January 24-25, 2014: Truth2Freedom Weekend Briefing Report

As pastors, you will find that guarding the gospel will cause you intense personal pain. —Sinclair Ferguson


Bird deaths hit 200 from mystery pollutant in San Francisco BayPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:50 PM PST

Bird-deaths-hit-200-from-mystery-pollutant-in-San-Francisco-BayThe toll of dead birds found along the shores of San Francisco Bay has now topped 200. That’s more than double the estimate that was offered Tuesday, as efforts to locate struggling animals (as well as the source of the goo responsible) kicked into high gear. The growing casualties suggests the number will likely continue to rise over the rest of the week, though wildlife advocates are hopeful that the worst has passed. Local officials and volunteers began collecting the dead birds over the weekend, after several dozen dead birds began showing up on a local beach last Friday — all of them covered in a mysterious goo. Several hundred more birds have been rescued alive and transported to care facilities where they’re being washed and nursed back to health. The mysterious substance found coating the sea birds — a combination of surf scoters, buffleheads and horned grebes — appears to be a sort of dirty rubber cement. Officials are performing a series of necropsies on deceased birds, and are running the unidentified goop through lab tests in order to put a name to it.  “It’s some material that we nor the wildlife center has ever seen before,” Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s a real mystery.” The majority of the goo-coated birds were found along the east side of the San Francisco Bay near the San Leandro Marina, Hayward Regional Shoreline and Alameda. Wildlife group International Bird Rescue is helping coordinate rescue and cleanup efforts. More


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New Type of Bird Flu Hits Turkey Farm, 160 Birds DeadPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:46 PM PST

California+Turkey+Farm+Raises+Mainstay+Thanksgiving+8yn8yAQNKtFlAnother type of bird flu has hit the lone turkey farm in the state here. Over 160 birds in the farm died since Sunday and the disease has been identified as Influenza type A. However, the district officer of the Animal Husbandry Department here, Chandraprasad, said that humans would not be infected by the strain “Though the disease is common in farms, the treatment is not very effective. Besides, it can spread among birds rapidly,” Chandraprasad said. The officials of the department would meet on Thursday to decide on an action plan, including culling. As a precaution, visitors and sales of poultry have been banned. The dead birds have been scientifically burnt inside the farm itself. The farm in Kureepuzha has around 8,000 turkeys. The incident was noticed on Sunday when many birds showed weakness. The samples sent to the government labs in Tiruvalla and Thiruvananthapuram confirmed the disease. More

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School halts Year Bible study for blind kids because of “church-state” issues.Posted: 24 Jan 2015 09:42 PM PST

012315_starnes_bible_640After 10 years, the Maryland School for the Blind suspended a Bible study for blind teenagers, telling a local church leader it was because of “church-state” issues. Fox News’ Todd Starnes sounded off about the decision Friday, urging the school to reinstate the program. “I spoke to the president of the school and he tells me they hope to meet with the pastor next week to reach an agreement,” Starnes said. “The Maryland School for the Blind needs to do the right thing and reinstate the Bible Study club immediately.” Fox News

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Obama skipping 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, Heads of state from France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, others will be presentPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:36 PM PST

obama-yawningTreasury Secretary Jack Lew will represent the United States at the 70th anniversary ceremony for the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp on Tuesday—rather than President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden—while other countries are slated to send their heads of state. Tuesday’s ceremony will likely be the last major anniversary where a significant number of survivors of the Nazi camp are present. About 300 are expected to attend, and most of them are in their 90s or older than 100. Nazi authorities killed 1.1 million people at the camp, mostly Jews, which was liberated by the Soviet army in January 1945.  The New York Times reported on the foreign dignitaries that would be present: A preliminary list of those attending includes President François Hollande of France, President Joachim Gauck of Germany and President Heinz Fischer of Austria, as well as King Philippe of Belgium, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. The United States delegation will be led by Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said he would not attend because his schedule was too crowded and because he had not received an invitation. Museum officials said no head of state had received one. Mr. Putin had attended the 60th anniversary ceremony in 2005 — it was Soviet troops, after all, who liberated the camp in 1945 — but relations between Russia and Poland have soured over the conflict in Ukraine. More


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Is Obama pushing America toward biblical judgment?Posted: 24 Jan 2015 09:32 PM PST

armageddonIslamic terrorists slaughtering Christians in Iraq, revival breaking out in Egypt, the emergence of a nuclear Iran, and America’s continued descent into the moral, cultural abyss.  These are just a few of the topics that will be covered at the Prophecy in the News Orlando Prophecy Conference March 5-7 at the Orlando Hyatt Regency. More than two dozen speakers will be coming to Florida to give their perspectives on the news events that have rocked the world — civil uprisings in the U.S., violent upheaval among Europe’s Islamic communities, and the possibility of judgment coming to America.  Jerome Corsi, best-selling author of six books including “Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality” and a senior staff writer for WND, will focus on the presidency of Barack Obama and how his atheist-socialist worldview is helping push the nation to the brink of disaster. Worse yet is the possibility of judgment by the Almighty. “We are building toward an international economic crash, a race war, an out-of-control invasion across the Mexican border, a massive global war against radical Islam spinning out of control with Paris-style attacks in Europe and the United States,” Corsi said. Meanwhile, the Middle East is being destabilized and he believes a war for the survival of Israel will begin with Iran. All of this is likely to play out in the last two years of the Obama presidency.“More than simply impeaching Obama, I believe he should be put on trial for offenses committed in Chicago that he has continued in the White House — lying to the American people about his upbringing as a Muslim, his training as a communist, his determination to lower/destroy the USA, and his constant lying and ‘management of the message’ from the White House,” said Corsi, who is working on an updated version of his book, called “ObamaNation II: Judgment Day.” More


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Thousands of Jellyfish wash Ashore in AustraliaPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:25 PM PST

