 The phrase stand before (or “wait upon”) is often used specifically of priests attending in a sanctuary or “before the ark” as in Judg. 20:28. Compare Samuel’s ministering before the Lord (mešārēt) in 1 Sam. 2:11, 18; 3:1. But it can also mean “withstand,” as in Exod. 9:11, where the Egyptian magicians were not able to stand before Moses. “In this case the men of Beth-shemesh would be acknowledging the overwhelming power of Yahweh, rather than overlooking the obvious expedient of hiring a priest.”

On the “holiness” of God, see on 2:2. While the people of Beth-shemesh used the same attribute (holy) of Yahweh as Hannah, the implication is different in the two cases. While on the one hand Hannah acknowledged Yahweh as the intimate and yet sovereign Lord of Hosts, these people somehow lacked the proper attitude toward God, not honoring and reverencing the holy One. The addition of this makes their relationship with God sound more superficial and exhibits a popular conception of qādôš “holiness,” that is, “taboo.” As it was one of the darkest eras of the history of ancient Israel, it is no surprise to find that the spiritual condition of the covenant people was at such low ebb. In light of this, Hannah’s “prayer” sticks out. Now the time is ripe for Samuel’s new ministry. God has not forgotten his people even in the darkest time.[8]

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December 1 – Expiation vs Propitiation? — VCY America

December 1
Daniel 8:1-27
1 John 2:1-17
Psalm 120:1-7
Proverbs 28:25-26 

Welcome to December! You are in the final month of the year, and it’s been an incredible time of digging into God’s Word!

Daniel 8:1 – From John Walvoord

Two important factors mark Daniel 8 as the beginning of a new section. First, beginning with this chapter, the language returns to Hebrew instead of the Aramaic used by Daniel from 2:4 through 7:28. Second, the change of language is in keeping with the change in thought introduced by this chapter. From here to the end of Daniel, the prophecy, even though it concerns the Gentiles, is occupied with human history as it relates to Israel.

Daniel 8:11-14 – What is this 2,300 days about?  The Millerites thought it meant the return of Jesus by October 22, 1844, but the teaching instead brought about the “Great Disappointment.” 

Most scholars believe this refers to Antiochus Epiphanes, the leader of the Syrian kingdom that emerged from Alexander the Great’s empire. The book of 1 Maccabees tells about Antiochus during the intertestamental period.  Walvoord discusses the 2,300 days:

The terminus ad quem of the twenty-three hundred days is taken by most expositors as 164 B.C. when Antiochus Epiphanes died during a military campaign in Media. This permitted the purging of the sanctuary and the return to Jewish worship. Figuring from this date backward twenty-three hundred days would fix the beginning time at 171 b.c. In that year, Onias III, the legitimate high priest, was murdered and a pseudo line of priests assumed power. This would give adequate fulfillment in time for the twenty-three hundred days to elapse at the time of the death of Antiochus.

Daniel 8:16 – I’m glad he asked Gabriel to make Daniel understand. Daniel, one of the wisest men ever, “was astonished” and “was sick certain days” as a result! (Daniel 8:27). 

1 John 2:1 – What does it mean that Jesus is our advocate? My grandfather used to host a television program, Advocates in Adversity, featuring attorneys and judges to talk about legal issues. If you’ve dealt with the legal system, attorneys are expensive. Jesus Christ is my attorney, and though I can’t afford Him, he’s representing me pro bono!

1 John 2:2 – Not just my attorney, but my propitiation! There’s a big debate in theological circles between the words propitiation (satisfying the wrath of God) and expiation (removing the guilt). If we believe God is angry at sin,  then His wrath needs to be placated. From R.C. Sproul:

Therefore, Christ’s supreme achievement on the cross is that He placated the wrath of God, which would burn against us were we not covered by the sacrifice of Christ. So if somebody argues against placation or the idea of Christ satisfying the wrath of God, be alert, because the gospel is at stake. This is about the essence of salvation—that as people who are covered by the atonement, we are redeemed from the supreme danger to which any person is exposed. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a holy God Who’s wrathful. But there is no wrath for those whose sins have been paid. That is what salvation is all about.

1 John 2:3 – John goes back to the words of Jesus that he recorded in John 14:15. To love Jesus is to obey Him. If we obey Him then we know Him. 

1 John 2:15 – Another sign of the fake Christian:

  • Not keep his commandments (1 John 2:4)
  • Hate his brother (1 John 2:9)
  • Love the world (1 John 2:15)

Many Christians don’t realize we are in a war. There are only two sides. Either you are on the world’s side, or on Jesus’ side. Before you make your choice as to which side you’re on, remember “the world passeth away… but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.” (1 John 2:17).

