Young Americans embracing deadly violence in droves! Why? (Full show) – YouTube

Murders in Chicago are reaching a bloody crescendo, with the homicide rate in Cook County, Illinois and its infamous Chicago surpassing its highest rate in 27 years. Deaths now number 4,105 and counting. RT America’s Faran Fronczak, a native of gun-ridden Chicago, explains the bleak outlook facing her hometown. (00:25) Then she examines Tuesday’s school shooting in Michigan by an alienated 15-year-old. She discerns in them the common thread: When youth is confounded in its innate need for belonging, “violence is there to welcome them with open arms.”

Frank Farley, professor emeritus at Temple University joins to talk about gun culture, which he perceives to be deeply entwined with the US national psyche. He says the omnipresence of guns make them “the number-one problem.” Then attorney and legal analyst Scott Robinson joins the discussion. (06:54)

RT producer Nebojsa Malic joins to share his insights on Washington’s new fixation on the Balkans, namely Bosnia. He observes that the Biden administration is likely aiming to shake off the “Vietnam Syndrome” of the disastrous US military adventure in Afghanistan by demonstrating its influence in the region to Serbia and nearby Russia. (12:33)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo offered a gallingly non-apologetic “apology” during his radio show on Thursday for his conduct vis-a-vis the scandals facing his disgraced brother, New York’s former Governor Andrew Cuomo. Steve Malzberg, host of “Eat the Press,” shares his reaction. (18:28)

00:00 Full Show
00:25 Pandemic of Violence
06:54 Gun Crisis in US
12:33 Tensions Over Ukraine
18:28 Chris Cuomo Responds

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