1420788103681Thousands of jellyfish have washed up on Bells Beach north of Brisbane, creating a spectacular vision of Mother Nature in action. Redcliffe local and keen photographer Andrew Saltmarsh snapped these images on Friday afternoon after stopping at Pelican Park at Clontarf on his way home from work. “After a few minutes I noticed that it smelled a bit more like the ocean than usual and when I looked down beyond the rock wall I just saw thousands and thousands of the blue blubber jellyfish stretching all the way down the beach,” he said. “There were just as many of them still in the water rolling up onto the shore or just bobbing around in the shallows. They all looked pretty much dead.” The blue blubber, or catostylus mosaicus, is the most common species of jellyfish found along Queensland’s coastline. It gets its colour from algae plant cells present in its body, which photosynthesise, allowing it to convert energy that the jellyfish can use. More

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Large Number of Dead Fish Floating in Waikareao Estuary Remains MysteryPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:22 PM PST

150121-Dead-fish-1504-010The reason for a large number of dead fish floating about the head of the Waikareao Estuary this week remains unknown. The regional council’s senior pollution prevention officer John Morris assessed storm water outlets upstream and failed to find any sign of discharge from the industrial area that might have killed what looked like horse mackerel. According to BOP regional council communication advisor Linda Thompson, the dead fish were found throughout the estuary, not just at the outlet of the Kopurereroa Stream. They were all located in the shallows, which indicate they had been washed up. There was a northerly wind and an incoming tide when the fish were found and no other aquatic life was affected. The regional council science team is confident the deaths are the result of a natural event, because of the lack of more sensitive species or a wider range of fish affected. John is satisfied that the fish kill was not a result of an unauthorised discharge or from contamination. More

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Thousands of fish dead at Oyster Creek nuclear plantPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:16 PM PST

B9315977714Z.1_20150123092809_000_GTC9OLC14.1-0More than 5,000 fish have died in a discharge canal at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant in Lacey Township.  State officials say the menhaden may be drawn to the canal’s warm water or are scared of a predator. But officials say there’s little they can do. Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese tells the Asbury Park Press officials would kill the fish if they tried to remove them or if they tried to divert them to the colder waters of Barnegat Bay. Ragonese says they’ll continue to die if the stay in the discharge canal. Daily Record

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10,000 Dead Fish Found in the Lujan River in ArgentinaPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:14 PM PST

45080_2It happened in the Luján River, where would pour their waste factories in the region. “It is very clear that it is the mouth of the Industrial Park, because upstream no dead fish,” said Graciela capodoglio, head of the Natural Reserve. In Pilar, were thousands dead on the bed of Luján River fish motif by which environmental organizations pointed to the adjacent industrial complex. Since the Advisory Committee on Luján River Basin estimated that “these works devastate the natural flora and fauna and do not solve the problem of black wattle”. To which added that “have recommended that the completion of the Comprehensive Master Plan is expected to have a diagnosis but have not been heard.” Graciela capodoglio, head of the Natural Reserve, said “it is very clear that it is the mouth of the Industrial Park, because upstream no dead fish.” Speaking to Summary, remarked that “although most companies work conscientiously, others are irresponsible and hide”. More

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Dead Fish Appearing in Padre Island Canals Due to Cold WeatherPosted: 24 Jan 2015 09:04 PM PST

6512920_GDead fish have been floating to the surface of local waters this past week, leaving Padre Island residents wondering what caused their deaths. 3News was alerted to the situation Thursday and called out to a canal located off the 13000 block of SPID on Padre Island. According to the Parks and Wildlife Department, the dead fish are associated with the cold weather. Parks and Wildlife said the fish had likely died during the most recent cold snap, and as water temperatures rose this past weekend, the fish began floating to the surface. The also said that there have been instance of the fish showing up in Rockport as well, but none of their deaths are associated with an algal bloom or other harmful bacteria in the water. 3Kiiitv

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The message is clear — Congress backs Israel

Washington — or to be more precise, the White House — is U.S. President Barack Obama’s home court. Congress, however, has become a hostile arena for Obama since the midterm elections in November. The Republican majority in both chambers there holds a different outlook from the president on a whole range of issues, both foreign and domestic.

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Bloomberg: Uncle Sam Is Coming After Your Savings


This is the tax rate in Norway, a SOCIALIST country. In many states in the US the highest income bracket pays way more than this. This should not be.

Make no mistake, the government wants your savings. They want as much as they can get politically. The president recently floated the idea of taxing 529 plans, used to save for college, to pay for community college for people other than your kids. Why should the money your earned, and saved, go to your family? Better for the government to take your money from you so that it can give a gift to political allies.

Some people might call this theft. But not us. Oh, not us.

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The $9 Trillion US Dollar Carry Trade is Blowing Up

The US Dollar rally, combined with the ECB’s policies are at risk of blowing up a $9 trillion carry trade. When the Fed cut interest rates to zero in 2008, it flooded the system with US Dollars. The US Dollar is the reserve currency of the world. NO matter what country you’re in (with few exceptions) you can borrow in US Dollars. And if you can borrow in US Dollars at 0.25%… and put that money into anything yielding more… you could make a killing.

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Game Not Over: Israel’s Quneitra Attack in Context :: Spyer in Jerusalem Post

by Jonathan Spyer
The Jerusalem Post
January 22, 2015

The Other Side of Autocracy: State Collapse in Yemen :: Spyer in PJ Media

by Jonathan Spyer
PJ Media
January 22, 2015

Is Death of King Abdullah a prophetic trigger?

Death of King Abdullah is prophetic trigger for attack on Israel, return of Islamic messiah, Iran’s leadership believes

The highest levels of Iran’s leadership believe there are only two prophetic triggers before the return of their long-awaited messiah and one of them just happened: the death of 90-year-old King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

“Iran’s leaders believe they can facilitate the coming of the last Islamic messiah,” says Reza Khalili. “They believe the centuries old Hadith predicts this and that the time is close.” Khalili ( a pseudonym) was a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard who became a CIA spy before he escaped to the West.

