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July 3 Evening Quotes of The Day

The Joy and Light of Heaven
2 Corinthians 3:18; Hebrews 12:22–23; 1 John 3:2; Revelation 22:5

How overflowing then will our joy be when we come to heaven, where our fruition of God shall be entire and eternal! Where we shall see him as he is, and know him as we are known by him! Where the unveiled glories of the Deity shall beat full upon us; and we forever sun ourselves in the smiles of God!


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Purpose of Atheism
Psalm 14:1; Romans 1:18–23

The fountain and wellspring of [atheism] is a resolved purpose of mind to reap in this world what sensual profit or pleasure of any kind the world yields, and not to be barred from any means whatsoever available thereunto.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Relationship between Thoughts and Actions — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Have you ever wondered how your thoughts turn into actions? In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul discusses how René Descartes wrestled with this question as he considered the relationship between science and philosophy. Today, watch the entire message for free.


We have a tendency in our day to make a sharp distinction between science (or physics) and philosophy (engaging in the quest for metaphysical knowledge), as if these were two completely separate categories of investigation that never really meet. But the reality is that in the scientific world, all kinds of assumptions are being made constantly that are really philosophical in nature. Let me give a simple illustration of that. When you go to the doctor, and you’re not feeling well, and you’re looking for diagnosis and treatment of whatever it is that ails you, one of the concerns that you have and one of the concerns that your doctor has is trying to determine what caused this malfunction or your illness. It is the same thing that you encounter when you go and take your car in to the mechanic. He wants to find the cause of the problem. So much of what we are concerned about in the realm of real science is the whole question of causality or of cause and effect. Now, the underlying assumptions behind this question are assumptions that were challenged with great depth in the seventeenth century. Descartes, whom we’ve already introduced as the leading figure of seventeenth-century Rationalism, was very much concerned about this question. He wasn’t simply concerned about epistemology and self-consciousness that we’ve already looked at. But he was interested in how things related to each other in terms of causality. Descartes asked questions like this: “How is it that I can think about doing something and then translate that thought into action?” For example, if I decide right now to take this piece of chalk and throw it to Roger here in the first row, and then Roger decides to throw it back to me, and I catch it (without error of course), as we have this little exchange, how is it that I translated the idea, or the thought of an action, into a physical response, into a physical action? I decided to throw the chalk. He caught it. He threw it back, and I decided to catch it. That thought generated an action of response. So, we can see that thoughts can result in actions, and conversely, actions can give rise to thoughts. Now, we then ask the question, “What is an action, and what is a thought?” And maybe we don’t think about thought that much, but we have to at some point ask ourselves the question, “What is thought?” Is thought merely a physiological response with synapses and that sort of thing, or are ideas non-physical? We’re asking about the relationship between mind and matter.

The Relationship between Thoughts and Actions — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Word to Him Who Halts — VCY America

I will save her that halteth. (Zephaniah 3:19)

There are plenty of these lame ones, both male and female. You may meet “her that halteth” twenty times in an hour. They are in the right road and exceedingly anxious to run in it with diligence, but they are lame and make a sorry walk of it. On the heavenly road there are many cripples. It may be that they say in their hearts—What will become of us? Sin will overtake us; Satan will throw us down. Ready-to-halt is our name and our nature; the Lord can never make good soldiers of us, nor even nimble messengers to go on His errands. Well, well! He will save us, and that is no small thing. He says, “I will save her that halteth.” In saving us He will greatly glorify Himself. Everybody will ask—How came this lame woman to run the race and win the crown? And then the praise will all be given to almighty grace.

Lord, though I halt in faith, in prayer, in praise, in service, and in patience, save me, I beseech Thee! Only Thou canst save such a cripple as I am. Lord, let me not perish because I am among the hindmost, but gather up by Thy grace the slowest of Thy pilgrims—even me. Behold He hath said it shall be so, and therefore, like Jacob, prevailing in prayer, I go forward though my sinew be shrunk.

