Jesus Quotes ‘Book of Mormon’ In The Chosen Season 3 — Protestia

A recently released trailer from season 3 of The Chosen reveals that the show has gone full Mormon. In the clip published on the show’s Facebook page, Jonathan Roumie, the actor who portrays Jesus in the series, makes the statement, “I am the law of Moses.” Contrary to this misquotation, Jesus never claimed to be the law of Moses, but rather claimed to “fulfill the law” in Matthew 5:17. 

The quotation “I am the Law of Moses” is actually derived from Nephi 15:9 in the book of Mormon:

I am the law, and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live

Though disappointing to Christian fans of The Chosen, this development in the series should not surprise viewers, as director Dallas Jenkins previously defended his Mormon friends, saying, “LDS are Christians” in a series of videos that defended Mormonism. The first video in the series began with the claim that God answered the prayers of director Dallas Jenkins, through the LDS church, allowing Jenkins to film season two of The Chosen in its Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah. Apparently, Jenkins’ use of LDS resources and his friendship with Mormons have opened the door to heresy and compromise in the production of the series. As the series has gained popularity, its producers and actors have embraced ecumenism, with Jonathan Roumie and Dallas Jenkins visiting the Vatican to promote the series by meeting Pope Francis. The Pontiff asked Jenkins if he played Judas, which isn’t a stretch, considering his recent betrayal of the words of Christ.

Jesus Quotes ‘Book of Mormon’ In The Chosen Season 3 — Protestia

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