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The Paranormal Invasion

Jan Markell, Jill Martin Rische, and Eric Barger spend the hour discussing the end-time paranormal invasion of all things, even the church. We carry Eric’s book, “Entertaining Spirits Unaware” here. The Bible gives clear warnings about occult involvement yet it saturates even the church. You will hear stunning sound bites that support the discussion. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of http://www.oneplace.com.

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‘Darkness’ of Sexual Culture ‘Gone Mad’ Threatens America’s Future: Tony Perkins

While America previously faced the threats of Nazism and Communism, today’s threats emanate from the Sexual Revolution, Perkins said Monday in his “State of the Family” address.

“The threats America face are not potential — they are clear, present and dangerous,” he said. “And ironically they come most sharply today not from the radical economic doctrines of Karl Marx, nor from the lights of what Winston Churchill called ‘perverted science,’ but from the darkness of unrestricted sexual license — a new Cultural Revolution — gone mad.”

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Disney Measles outbreak spreads to 6 More U.S states and Mexico

Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:54 AM PST

635574474563086107-GTY-84933742A measles outbreak centered around Disneyland in California has spread to six more US states and Mexico, and an international visitor to the theme park likely sparked the health alert, officials said Friday. Fifty-one confirmed cases of measles have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since late December, the US government agency said in a statement, most in California but others as far afield as Nebraska and Washington states. The CDC said those who had fallen ill were aged from 10 months to 57 years and only a tiny fraction were vaccinated against measles, in the face of an anti-vaccination trend that has emerged in recent years, particularly in North America. Opponents fear the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine causes autism, even though an array of studies have ruled out any link. Measles has been officially eradicated from the United States since 2000 while remaining widespread in other regions including Europe, Africa and Asia. “In addition to the US cases, one case was reported from Mexico in an unvaccinated child who visited Disneyland Resort Theme Parks on December 17 and December 20, 2014,” the CDC said. While health officials have yet to isolate the source of the outbreak, “it is likely that a traveler (or more than one traveler) who was infected with measles overseas visited one or both of the Disney parks in December during their infectious period,” the CDC added. More

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The Dire State Of Our Nation (What You Won’t Hear From The Politicians)Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:46 AM PST

hearing“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” ? Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas No matter what the politicians say about how great America is and how we, as a people, will always triumph, the fact is that the nation seems to be imploding. Despite the dire state of our nation, however, you can rest assured that none of the problems that continue to plague our lives and undermine our freedoms will be addressed by our so-called elected representatives in any credible, helpful way, and certainly not during a State of the Union address. More

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Why Printing Money will end badly for the USPosted: 24 Jan 2015 07:43 AM PST

wheelbarrow-of-cashYou may have heard the news, the European Central Bank have started up the printing press. They are soon to print upwards of €60 Billion a month. The crowds of economic pundits have collectively cheered. Europe stands to enjoy significant near term benefits, but at what cost? They speak of lower government borrowing costs for new debt, by lowering funding costs and thus the hurdle that projects must meet to become viable. They believe our exchange rate will fall and our goods will be come cheaper abroad. Europoean products and services will be flying off the shelves, etc. Well, it is an absolute nonsense. Yes there will be short term benefits. Any time you give a liquidity jolt you temporarily relieve pressure. But the longer term risks are far far greater, now that the act of QE has been taken.  Essentially the technocrats have short circuited the capitalist system which continuously prices risk based on perceived repayment risks and cost of funds.  This is a road to ruin as returns become obscured by official and politically motivated credit flows. They will argue that deflation is a threat and must be tackled early before it takes hold. This is a smoke screen. The deflation we are experiencing is spotty and multi faceted and is primarily being driven by lower oil prices which are a global phenomena, not a purely European one. Secondly oil prices have already begun to stabilise and if anything are likely to drift higher from here. Don’t get me wrong deflation is a vey dangerous condition and can lead to a vicious negative feedback vortex to a state of depression. But we are no where near that level of risk or type of deflation. The thing is it is being sold as a low risk, one way bet. Worryingly there has been no talk of the actual cost or the ramifications of his new measure. More

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‘I found a WORM in my kid’s Chicken McNugget Happy Meal’!Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:30 AM PST

worm-in-a-McDonalds-chicken-nuggetFast food fan Nikki Sanders had a not-so Happy Meal when she bought a McDonald’s for her four-year-old daughter. The 30-year-old canteen worker said she discovered what looked like a WORM hanging out of the batter surrounding a Chicken McNugget. Her daughter Emily had turned down the meal her mum bought her on Sunday from Tamworth’s Ventura Park, so Nikki took a bite instead. But she felt sick when she discovered the foreign body. “I’m very fussy about what I eat and when I saw what was in the McNugget I went white,” Nikki, from Atherstone, told the Mail. “I’m just thankful Emily decided she didn’t want her Happy Meal.  “One good thing has come out of this, though. It’s turned me off processed meat. I’m eating a lot healthier now.” Husband Neil, who was also in McDonalds at the time, said: “It looks like a worm, but I can’t swear it’s one until tests have been carried out. “Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be in there.” More

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Flock of birds invade sky in Houston neighborhood

Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:26 AM PST

489073_630x354It was like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds.’ A giant flock of birds invaded the sky in a Houston neighborhood. The birds covered the utility wires and the edges of roofs. The man who shot the video was driving by when he spotted the amazing sight. ABC 7
WARNING: Graphic Language in Video: Viewer Discretion Advised

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WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR – The Red Horse Rideth

Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:20 AM PST

fieryredhorse-700x450Russia and Ukraine, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Europe, Africa, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia….Wars being waged on the streets, and in homes..in the battle fields..and economies threatened. On March 20th, a Solar Eclipse occurs and brings a sign of Judgment upon Gentile Nations…Just before this eclipse, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be addressing our congress…He wasn’t invited by President Obama…in fact..Obama didn’t even know he was coming…Iran Sanctions are threatened to be vetoed by Obama, showing solidarity with Iran. Does the Solar Eclipse..known as “The Plague of Darkness” that engulfed Egypt during biblical times near passover have a fulfillment here with the United States? (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will not meet Israel’s prime minister when he visits Washington in March, the White House said on Thursday, after being blindsided by the Republicans’ invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to address the U.S. Congress on Iran. Bernadette Meehan, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, said Obama was withholding an invitation for Oval Office talks with Netanyahu because of Israel’s March 17 elections. “As a matter of long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country,” Meehan said in statement. “Accordingly, the president will not be meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu because of the proximity to the Israeli election, which is just two weeks after his planned address to the U.S. Congress.” More