Word to Him Who Halts — VCY America

July 3 – The sojourners’ imperishable inheritance — Reformed Perspective

…to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you. – 1 Peter 1:4

Scripture reading: 1 Peter 1:3-7

One of the great joys of a sojourner is knowing we are “going somewhere.” Despite times of spinning our wheels, we know we have a glorious future to look forward to. It gives meaning and purpose.

We’ve all broken things, made things dirty, and have watched things we love dearly, rust away into uselessness. Our inheritance, our hope of blessed and eternal fellowship with God, is not like that. It will never perish or fade away. We cannot break it or defile it.

Maybe amid the struggles you face in this world, you live in fear that you have defiled or broken your inheritance by your sins, like when you were a child you sometimes forfeited your allowance by your misdeeds. Can our living hope just fade away? Could you one day arrive in God’s presence only to be told, “I am sorry, I do not see a reservation?”

By God’s grace, through faith, you may be encouraged to know your inheritance will not fade away. Sojourners who acknowledge their sin and turn to God, can be assured of two things. First, God keeps your inheritance, your place is reserved. Second, God keeps you and prepares you for your inheritance. An inheritance is something graciously given, not earned. Again, it’s all grace. God is eager and ready to reveal this blessing in the days to come. He makes you eager and ready to receive it and enjoy it. Having that hope makes us eager and ready to live for Him today!

Suggestions for prayer

Thank God for preserving your inheritance for you and for preserving you for your inheritance. Confess ways we might tend to defile this blessing. Ask Him to make you eager and ready to live for Him today in the hope of your certain future.

Rev. John A. Bouwers is pastor of the Hope Reformed Church (URCNA) in Brampton, ON, where he has served since December 2017. He is married to Julie and they have been blessed with six children and twelve grandchildren. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

July 3 – The sojourners’ imperishable inheritance — Reformed Perspective

Speaking the Language — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

We are Christ’s ambassadors, God making His appeal as it were through us. We are Christ’s personal representatives…” 2 Corinthians 5:20 (Amplified Bible)

I attended a conference with representatives from several countries. Presentations were in English and translated into the language spoken by most in the audience. Each day we sat together discussing the assigned topic and since the ideas were interesting to everyone, conversations often became lively. Each table had a translator but when a particular topic sparked heartfelt interest, the majority language people quickly became too animated for the interpreter to keep up.

As I sat there not understanding but hungry for explanation, I began to wonder if this is how a non-Christian feels when conversations in church or Bible studies leave her feeling insignificant. Does she feel as though she’s on the outside looking in? Does he wish people would just stop talking and listen to him?

We are Christ’s ambassadors.” By definition, ambassadors represent their own country to another government and the very best ambassadors learn the language of the country to which they are assigned. This exhibits honor and humility and places the ambassador in a unique position to deeply understand the ethos of the assignment. A wise ambassador knows how to ask questions to elicit understanding and encourages listeners to express their own views on a vast variety of subjects.

To be influential ambassadors, ones who adequately translate God’s loving appeal, we must learn to speak the language of our culture. We must learn how to talk about subjects important to our listeners, not just our own most recent spiritual discoveries. Am I as ready to listen as I am to speak? It’s a long and often slow process, but it’s the way things happen in the Kingdom of God as we seek to invite new citizens into the conversation. And into the Kingdom.

Father, I admit that too often I race ahead to “explain the gospel” before listening to the hearts of people. And because I disapprove of so much of the culture around me, I neglect to learn the language of my neighbors and I lose the opportunity to speak wisely and well. Forgive me, Lord. Please teach me.

By Marilyn Ehle
Used by Permission

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Speaking the Language — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Jesus is With You Always — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” Matthew 28:20

The Lord Jesus is always intimately involved in His church. He walks among you, and His promise is “I am with you always.” He is as close to us now as He was to the disciples at the lake when they sat and ate fish with Him around a fire. Not physically, but still in real truth and presence, Jesus is with us.