Psalm 120:2 – Notice the Psalmist’s cry for deliverance from those with lying lips and a deceitful tongue. We read in 1 John 2:4 about the liars – those who claim to know God but keep not His commandments. The Psalmist is vexed not just by people who are upfront that they are against God, but those who claim to be followers of the LORD but backstab other followers.

Proverbs 28:24-25 – Contrast the trust in the LORD with trust in your own heart. Disney tells you to “follow your heart,” but God says not to trust your heart (Jeremiah 17:9). 

December 1 – Expiation vs Propitiation? — VCY America

Introduction to the book of Revelation | Reformed Perspective

We often spend the month of December looking forward to Christmas Day. Christmas Day is a highlight of the year in many churches, for it is a day of reflection on the gift of God’s Son for the salvation of sinners. However, this month we will look at the book of Revelation, not so much in anticipation of Christmas Day, but considering the birth of Christ to be our atoning sacrifice.

Because of Christ’s victory over death and Satan, we now live in a world where the devil wages war against the people of God, trying to rob Christ of His victory, if possible. The book of Revelation highlights this struggle for us, comforting us with the assurance that Christ is sovereign overall, is making all things new, and is coming again to usher in the new (renewed) heavens and earth! May He come quickly.

Jesus promises blessings

“Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near.” – Revelation 1:3 

Scripture reading: Revelation 1:1-7 

We should carefully reflect on v. 3. Reading and hearing the book of Revelation gives blessings. Revelation is God’s inspired word, intended to ground us in the truth of our redemption in Christ. Many consider it a difficult book, but it is sufficiently clear for us to be built up by it as we come to know and believe what is written in it. What is necessary for us, is to approach the book of Revelation humbly, believing, and taking to heart, the revelation as it was given and believing that God will keep His promise of blessing.

A revelation uncovers something hidden. God reveals things here that cannot be understood by natural senses or reason, for they are things that belong to a kingdom not of this world (although influencing this world). We learn of things that belong to the spiritual or heavenly order of things “which eye has not seen, nor ear heard nor has entered into the hearts of men.”

It is a revelation from God through Jesus and it is also a revelation about Jesus. It is a book about Who Jesus is, what He is doing, and how He is bringing all things to the redemptive end that God has in mind. In this sense, it is no different from the rest of Scripture. Yet, this book tells us about Jesus as the exalted Lord, about how He has been and is working in this present age until He returns.

Suggestions for prayer

Ask God to bless us as we read and reflect on this book this month and enable us to take it to heart, that we might know Christ and the joy of His salvation. Thank Him for His comforting promises.

Rev. Calvin J. Tuininga has served in four churches and he retired in September 2019. He and his wife now reside in Washington, North Carolina. He presently serves as a relationship Counsellor with Coastal Pregnancy Centre, as the chairman of the Synodical appeals committee of the URCNA, and also enjoys helping in various churches when possible. Get this devotional delivered directly to your phone each day via our RP App. It is also available in print, for purchase, at

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Lavrov: Europe Building Security Not With Russia, But Against It

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The Russian diplomat noted that NATO policies in Europe degraded back to the Cold War era, as Washington is bent on exercising total control over the EU, so any meaningful cooperation between Russia and Europe is unlikely in the near future.

EU chief’s assessment of Ukrainian casualties deleted •RT – Daily news

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Ursula von der Leyen had earlier said around 100,000 Kiev troops had been killed to date

A claim about the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed during the conflict with Russia has been removed from a speech by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on the executive’s official website.

“More than 100,000 Ukrainian military officers have been killed so far,”she declared during an address earlier on Wednesday, adding that around 20,000 civilians had also died in nine months of fighting. The source of this information was not provided.

However, her reference to Kiev’s death toll soon disappeared from the text of the speech on the European Commission’s website. It was also cut from a video of the address on the website and on von der Leyen’s account on Twitter.

The editing was noticed by some media outlets and social media users, who compared the two versions of the statement online. The move was then officially confirmed by the European Commission.

The EU executive body’s spokeswoman Dana Spinant took to Twitter to thank those who had “pointed out the inaccuracy” in von der Leyen’s speech.

“The estimation used, from external sources, should have referred to casualties, i.e. both killed and injured, and was meant to show Russia’s brutality,” she wrote.

READ MORE: 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in conflict – EU

In late September, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that Ukrainian losses had by then amounted to more than 61,000 troops, which was ten times greater than Russia’s.