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Supremes Alerted to Obama’s pattern of ‘Lawless Behavior’Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:11 AM PST

obama_laughingThe Obama administration has exhibited a “discomfiting pattern of behavior” in changing congressionally approved laws to meet political needs, including its offer of subsidies to people who buy through the federal exchange, contrary to the Affordable Care Act, a court filing claims.  Faced with “a statute that yielded politically unpopular results,” the president at one point suspended the individual mandate for millions, “waived ‘minimum essential coverage’ requirements in 2014″ and expanded the scope of hardship exemptions in a manner “entirely inconsistent with Congress’ design.” That’s according to a new brief submitted by the Cato Institute in the King v. Burwell case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case argues the plain language of the Obamacare law says only those who sign up through state exchanges will be eligible for subsidies. But the Obama administration is giving them to people who sign up through federal exchanges as well. The subsidies were expanded for political reasons, the brief charges. “As with the individual and employer mandates, the administration was faced with another key provision that yielded politically unpopular results. Section 36B was a third pillar propping up the ACA. It authorized subsidies, in the form of refundable tax credits, for health insurance bought through a state-established exchange. The ‘credit’ ‘shall be allowed’ based on the number of months the ‘taxpayer … is covered by a qualified health plan … enrolled in through an exchange established by the state,’” the brief argues. More


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Housing Weak Even With Govt Programs and Big Bank Interest.Posted: 23 Jan 2015 09:07 PM PST

620x349U.S. housing activity remains weak despite six years of federal government aid, strong interest from overseas buyers, rock-bottom interest rates and massive purchases of mortgage bonds by the Federal Reserve. Does this mean housing may never spring back to its pre-recession levels? Many signs point to yes. Don’t blame the Chinese, who are showing an abundance of interest. Their share of foreign purchases leaped to 16 percent in the year ending March 2014, from 5 percent in 2007. They paid a median price of $523,148, higher than any other nationality and more than double the $199,575 median price of all houses sold. The value of home sales to all foreigners rose 35 percent last year to $92 billion, up more than 50 percent since 2007 and accounting for 7 percent of all existing home sales. Foreigners view U.S. homes as safe investments and U.S. schools as good places to teach their children English.  But such robust foreign purchases can’t overcome what ails the U.S. housing market. Activity is weak even now that banks are no longer tightening mortgage-lending standards, according to a Fed survey. Banks are searching for new lines of business since the Dodd-Frank reform law and regulations are depriving them of revenue from proprietary trading, derivative origination and investing and off-balance sheet activities. The end of the mortgage refinancing surge has added to the pressure on banks. By necessity, banks remain selective about the mortgages they’ll underwrite, having paid huge penalties for originating and selling bad mortgages pre-crisis. Banks are also being careful to avoid the high cost of mortgage defaults now that they must repurchase loans with underwriting defects. The result can be seen in foreclosure data: In the third quarter, banks began foreclosure proceedings on only 0.4 percent of mortgages, far below the 1.4 percent level in the peak of the financial crisis. More

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‘Death test’ predicts chance of dying within 30 days.

Posted: 23 Jan 2015 09:03 PM PST

24F9530D00000578-2923173-image-a-5_1422009787136A test to identify those elderly patients most at risk of dying within 30 days has been developed by doctors. They say the test will give people the chance to go home and spend time saying goodbye to loved ones, preventing them from enduring their last days in hospital.  The 29-point checklist will prevent futile and costly treatments that prolong the patient’s suffering and frustrate doctors, the researchers said. The test comprises a checklist of 29 predictors of health including age, frailty, the severity of their illness and mental impairment.  It also includes previous emergency admissions, treatment in the intensive care department, heart rate and protein in the urine (which is often a sign of kidney disease). From looking at these indicators doctors can produce a percentage chance of death between one month and 12 weeks.  Researchers say the aim of Critera for Screening and Triaging to Appropriate aLternative care – or CriSTAL for short – is to kick-start frank discussions about end of life care and prevent ineffective treatment. Dr Magnolia Cardona-Morrel, of the University of New South Wales, and the study’s lead author said: ‘Delaying unavoidable death contributes to unsustainable and escalating healthcare costs, despite aggressive and expensive interventions. ‘These interventions may not influence patient outcome; often do not improve the patient’s quality of life; may compromise bereavement outcomes for families; and cause frustration for health professionals. ‘Current hospital systems often fail to recognise or cater to the needs of people for whom death is imminent and unavoidable. More


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Robbers target food delivery trucks in shortage-hit Venezuela..Posted: 23 Jan 2015 08:59 PM PST

People line up to buy toilet paper and baby diapers as national guards control the access at a supermarket in downtown CaracasRobbers and looters are targeting trucks carrying food across Venezuela in another sign of worsening shortages that have turned basics like flour and chicken into coveted booty. Crime has long plagued shops and roads in Venezuela, which has one of the world’s highest murder rates.
But widespread shortages due to a restriction of dollars for imports have worsened since the New Year. This has made food delivery increasingly risky even as certain trucks have been fitted with GPS devices and are sometimes protected by private security agents. “I won’t transport food anymore because the streets are too dangerous,” said Orlando Garcia, a 37-year-old driver from the western state of Tachira who has been ambushed twice as he crisscrossed the country. “They put screws on the road (to burst your tires), and when you stop to fix the tire they attack you,” said Garcia, who now refuses to work past midnight and will only transport plastics. More

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‘I’m Now An Atheist’: Newsboys Co-Founder Renounces Christianity

(CN) — In an article published by the faith site Patheos on Wednesday, one of the original co-founders of the popular Christian band Newsboys revealed that he has since renounced Christianity and now identifies as an atheist.