And this is a blessed truth, since where Jesus is, love becomes inflamed. Of all the things in the world that can set the heart burning, there is nothing like the presence of Jesus! A glimpse of Him so overcomes us, that we are ready to say, “Turn your eyes from me; they overwhelm me.” (Song of Solomon 6:5) Even the touch of His garments causes the sick and the faint to grow strong. If we, for even a moment, lean our heads against Him and receive His divine love into our poor cold hearts, we are cold no longer, but glow hot in love. We will gain strength equal to every labor and capable of withstanding every suffering.

If we know that Jesus is with us, all our abilities will be developed, every grace strengthened. We must cast ourselves into the Lord’s service with heart, and soul, and strength. Therefore, the presence of Christ is to be desired above anything else. Those who are most like Him will most clearly appreciate his presence. If you desire to see Christ, you must seek to conform ever more closely to Him. Bring yourself, by the power of the Spirit, into union with Christ’s desires, and motives, and plans of action, and you are likely to be favored with His company.

Remember, Jesus is with you. His promise is as true as ever. He delights to be with us. If He does not come, if He does not seem close, it is because we hinder Him by our indifference. He will reveal Himself to our earnest prayers, and graciously lend an ear to our praises, requests, and tears, for these are the golden chains which bind Jesus to His people.

Lord Jesus, Today I draw near to You and ask You to fill me with Your peace and Your presence by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

How does knowing that Jesus is as close to you as He was with the disciples make a difference in how you live your life daily?

By Charles Spurgeon
Used by Permission
Updated to modern English by Darren Hewer, 2008

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Jesus is With You Always — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

July 3 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Beholding Glory by Faith
2 Corinthians 3:18; 5:7

No man shall ever behold the glory of Christ by sight hereafter, who does not in some measure behold it by faith here in this world.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Arm Yourself Against All Sins
1 Corinthians 10:12; Ephesians 6:10–17; 1 Thessalonians 5:6; 1 Peter 5:8; Revelation 3:2

Let us arm ourselves against all sins, against pride, against hatred, against ambition, against envy, against covetousness, against sensuality. Let heaven see that, even on earth, it has those who stand on its side. Let hell know that, even on earth, there are those who make war against it with the Word of God. And let earth itself know that it is still capable of once more growing green and of giving much fruit.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Weekend Snapshot · July 3, 2021

 “From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Patriots, Real and Pretend

A new TV ad tries to paint the Democrat Party as patriotic. Don’t believe it.

The Democrat Architects of White Supremacy

Democrats are the historical architects and political beneficiaries of systemic racism.

Does Teaching CRT Violate the Constitution?

There are First and Fourteenth Amendment considerations, as well as the Civil Rights Act.

Trump Berates Biden on the Border

“I built a wall — Biden built a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Kamala’s Not-So-Excellent Border Adventure

Vice President Harris went to the border, but what exactly did she accomplish?

Those America-Hating U.S. Olympians

A field athlete disrespects the national anthem in a podium ceremony; another wants to burn the flag.

‘Defund Police!’ Who Said What?

The “Squad” of idiots and Demo leaders nationwide led the chorus.

SCOTUS Ends Term on Strong Note

The justices issued rulings upholding election integrity and free speech rights.

The President’s Error Apparent

Kamala Harris is neither competent nor likable, and Joe Biden should’ve known better.

Transgenderism Good, Transracialism Bad?

The bizarre case of Oli London shows that some “transitions” are more equal than others.

Donald Rumsfeld — American Patriot

Secretary Rumsfeld was a Patriot of the first order, and his service to our nation is revered.

Our Racist National Archives

The pallor of our Founding Fathers was too much for a taxpayer-funded task force on racism.

Dems’ Racist ‘Bigotry of Low Expectations’

The brutal execution of two Hispanics gets little MSM attention because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Biden’s Ecofascist Nominee

She was given immunity for testimony against an eco-terrorist, but only after helping him.

Is Joe Biden’s NSA Spying on Tucker Carlson?

The top-rated Fox News host levels a troubling claim at our nation’s intelligence services.

