Rules Being Enforced In Our Military About Transgenders Is Total Lunacy!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

By now we all know that the “Hope and Change” drivel from BHO was all about the destruction of America as the world’s leader among nations.  From his apology tour to the Middle East, to his push for gay marriage and transgender laws; his determination to fundamentally change America was successful.

Now, President Trump is left with the largest mess ever left to an incoming president. And I’m not just talking about our national debt.  I am speaking of the erasing of anything resembling morals and right behavior; which by the way does come from our Bible.

Obama once said that we are not a Christian nation.  That was his deepest desire – to see Muslims take over our government and replace our Constitution with Sharia law.  Trumps victory has left the Marxist/Socialist left with a huge problem. They know that Trump intends to reverse all that he can.  But…

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3 thoughts on “Rules Being Enforced In Our Military About Transgenders Is Total Lunacy!

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      Yes, it’s quite a mess and definitely not a military that would be recognized or approved of by our fathers/forefathers!


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