“I always felt uncomfortable with the strict rules imposed by Christianity,” George Perdikis, who co-founded the group in 1985, wrote in the guest post. “All I wanted to do was create and play rock and roll … and yet most of the attention I received was focused on how well I maintained the impossible standards of religion. I wanted my life to be measured by my music, not by my ability to resist temptation.”

Woman Raped on Business Trip Refuses to Abort Unborn Baby

(CN) — A woman from North Carolina who was raped on a business trip a year ago is sharing her story of how she and her husband refused abortion when she found herself pregnant after the assault.Jennifer Christie says the incident happened in January 2014 as she stayed at a hotel in a college town. She remembers opening her hotel room door, and then when she turned to close it, a large man stood before her and struck her in the face. Christie was found lying in the staircase and tested negative for a number of sexually transmitted diseases.

Report: New York Woman to ‘Marry’ Her Biological Father

(CN) — A New York woman from the Great Lakes region says that she is set to marry her biological father after being estranged from him for 12 years—a report some say confirms the slippery slope America is on concerning the devaluation and redefinition of marriage.The unnamed woman is 18 years old and says that she was conceived by her parents on prom night when they were 18 themselves. Her parents soon split and her mother, who struggles with a mental disorder, married another man, and then another—neither of whom she particularly liked.

Hundreds Rally as Duke Muslims Broadcast ‘Allah Is Great’ from Chapel Steps

(CN) — Hundreds of non-Muslims, including professing Christians, rallied outside of the Duke chapel on Friday as an estimated 100 Islamic students gathered for the call to prayer, which was broadcast from the university’s chapel steps.As previously reported, the school had outlined in its student paper earlier this week that the “moderately amplified” chant would take place beginning Friday from the chapel bell tower.

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  • I think I want to read this book.
  • I remember when the Newsboys were all the rage in the “Christian” music scene. Now it turns out that one of the co-founders is an atheist. Shocking…or not. Here’s the best quote of the article: “The Newsboys have not yet responded to Perdikis’ remarks, but some Christians who have read the trending article opine that from the details in Perdikis’ piece, he may have never been a Christian in the first place.” Um…you think? Because if he had been a Christian, and now is an atheist, that means we can lose our salvation, and we’re all in a lot of trouble. Good grief, people, we are talking about basic theology here!
  • “Our brains cannot handle information the way it is presented in a traditional sermon. The average person can only pay attention for about 10 minutes.” This article is ridiculous. Powerpoint pictures, incense, shorter sermons? Talk about catering to your congregation’s itching ears. Pastors, preach it…for as long as you need!
  • If you live near Green Bay and are wondering what to do this weekend, you might want to check out the Snow Conference.
  • Phil Johnson teaches on the history of Calvinism:


TGC Spotlight 01.23.15 by Joe Carter

TGC Spotlight highlights TGC articles from earlier in the week, previews articles coming next week, and links to items around the web that you might have missed. 

Featured TGC Articles

Selma: American History, Raw And Honest | Jason Cook

Selma is much more than Black history. It is American history. It is our history.


The Art Of War | Andrew Wilson

Jesus loved the Word of God with his heart (being satisfied by it), his mind (understanding it), and his will (obeying it). If that was true of Jesus, I really want it to be true of me.


7 Reasons To Teach Our Children Church History | Jeff Robinson

The benefits of teaching your children something about the key figures and movements from the rich heritage of the church are myriad.


4 Reasons To Stop Obsessing About Heaven | Mike Wittmer

Why does heavenly tourism attract so much attention? We might be less obsessed with heaven if we better grasped four things.


Who Do You Say I Am? – A Mormon And An Evangelical Discuss Jesus | Joe Carter and Vince Han

Who is Jesus? A Mormon and an evangelical attempt to answer those questions to gain a better understanding of what each faith tradition truly believes about Jesus.


Featured TGC Contributor Articles

How Should We Respond to Reports that a Fragment of Mark Dates to the First Century? | Justin Taylor

It was reported yesterday that a three-dozen member team of scientists and scholars—apparently including the well-respected New Testament historian Craig Evans—is working on a papyrus fragment of the Gospel of Mark, discovered as part of an ancient Egyptian funeral mask.


9 Myths about Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade | Kevin DeYoung

Forty-two years ago, the Supreme Court concluded that a woman’s constitutional right to privacy included a right to terminate her pregnancy.


Why You Should Trust Jesus’ Unbreakable and Infallible Bible | Trevin Wax

I love reading Andrew Wilson. He’s a winsome, articulate apologist for Christianity whose book, If God, Then What? presents Christian truth in memorable and disarming ways. His newest book tackles the question of biblical authority. Why should we believe the Bible? “Because Jesus did,” Andrew replies.


The archaeology of repentance | Ray Ortlund

In a sermon preached during the First Great Awakening, George Whitefield laid bare the four archaeological layers always uncovered in true repentance. Preaching on “They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 6:14), Whitefield said that before we can speak peace to our hearts.


A Prayer for Abiding in Jesus’ Love | Scotty Smith

Dear Lord Jesus, how can it be? How is it possible that you love us as the Father loves you? With unfettered joy, the fullness of affection, and a deluge of delight. We believe, help our unbelief.

Remainder Bin

American Culture

Justice Dept. to Recommend No Civil Rights Charges in Ferguson Shooting
Matt Apuzzo And Michael S. Schmidt , New York Times

The Justice Department has begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., who killed an unarmed black teenager in August, law enforcement officials said.

Avoid A Funeral Standoff With Three Easy Questions
Hans Fiene, The Federalist

Funerals can happen fast, and as the Lakewood, Colorado controversy shows, that can cause discomfort for families and congregations. Here’s how to prevent that.



Has Roe Already Been Overturned? The Viability Of The Pain-Capable Act
Charles C. Camosy, The Federalist

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation (except for rape or to save the mother’s life). And it’s probably consonant with Roe v. Wade.

