Heretical Hillsong Conference 2015 speaker Rick Warren exposed by Pulpit & Pen

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A few months ago, Jeff Maples from Pulpit and Pen did an article exposing Rick Warren’s heresy at Hillsong Conference 2015.

As usual, whenever someone critiques Hillsong and it’s teachers, Hillsong attempts to hide or remove the content at whatever cost. You will notice that Hillsong have removed Rick Warren’s message from YouTube.

Quick reminder on how Hillsong works:

  1. If you expose Hillsong (or CHC) of heresy with sound bites – they accuse you of maliciously slandering them by taking crying someone has taken them out of context. They then put defamation notices against their critics.
  2. If you put up entire messages in context – they accuse you of breach of copyright and do everything they can to shut you down so that the content is removed.
  3. If they can’t get you this way, they will attempt other means necessary to silence or discredit you.

Maples writes,

Rick Warren Preaching Heresy at Hillsong 2015…

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