California’s Brownout Summer: The Sequel

Just remember that rolling blackouts and “flex alerts” are what Democrats want for the whole country.

A Century of ChiCom Tyranny

The Chinese Communist Party celebrates its centennial. No one else should.

While Biden Guts Military, China Gains Strength

National security is suffering because of the preoccupation with “woke” indoctrination.

Biden DOJ Declares War on Honest Elections

In the first of what he promises to be many lawsuits, AG Merrick Garland goes after Georgia’s modest electoral reform law.


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“There will never be unity. One side of the divide thinks that children should go to drag shows, women have penises, infanticide is good, and all white people are racist. There’s no common ground between us. I despise their worldview and have no respect for those who ascribe to it.” —Matt Walsh

 “From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

3 Jul 2021 News Briefing


Palestinians declare victory after settlers leave outpost
Palestinians celebrated over the weekend the departure of settlers from the Evyatar outpost south of Nablus by calling it a victory and pledging to continue the fight against all settlements. The settlers voluntarily left the hilltop outpost on Friday, some two months after they first arrived. The move came in accordance with an agreement they reached with the government.

Japan landslide: 20 missing in Atami city
Twenty people are missing in central Japan after a huge landslide hit Atami city following heavy rainfall. Video on social media showed a torrent of black mud plummeting down from a mountain top and on through the city towards the sea. Several houses were destroyed or buried. Kyodo news agency reports that the bodies of what appear to be two victims have been found in the port district.

Iraq power cuts stir protests as summer temperatures scorch country
Widespread power cuts have hit Iraq at a time when the country is suffering scorching summer temperatures. The electricity cut on Friday was caused by the failure of a major power line, local media report. The capital, Baghdad, and southern provinces have been particularly badly affected.

US companies hit by ‘colossal’ cyber-attack
About 200 US businesses have been hit by a “colossal” ransomware attack, according to a cyber-security firm. Huntress Labs said the hack targeted Florida-based IT company Kaseya before spreading through corporate networks that use its software. Kaseya said in a statement on its own website that it was investigating a “potential attack”.

Iran restarts Bushehr nuclear power plant after overhaul
Iran’s sole nuclear power plant is back online following an emergency shutdown two weeks ago, state TV reported Saturday. The report quoted Mostafa Rajabi Mashahdi, spokesperson for the country’s energy ministry, as saying the Bushehr plant “returned to production energy” after the completion of needed maintenance.

Japan warns US a ‘Pearl Harbor’ style attack from China and Russia could happen
On Wednesday, Japan’s number two defense official said China and Russia are showing increased signs of military cooperation and their activities in the Pacific could show signs they plan to launch a Pearl Harbor-style attack on the U.S., similitar to how Japan did on Dec. 7, 1941, propelling the U.S. into World War II. Nakayama said, “We have to show the deterrence towards China, and not just China but also the Russians, because, as I told you, that they are doing their exercises together.” if 200 times more strong atomic bombs or torpedoes or missiles, warheads towards Honolulu, I think Honolulu will be erased from the map.

Poking God In The Eye – Dems Call For Labeling Jewish Judea & Samaria Illegal
73 Democrats in the US House of Representatives sent a letter to the president calling for the state department to declare it illegal for Jews to live in Judea and Samaria.

Wildfire wipes out ’90 percent’ of Canadian village
Following almost a full week of record-breaking, deadly heat, a community at the epicenter of the worst conditions now has a new tragedy to overcome. The village of Lytton, located in southern British Columbia, Canada, was the hottest spot in the entire country for three consecutive days. From Sunday, June 27, to Tuesday, June 29, Lytton broke the all-time Canadian high-temperature record, with each day hotter than the last. The heat peaked on Tuesday when the temperature reached 121 F (49.6 C) A fire broke out late Wednesday afternoon, local time, in Lytton, and according to eyewitnesses, the village was engulfed in flames within a matter of minutes.