Russia finalizes ‘LGBTQ propaganda’ ban •RT – Daily news 

The bill, which carries heavy fines for violators, will become law after Russian President Vladimir Putin signs off on it

The Federation Council, Russia’s upper chamber of parliament, has approved a bill on Wednesday that imposes a complete ban on LGBTQ, pedophilia, and sex-change ‘propaganda.’

The bill, which is now set to become law after Russian President Vladimir Putin signs off on it, outlaws the respective ‘propaganda’ in books, movies, media, and advertising.

The legislation on the “protection of traditional values” was backed unanimously by all 153 senators present at the session of the chamber, with no abstentions or opposition. Last week, the legislation passed through the State Duma, Russia’s lower chamber of parliament, receiving unanimous support there as well.

The bill, which is now set to become law after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed off on it, outlaws the respective ‘propaganda’ in books, movies, media, and advertising. The new rules, however, do not apply to video games, as lawmakers agreed this field would require separate legislation. Roskomnadzor, Russia’s media watchdog, will be tasked with monitoring media content for illegal propaganda and blocking offensive material available on the internet.

 Read more

FILE PHOTO: LGBTQ demonstrators in the street.Russian MPs approve complete ban on ‘LGBTQ propaganda’

The legislation is effectively a follow-up to a 2013 law that banned the dissemination of LGBTQ propaganda among children under 18 in the country. The new law, however, universally applies to both minors and adults.

While the bill does not introduce a criminal liability for violators – as well as for repeat offenders – it carries heavy fines for both individuals and organizations who break it. Individuals risk incurring a penalty of 400,000 rubles ($6,600) and corporate entities a penalty of up to five million rubles (around $83,000) for promoting LGBTQ ‘propaganda’. Those promoting pedophilia would face fines twice those amounts. Foreign nationals would face fines of up to 800,000 rubles ($12,000), as well as expulsion from the country.

Faith Nation: November 30, 2022 – YouTube





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Here is a rare look behind the curtain that will aid you in being able to SEE things that occur in our society in a CLEAR light with SCRUTINY. 

It’s all a SHOW where the WHOLE WORLD is a STAGE. 

May this Documentary give you EYES to SEE and EARS to hear.

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Deadpool Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance In ‘The Chosen’ Season 3 — Babylon Bee

HURRICANE, UT — In a stunning announcement, Disney has revealed “The Chosen” will be incorporated into the Marvel Multiverse following a cameo appearance by Deadpool in the show’s upcoming third season.

“It’s really a natural progression due to the show’s success,” said Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios. “The popularity of ‘The Chosen’ got Disney’s attention, and they have an irrepressible need to bring every popular entertainment property under their umbrella.”

While some people reacting online to the news were not pleased, other fans were eager to see how the story plays out. “I definitely didn’t ever expect first-century Israel to be a part of the Marvel Multiverse, but I’m interested to see all of the characters interact,” said Jedidiah Papabathini, a fan of both ‘The Chosen’ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Seeing Deadpool show up and trade witty one-liners with Simon Peter is sure to be gold!”

For their part, the producers of “The Chosen” pledged to maintain the show’s adherence to the biblical narrative as much as possible. “Giving glory to God and spreading the Gospel to as many viewers as possible will still be the goal,” said series creator Dallas Jenkins. “Jesus will still be the centerpiece, you just might see occasional appearances from some of the Avengers.”

At publishing time, Disney Marvel producers were already brainstorming about using the inclusion of Jesus in the Marvel Multiverse as a potential story element to bring previously killed-off characters back to life.





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Deadpool Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance In ‘The Chosen’ Season 3 — Babylon Bee

Secret Government Reports reveal at least 1.8 Million people have ‘Died Suddenly’ since the roll-out of the COVID Vaccines across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ & the EU – The Expose

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Official reports published by the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK & most of Europe, confirm 1.8 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections. 

Further evidence published by the UK Government confirms the most likely cause of these excess deaths is Covid-19 vaccination because mortality rates are lowest among the unvaccinated in every single age group. 

Some countries have been quite transparent in publishing data on deaths, such as the UK and Europe for example. However, they have refused to actively publicise the figures because of what they reveal. 

But other countries, such as the USA, have done their utmost to conceal data on deaths as much as possible. 

However, we have finally managed to find the data for 15% of the world’s countries hidden deep within the website of an organisation known as the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). 

The OECD is an intergovernmental organisation with 38 member countries founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade. And for some reason, they host a wealth of data on excess deaths. You can find that data for yourself here.

The organisation hosts various datasets for countries such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and some of Europe. So we extracted that data to see if deaths have gone down now that a “life-saving” vaccine that is alleged both “safe and effective” has been injected into hundreds of millions of arms worldwide. 

