OBAMA’S ARMY OF DEATH: Waiting for Orders From Their Commander

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

It is necessary for the readers to see this article from 2017. I will bold parts of it and you will clearly see how the tens of thousands of rioters, looters and murderers coalesced so quickly in 2020.

Original Article:

Since the election of Donald Trump, the “Shadow Government”troopsof Barack Obama and his minions are out in full force. Did this movement just spontaneously appear on the streets? If you believe that, then I’m glad that you are reading this article.

During BHO’s regime, he promised that he would have adomestic armythat would be as powerful as our military. Now I realize that he wasnottalking about an army in the traditional sense of the word. Remember – Obama was a Community Organizer before he became president. I rather call that position a Community “Agitator.” He is using the tactics of his hero, Saul Alinsky…

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