Elsa could reach Category 2 force as it menaces the Caribbean
Elsa went from tropical-storm strength with 40-mph winds to a Category 1 hurricane with 75-mph winds. By its maximum sustained winds increasing by at least 35 mph within 24 hours, the storm’s strengthening just met the criteria set by the National Hurricane Center to qualify as “rapid intensification.”

UFO incoming! Most believe an alien invasion of Earth is inevitable
alien conspiracy theorists are now the alien conspiracy majority! A survey of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom finds six in 10 now believe it’s only a matter of time before Earth becomes the target of an alien invasion. 63 percent say they’d welcome an alien if they saw one land nearby. Even more fascinating, one in 20 people claim they’ve already seen an extraterrestrial!

Vatican seeks all-out effort to combat vaccine hesitancy
The Vatican’s bioethics academy and the World Medical Association on Friday called for an all-out effort to combat vaccine hesitancy and correct the “myths and disinformation” that are slowing the fight against the coronavirus. They demanded that “all relevant stakeholders exhaust all efforts to…confront vaccine hesitancy by sending a clear message about the safety and necessity of vaccines and counteracting vaccine myths and disinformation.”

Human Rights Groups Are Quitting YouTube Over Its Pro-China Censorship
As Reuters recently reported, YouTube initially tried to pressure the group called Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights to censor its content in several videos documenting disappeared Uyghur citizens in China’s Xinjiang province, which YouTube interpreted as a violation of its anti-harassment policy given personally identifiable information was present.

Dramatic Footage Shows Underwater Fireballs Erupting From Offshore Platform Gas Leak
Mexico’s state-owned oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), said Friday an underwater pipeline connecting an offshore platform at the Ku Maloob Zaap oil development experienced a fracture, shooting flames out of the water. The video of the incident is absolutely stunning and resembles almost a lava pit, but that’s just flames boiling to the surface in the Gulf waters.

Questions Swirl After Mysterious Drowning Death Of 41-Year-Old Bitcoin Billionaire
A Romanian bitcoin billionaire who died suddenly at the age of 41 has left behind more questions than answers – chief among them; where’s the money?

Sen. Marsha Blackburn: ‘I Am Just Livid’ with Dr. Fauci, Would Ask Him if Potential Coronavirus ‘Lab Leak’ Could Have Been ‘Intentional’ by China
Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Breitbart News that she is “livid” with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and reiterated her call for Fauci to resign his position over funding his office provided to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Assisted Suicide Group Teams Up With Planned Parenthood Honcho
America’s leading physician-assisted suicide advocacy group has tapped a Planned Parenthood of Illinois board member to help lead the organization. Compassion & Choices named Jill Gordon, CEO of children’s hair salon company KidSnips, to its board of directors on Thursday. Gordon has donated tens of thousands of dollars to both Planned Parenthood and Compassion & Choices through her foundation, the Jill and Bradford Gordon Family Foundation. Gordon told the Washington Free Beacon the issue of assisted suicide is “close to my heart.”

The Veep From ‘Veep’
Joe Biden has a problem, and her name is Kamala Harris. The vice president has become a comic figure in today’s Washington—a politician given to missteps and unforced errors who inspires neither loyalty nor trust within her inner circle. She might have been Biden’s safest pick for running mate. But now she’s a liability for both the president and the Democratic Party. It’s not just that Harris is unpopular. Her unique combination of falsity and incompetence generates negative press and endangers her dreams of succeeding Biden.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s ties to Clintons could be revealed as she is told to release financial documents
Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal financial records, including possible connections to the Clinton Foundation, are set to be released after the British socialite lost a bid to keep the documents sealed….

Former Chief of Staff: Iran dangerously close to acquiring a nuclear weapon
In an interview which took place at an event held by the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, Eizenkot said, “It is evident today that the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the [2015 nuclear] accord and maximum pressure campaign and actions against Iran led to some achievements, yet we can’t deny that Iran today is the closest it has ever been to a nuke since it launched the nuclear program.”

Hamas summer camps begin
The camps, intended for various age groups, from junior high school students to university students, are called “Sword of Jerusalem,” which is the name given by Hamas to the latest round of fighting with Israel in May 2021 and are being advertised under the motto, “”Today at the training camps, tomorrow at the gates of Jerusalem.”