However, there is another organisation that provides compiled data for 28 countries across Europe including the UK, known as EuroMOMO, which is a European Mortality Project. So we disregarded the European data found in the OECD dataset and instead extracted the data from the EuroMOMO dataset because it includes more countries and is more up-to-date. 

The figures have been provided to both the OECD and EuroMOMO by each country’s Government organisations. The U.S. data has been provided by the Centers for Disease Control. The UK data has been provided by the Office for National Statistics. And Australia’s data has been provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

So these aren’t independent estimates. They are official Government authorised figures. 

The following chart reveals what we found in terms of excess deaths across the ‘Five Eyes’; which is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and a further 27 countries across Europe. 

‘The Wonder’ Is A Depressing Rejection Of Religion And Reality

woman in blue dress walking next to man in hat leading a horseAtheists will hail films like ‘The Wonder’ as beautiful and true because they have disavowed complexities of the soul, miracles, and God.

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Disney’s first gay-teen feature film isn’t just doing poorly at the box office—it’s bombing beyond anyone’s wildest expectations | Not the Bee

Last week brought with it the news that Disney’s newest major film — a movie featuring the company’s first openly gay teenage character — was, well, not doing great at the box office:

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CDC knew COVID vax causes heart problems but kept mum | WND

(Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash)

(Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash)

CDC data turned over by court order shows health-care workers and others who were first to get the mRNA COVID vaccines suffered an extraordinarily high rate of complications.

Among earliest populations to get vaccinated, the data withheld by the CDC showed 1 in 3 reported needing medical care, missing school or work, or the inability to “perform normal daily activities,” Just the News reported.

The CDC collected the data through V-safe, described by the agency as a “smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after you receive a COVID-19 vaccination.”

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The Informed Consent Action Network obtained the data through an ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the CDC.

Significantly, V-safe failed to include chest pain and other cardiac symptoms that could indicate myocarditis and pericarditis in the survey checkboxes.

In June 2021, more than six months after the vaccine was rolled out, the FDA added a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine fact sheets of an increased risk of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis, inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart.

The survey allowed such symptoms to be written in the form’s “other” field, but the omission from the checkboxes made the data harder to standardize.

Further, ICAN is still trying to get the CDC to turn over the the written data, the organization’s lawyer, Aaron Siri, told Just the News.

Siri said the fact that the CDC didn’t prompt users to consider the adverse events is “one of the best and most compelling pieces of evidence supporting premeditated [wrongful] conduct.”

In a Nov. 4 filing, ICAN said the CDC, “in dozens of publications, relied on the data from v-safe to argue and support its recommendations regarding Covid-19 vaccination that upended the lives of tens of millions of Americans who refused to comply” with mandates.

Siri’s firm alone has heard from “thousands” claiming “serious injuries” from COVID vaccines.

V-safe surveys also excluded seizures, Guillain-Barre Syndrome and other “adverse events of special interest” the CDC explicitly identified before deploying the system.

ICAN, Just the News reported, speculated the data “may run contrary to the recommendations [the CDC] pushed to deprive people of their jobs, their livelihoods, schooling, military careers” and to the agency’s “claim that there was a low incidence of various serious issues, like tinnitus, myocarditis, and small fiber neuropathy, from this product.”

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If mRNA is now being found in breast milk, then covid “vaccine” safety claims are lies – DC Clothesline

(Natural News) The federal government’s jab first, ask questions later approach to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” has created a major public health crisis, all because zero actual science was used to back these chemical injections.

It is all just wishful thinking when it comes to covid jabs, the contents of which spread all throughout the body and have even ended up in women’s breast milk. (Related: Here is the JAMA study that identified mRNA poisons in the breast milk of “fully vaccinated” moms.)

None of this seems to have mattered to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head Rochelle Walensky, who on Sept. 24, 2021, responded to a question about whether or not Fauci Flu shots are safe to get while breastfeeding with the following:

“There is no bad time to get vaccinated. Get vaccinated while you’re thinking about having a baby, before you’re thinking about having a baby, while you’re pregnant with your baby or after you’ve delivered your baby.”

These words from Walensky were not based on science since at the time there was no science. And the science that would come after would debunk her claims as false, though she never once even attempted to retract them.

In fact, all Walensky has done time and time again is reiterate her call for all Americans to get jabbed any time, any place, in essence.

“The researchers speculated that lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA, once injected into the arm, are transported via the lymphatic system to the mammary glands and expressed into breast milk,” reports Dr. Maryanne Demasi, PhD, on her Substack.