How Southern Baptists became pro-life
David Roach, Baptist Press

In 1979, Larry Lewis picked up a copy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and saw a full-page ad listing the Southern Baptist Convention among denominations that affirmed the right to abortion. “Right there beside the Unitarians and universalists was the Southern Baptist Convention,” Lewis, a St. Louis pastor who went on to become president of the Home Mission Board (now the North American Mission Board), told Baptist Press. “… That bothered me a lot.”

Illinois Abortion Clinics Inspected an Average of Once Every 9 Years
Evan Gahr, The Daily Signal

Forty percent of licensed clinics went between 14 and 17 years without inspections, according to the report. And only one of the federally funded Illinois Planned Parenthood clinics, which are not licensed, was ever inspected—in 1999.

What’s the Problem with IVF?
Matthew Hosier, Think Theology

One of the ethical questions I am most often asked is whether IVF is an appropriate course of action for Christian couples.

Belgium’s euthanasia law gives terminally ill children the right to die
PBS Newshour

More than a decade after Belgium became the second country in the world to legalize euthanasia, it once again made headlines in early 2014 when it became the first country to lift any age restrictions associated with the procedure.

Complexities of Choosing an End Game for Dementia
Paula Span, New York Times

Jerome Medalie keeps his advance directive hanging in a plastic sleeve in his front hall closet, as his retirement community recommends. That’s where the paramedics will look if someone calls 911.

Miscarriage Of Justice: Is Big Pharma Breaking Your Uterus?
Katy French Talento, The Federalist

Ladies, it’s time you knew what your doctor isn’t telling you. Chemical birth control causes abortions and often has terrible side effects, including deliberate miscarriage.

Is Brittany Maynard’s Husband Fighting the Wrong Battle?
Jennifer Lahl, Center for Bioethics and Culture

This important part of Brittany’s health profile does not appear to be part of her medical history, and it certainly was not part of the larger, very public conversation that followed once she made the decision to end her life.


Christianity and Culture

Sunday morning still segregated, study shows
Bob Smietana, Baptist Press

Sunday morning remains one of the most segregated hours in American life, with more than 8 in 10 congregations made up of one predominant racial group, a LifeWay Research study shows.

The boy who didn’t come back from heaven: inside a bestseller’s ‘deception’
Michelle Dean, The Guardian

Alex Malarkey co-wrote a bestselling book about a near-death experience – and then last week admitted he made it up. So why wasn’t anyone listening to a quadriplegic boy and a mother who simply wanted the truth to be heard?



Bible colleges sue for right to issue degrees
John O’Connor, Associated Press

Bible colleges in Illinois have filed a federal lawsuit against state education regulators, seeking the unencumbered right to award degrees to students who complete their programs.

Sex Education in America: How Yesterday’s Extremists Shaped Today’s Sex Ed
Valerie Huber, Public Discourse

In order to influence the future of sex education, we must have a nuanced understanding of its colorful past.


International Issues

The African state where a grenade is cheaper than a Coke
Andrew Harding, BBC

The grenades come from China, or Bulgaria. The mortars are Sudanese. The rocket launchers were made in Iran. The bullets are British, or Belgian or Czech. Spain and Cameroon provided the shotgun rounds. And so it goes on.

Niger protesters torched 45 churches – police

At least 10 people have been killed and 45 churches set on fire since protests erupted in Niger over the French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, police say.


Marriage Issues

Once, same-sex couples couldn’t wed; now, some employers say they must
Julie Appleby , PBS Newshour

Until recently, same-sex couples could not legally marry. Now, some are finding they must wed if they want to keep their partner’s job-based health insurance and other benefits.



If The GOP Can’t Pass A Late-Term Abortion Ban, What Can It Do?
David Harsanyi, The Federalist

Evidently, Republicans don’t feel competent enough to make a case against infanticide. Why else would the GOP pull its 20-week abortion limit bill?


Race Issues

A Way Forward: What the Pro-Life Movement Can Teach Us about Racial Reconciliation
Hannah Anderson, Christ and Pop Culture

The task for us, much like it was for abolitionists and early pro-lifers, is to find ways to reveal the humanity of our fellow image bearers.


Religious Liberty

Here’s why your state may be expanding religious freedom protections this year
Mark A. Kellner, Deseret News

The rush to enforce same-sex marriage across the country may trigger state legislative efforts to enact local versions of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Supporters say cultural changes make this necessary; opponents fear boycotts.



Weekend Resources – January 23-25

Here are several articles and other helpful resources worth looking over during your weekend. Enjoy! Stories of God’s Grace: Meet John In this video interview from Ligonier Ministries we meet John Barros, an evangelist who shares Jesus at one of our culture’s darkest places: an abortion clinic. See what God is doing through him and others who …

The post Weekend Resources – January 23-25 appeared first on ReasonableTheology.org.



20 top church worship distractions to avoid

Dr. Chuck Lawless, professor of evangelism and missions at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, has consulted churches for 15 years, compiling a list of ten distractions commonly encountered inside church sanctuaries across America concerning the music element of worship. After the first listing, Lawless gets more general, giving another ten distractions that take away from the worship experience, listing various components and practices that can divert believers’ attention away from God.

10 distractions from the music side of worship:

View Article

25 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2015 – 2016

What’s coming down the pike (not Peter Pike), from a technology perspective? I think this is a very important list from a marketing perspective; for Christians, it’s very important to be able to understand what’s happening in the world around us. This article gives important clues that will help us how to engage effectively in the world of technology.