In that study, the following was written by the authors as well:

“Caution is warranted about breastfeeding children younger than 6 months in the first 48 hours after maternal vaccination until more safety studies are conducted.”

Oral ingestion of mRNA delivers poison straight through gut lining

One wonders: Does Walensky ever actually look at any science? Or does she simply read a script every time she is told to speak to the media or before Congress?

Whatever the case may be, Walensky’s statements last year were “completely reckless,” these being the words used by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a psychiatrist and director of the Bioethics and American Democracy Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.

“We don’t have evidence that it’s harmful, but we also don’t have sufficient evidence that it is safe for your baby, so that’s the first thing that needs to be said when there’s an absence of evidence,” Kheriaty alleges.

It is one thing to inject mRNA, but to eat it could pose a whole new set of problems, Kheriaty further suggested. Oral ingestion of mRNA bound to lipid nanoparticles has never been proven safe, and the pegylated product inside the mRNA can, in fact, be rapidly absorbed through the gut lining.

“The safety studies should’ve been done right out of the gate,” Kheriaty further said. “Until you actually do the studies, you cannot, at the same time, come out and say, don’t worry, this is safe. We have to inform people of the state of the science, we should tell them that the evidence is not clear.”

The government’s claim, of course, is that babies are better off being exposed to these risks than to the risk of “catching” the Chinese Virus. But to Kheriaty, this is all just speculation and guesswork with no actual science to back it.

“We didn’t know any of that,” he says. “It was a theoretical risk. Childbearing women were excluded from the clinical trials, so we did not have that data.”

The latest news about covid injections can be found at

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At least 750,000 people in 38 countries have “died suddenly” after COVID vaccination this year – DC Clothesline

(Natural News) A Google search of the term “died suddenly” will lead people to numerous news articles posted regularly about young adults and children who suffered that very fate. It is a trend that has been rising over the past two years with no signs of declining.

Official government figures issued by just 38 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and the majority of Europe, have shown that there are no less than three-quarters of a million people who have died suddenly in 2022 only.

Exactly 20 percent of the countries in the world have recorded 0.75 million excess deaths thus far this year. And all these countries have one thing in common: They all forced millions of their people into getting the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injection.

And this is important because official government reports have confirmed that COVID vaccines increase the risk of death. In the U.K., the unvaccinated people have the lowest mortality rates per 100,000 in every single age group, including children.

This explains why Europe has registered a 552 percent increase in children who have “died suddenly” since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) decided they should be forced into receiving the COVID-19 vaccines.

America accounts for majority of excess deaths

Numbers from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OEC) database have shown that the U.S. accounts for the majority of excess deaths in 2022 with a total of 349,398. The OEC is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.

The U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), meanwhile, showed that Great Britain has 41,025 excess deaths since the middle of April 2022. (Related: UK covering up THOUSANDS of COVID-19 vaccine deaths)

In Germany, the excess deaths has reached a total of 59,894 so far this year, while in France the excess deaths amounted to 41,861 as of September 25.

Canada, based on figures from the OEC database, had excess deaths of 21,063 as of July 17. Australia, on the other hand, had suffered excess deaths of 18,973 also based on figures from the OEC database.

EuroMOMO, the European mortality monitoring activity, issued its newest mortality dataset based on figures from 28 participating countries across Europe during the week ending October 30.

Following the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Europe suffered a rise in excess deaths by week 42 of 2021 with 257,760 deaths being registered. Sadly, that “surprising” trend continued this year with Europe recording 283,457 excess deaths as of week 42.

This means that Europe has 28,896 more excess deaths in 2022 thus far than it did during the same period as the height of the claimed pandemic in 2020, indicating the COVID-19 injection has done the direct opposite of its alleged desired impact if people are to think that COVID-19 was actually to blame for the huge number of people dying in 2020.

It also means that Europe had 120,880 more excess deaths in 2022 thus far than it did during the same time period in 2018. But even that statistic may not reveal the true severity of the situation, because 2018 was a bad year for deaths due to a severe 2017/2018 winter flu season. Meanwhile, Europe has recorded 193,363 more excess deaths so far this year compared to the same period in 2019.

A recent analysis has also revealed that the majority of COVID-19 deaths are now occurring in vaccinated people. An analysis conducted by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, showed that 58 percent of COVID fatalities in August happened in cases where the person was vaccinated against COVID-19 or had taken a booster.

The percentage has more than doubled since September last year when it was 23 percent. Vaccinated people made up 42 percent of COVID deaths in January and February this year.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cox said.

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Watch the video below to know why vaccine-related deaths may rival recorded COVID-19 deaths.

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