WVW-TV: Why You Should Not Respect C.S. Lewis & What is the Gospel?

by Worldview Weekend News Team [1]
January 23, 2015

Why You Shoud Not Respect C.S. Lewis & His Theology and What is the Gospel. These are just a few topics covered in this episode of NoCo-TV. Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room for members only. Click here to watch now: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/why-you-should-not-respect-cs-l… [2]

Topic Tags:
C.S. Lewis [3]
Source URL: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/news/article/wvw-tv-why-you-should-not-respect-cs-lewis-what-gospel
[1] http://www.worldviewweekend.com/profile/worldview-weekend-news-team
[2] http://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/why-you-should-not-respect-cs-lewis-what-gospel
[3] http://www.worldviewweekend.com/topics/cs-lewis

Aborting black America

by Marsha West

The slogan “black lives matter” excludes the unborn says Washington Times columnist Kenneth Blackwell. He wonders if the civil rights leaders really care when a black life is lost, or whether they simply exploit situations for political gain. Blackwell writes:

Today, on the somber anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, it’s time for black leaders to face up to the real danger threatening black lives in America. It isn’t the police. According to an anti-police brutality organization, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, 313 blacks were killed by “police, security guards and vigilantes” in 2013. It isn’t even black criminals, who, as Rudy Giuliani famously pointed out on “Meet the Press,” are responsible for 93 percent of violent deaths among blacks. Sources estimate that between 6,000 and 8,000 blacks are murdered each year.

Read more

Evangelicals and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

A recent TIME article is exposing a question we should’ve wrestled with long before now. So that’s what we’ll do, today on BreakPoint.

Blogs and Video’s Of Interest


Credo Magazine » Reflections on the Documentary “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” (Timothy Raymond)

Thursday is for Thinkers: Not Caring About Diversity is Not an Option | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

Should Christians Be ‘Getting Better’? – Borrowed Light

Six Observations about Speaking to Pastors Right Before They Preach

5 Radars Every Preacher Needs | Biblical Preaching

5 Radars Every Preacher Needs – #2 | Biblical Preaching

What to Know When You Are the Guest Preacher

9 Things You Need to Know About Widows | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

Faithful Expository Preaching Is Christ-Centered Preaching | Prince on Preaching

An Introduction to Orthodox Christology: New Testament Christology by Keith Mathison | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Locating Atonement in Romans 8 #LATC15 | Reformedish

The New “New Orthodoxy” | Wesley Hill | First Things

The Impassible God of the Bible | Wesley Hill | First Things

Have You Tried Ligonier Connect? Get a 30-Day Free Trial by Tyler Kenney | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Puritan Studies Program (Postgraduate Work) | Meet The Puritans

5 Scientific Problems with Current Theories of Biological and Chemical Evolution | TGC

A Roman Catholic at Death (with Luther near by) – Reformation21 Blog

Ammunition for the Fight Against Porn | Desiring God

On the Day I Married Her | Challies Dot Com

Why I Don’t Date Men Who Are ‘Willing’ To Save Sex For Marriage

5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Theology – The Wardrobe DoorThe Wardrobe Door


Kingdom Note: Free Lunches – R.C. Sproul Jr.

Hate Mail : 9Marks

15 Surprising Secrets to Waking Up Early. | Scribblepreach

Smartphones Don’t Make Us Dumb – NYTimes.com

Christian Lawyers and Doctors Need Not Apply | Cardus Blog

Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health – LA Times

Your Messy Desk Is Ruining Your Career | TIME

How Ordinary Things Look Insanely Cool Under a Microscope


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: 9 months in 4 minutes

When Books Taste Like Vegetables

Stories of God’s Grace: Meet John


Article on the Exodus Population Numbers

It is hoped that this paper will stimulate further analysis of various numerical information contained in Scripture to help clarify any seeming paradoxes centered around such numbers. The results of such analyses likely may well have sermon applications beyond the details of the specific passages in question.

Read more

How To Dump Your Wife and Keep Your “Ministry”

Tony Jones divorced his wife in 2009. His wife discovered the affair in 2008. He claimed to be “spiritually” married to the new woman. Problem solved! He even wrote a short book on the subject cloaking his theory as a way for churches to deal with same sex marriage. “There Are Two Marriages: A Manifesto On Marriage” defines a “sacramental marriage” as different from a “legal marriage”.

Read more

Atlanta Is Burning: A New And Ominous Threat To Religious Liberty

The First Amendment does protect religious beliefs — especially when one is at work or in the public square. The question is: Will we as a nation yield to this new and ominous attack on religious liberty, or will we mean what we say when we affirm the First Amendment? This question reaches far beyond Chief Cochran and the city of Atlanta. The news out of Georgia is a signal to the entire nation that we are all in danger of losing our liberties — fast.

Read more

Churches In Niger And Other Former French Colonies Torched Over Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Sheikh Saliou Mbacke, coordinator of the Interfaith Action for Peace in Africa, said he strongly condemned the attacks on churches in Niger, but cartoons of such a revered figure were an act of provocation that could not be justified by freedom of expression. “Muslim demonstrations to express their anger are legitimate,” said Mbacke, a Muslim leader from the Muridiya Sufi Community of Senegal. “I join all Muslims in the world to also express my anger for the cartooning of Prophet Muhammad.”

Read more

Nine Observations About Announcements in Worship Services

Pastors also receive pressure from different groups and individuals to make certain their announcements are made. Most every church member has his or her own idea about priorities in the church. One pastor recently told me that a church member got mad at him because he did not announce that the member’s daughter was named salutatorian of her senior high school class.

Read more

Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart

Does this mean that backsliding Christians are not saved? No, believers can still backslide. Technically, any time you sin you are backsliding. As a believer, you will struggle with indwelling sin for the rest of your life. You will fall often, and sometimes you will fall hard. But each time you fall, you get up again, looking heavenward.

Read more

Buyer Beware: The Value of Near-Death Accounts

The colossal sales of books about near-death experiences attest that many people desire to go to heaven and are curious about what the afterlife will entail. Despite the revelation that Malarkey invented his son’s story, millions will undoubtedly continue to find near-death accounts to be captivating, inspiring, and reassuring. Nevertheless, for Christians, the teachings of Scripture and the resurrection of Jesus should provide the principal basis for belief in heaven.

Read more

Francis Makemie and Freedom of Speech

This developing American Calvinism, far from the modern caricature as a narrow or severe sect, was a boost to personal freedom and civil discourse in its heyday. The first American Presbyterian pastor helped entrench the right to free expression and free worship by appealing to the principles of the Glorious Revolution. A tidal wave of Calvinistic thinking came to America through immigrants like Makemie and continued to radiate outward.

Read more

Reports of the Collapse Have Perhaps Been Exaggerated — But Only Temporarily

All of this has to be disheartening to people in the pews who every day face work environments made increasingly hostile by this issue. They need clear, coherent, and truly compassionate leadership. If the Top Men will only speak out on the most egregious examples which take place safely outside of their camp and will not address the inconsistencies on divorce, the experiential sentimentality, and the weak leadership of their own elite corps, they should not expect their church members to stand firm in the wider world. Why on earth should they?

Read more

Lecrae Confesses Abortion, Invites Others Into The Light

“Lecrae sensed abortion was the wrong decision, but he also saw abortion as an easy escape from the responsibilities of fatherhood. “Had it not been for the conviction of the Spirit, who I was suppressing with drugs and alcohol, I don’t know if I would have felt anything. But I was so callous and so hard-hearted that it was almost second nature to say: ‘Oh, well, you ought to get an abortion.’

Read more

The Last Act Is Bloody. Always Bloody.

“I have remarked in the past that too often Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the grave without really acknowledging why he was in the grave in the first place. We jump from Good Friday to Easter Sunday without lingering outside the tomb. That explains not simply the Malarkey incident but also much of premature triumphalism of evangelical aesthetics, from worship songs to stadium performances which mimic the power plays of the world around us.”

Read more

9 Things You Should Know About Boko Haram

“In 2009 the group launched military operation to create an Islamic state in Africa. The group carried out a number of attacks on police stations and other government buildings in Maiduguri. Nigeria’s security forces were able to capture the group’s leader, Muhammad Yusuf, the group’s headquarters, and many of its fighters. The Nigerian government thought the threat was suppressed, but the organization regrouped.”

Read more

Modern Bible Is Too Dull, Says Philip Pullman

“Speaking of the demise of the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, the author said: ‘I do regret that children don’t have this experience of language which is grand and stately, and above their heads if you like. Because it gave me an immense amount of pleasure to hear the cadences and rhythms of these great prayers.’

Read more

Family Worship Suggestions

“You may choose to read one chapter per day from the Bible with our children. Read a chapter a day until you finish a book and then start another one. Make sure you choose both New Testament and Old Testament books. If you do this daily, you will have 365 chances each year to teach your children what you are learning as you study God’s word for yourself.”

Read more

How Southern Baptists Became Pro-Life

“Baptists and Roman Catholics had long agreed that life begins at conception, but Baptist scholars, unlike their Catholic counterparts, generally did not develop biblical and theological arguments regarding unborn children. By the mid-20th century, abortion rarely came up among Southern Baptists, and average church members had only “a general feeling that abortion was wrong.”

Read more

Pregnant California Mom Delays Chemo So Child Can Live

“I’m angry,” Bridges said, tears welling in her eyes, “but there’s really nothing we can do about it now. The doctor that I went to repeatedly and repeatedly telling him something wasn’t right probably cost me my life. This is a very aggressive cancer. I could have had more time.” Bridges underwent surgery to replace her knee and remove the majority of her femur. The doctors also said she should start chemotherapy immediately, but there was a very big risk. Bridges was already 10 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.”

Read more

Outrage Over Joe Rightmyer; And The Ultimate ‘So What?’

“With Rightmyer the PCUSA has defrocked a pastor who actually believes, upholds and advocates the historically recognizable Christian faith and Reformed theology. This is the same denomination that has repeatedly failed to meaningfully censure pastors who openly defied the mutually agreed upon constitutional standards by which they agreed to be governed. Those pastors clearly broke the “peace, unity and purity” vow that Rightmyer was found guilty of transgressing.”

Read more

A Caution For Believers In 2015

“I have seen seemingly single acts of sin lead to ungodly anger, bitterness, and retaliation from others. Sometimes, the single act includes another person, who then also falls into the enemy’s trap. Too many of us can tell stories of those whose single acts of sin have left ongoing scars in others – and the risk of that story becoming ours in 2015 is a real one.”

Read more

The Right Hand Of God


Q.  Re: Luke 1:11. “An angel of the Lord appeared to him, standing at the right side of the incense altar.”  I believe every detail in the bible is deliberate & by design. That being the case why in Luke 1:11 was the detail of where the Angel was standing included? Is there a significance to the “right side” of that altar or of the right side in general? There are other areas of the Bible that talk about the “right side”?

continue reading

Did Jesus Die To Save Angels?


Q.  In John 14:6 Jesus said no one can come to the Father but through Him.  In Acts 4:12 Peter said  that Jesus is the only way for man to be saved.  My question is about the spirit world.  Since Jesus came through the lineage of man does that mean that only a human being can be saved thru Him?  We know that the demons believe who God is, but if they were to ask for forgiveness for their rebellion against God, could they also be saved through Jesus?

continue reading

Who Is The Bride?


Q. I’ve recently heard a well known teacher who claimed that at the rapture some of us will become the bride to reign with the Lord, while others will either be consigned to the outer darkness or to Gehenna.  Do you believe that the entire church is the Bride or just those who endeavored to mature and press in to God?  Will you sight scripture please? continue reading

Israeli Jews And The Temple


Q. There’s more in the news than there used to be about building the Temple, even though religious Jews have been wanting this for a long time.  Why is this?  Is it another sign of the times?

continue reading

Can People Die More Than Once?

Q&A-chalkboardQ. I have a question about man only dying once. There are many who have died and been brought back to life. Even Jesus brought people who where dead back to life, so wouldn’t they have to die again?  Which would mean they died more than once, wouldn’t it? How does that square with Hebrews 9:27 continue reading

The Great Falling Away


Q. In the end times, there’s supposed to be a great falling away. But I have no clue if it’s people of the Lord falling away, or just people in general not coming to the Lord. What do you think? What does scripture have to say? Thank you so much.

continue reading

Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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