Semi-Autonomous robot fighting vehicle to begin patrolling border with Gaza
A little over a month has passed since the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror group in Gaza – a conflict largely referred to as Israel’s first war of “artificial intelligence.” The bar only getting higher though. Against the backdrop of the war and the Israeli military’s multi-year “momentum” program, the IDF’s Gaza division is deploying a first-of-its-kind semi-autonomous robot.

Putin’s ‘City-Killer’: Russia Launches World’s Largest Nuclear-Armed Submarine 
Carries AI-Guided nuclear-tipped underwater drones touted as able to hit coastal targets 6,000 miles away…

Hurricane “Elsa” heading toward Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and Florida
Tropical Storm “Elsa” strengthened into a hurricane at 12:30 UTC on July 2, 2021, 65 km (40 miles) W of Barbados, making it the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Elsa is the farthest east that a hurricane has formed this early in the calendar year in the tropical Atlantic since 1933 and currently the strongest July hurricane in the eastern Caribbean since Emily in 2005.

Lytton village wiped out by wildfires amid record-breaking heat wave, Canada
The Canadian village of Lytton, which set an all-time national heat record this week, has been engulfed by fast-moving wildfires, officials said Thursday, July 1, 2021. Mayor Jan Polderman said the whole place is on fire, adding that two people were reported dead. Around 486 sudden deaths were reported across the province of British Columbia amid a record-breaking heat wave, with the toll expected to continue rising.

Army preparing for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines by September, report says 
The U.S. Army has reportedly told its commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations to its entire force by as early as Sept. 1, in anticipation of full approval for the vaccines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Locked down under: Nearly 12 million Australians forced to stay at home to comply with yet more covid hysteria
Nearly 12 million Australians in Greater Sydney, Southeast Queensland, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs were forced to stay at home as the more contagious Delta variant found its way to Australia.

Be Safe: Don’t Visit Your Dying Parent. Don’t Leave Your House. Don’t Get Married. Don’t Have Children…
As many observers have noted, staying safe has become a religion. “Safetyism,” as it is sometimes called, like all religions, places what it values — in this case, being safe — above other values. Safetyism explains the willingness of Americans to give up their most cherished values — including liberty — in the name of safety for the last year and a half.

The Far-Left Climate Change Fascists At Time Magazine Now Say Your Home Air Conditioning Systems Must Be Sacrificed In Order To Save The Planet 
How far will the Climate Change fascists go? All the way. If you let them, they will reduce you to living a box made by a 3-D modeler, wearing only recycled clothing, eating ‘meat’ grown in a laboratory, with no individuals owning personal transportation. Not only that, your 3-D box will not be allowed to have air conditioning. That’s the dystopian future that Time Magazine envisions for you and your loved ones. To paraphrase Charlton Heston, you’ll have to come pry it out of my “cold, dead hands.” Ice cold, that is.

China is stealing your DNA with home ancestry kits
At-home DNA testing kits have become all the rage as people seek to identify their ancestry. The only problem is that many of these companies are Chinese fronts that collect people’s genetic blueprints and use them for unknown purposes.

 One Of The Greatest Issues Of Our Day Is Allowing Transgenders To Legally Identify As Something They’re Clearly Not
On the front lines of the end times, which is a war, there are dozens of smaller battles taking place that all have significant importance attached to them. I think that one of the most important of these battles has to do with the transgender movement to force society to give legal recognition to people who are clearly not what they claim to be. The spiritual ramifications of this lead you all the way to the ‘strong delusion’ that God releases after the Rapture of the Church takes place.

Government Leaders Throwing Gasoline On An Already Burning Conflagration On Residential School Scandal?
The Anti-God Squad is alive and kicking in an otherwise reputedly polite and benevolent Canada.  Chief activists in the Anti-God Squad hold down seats in the Canadian government. After century-long well-documented mistreatment of its own aboriginal people, the Liberal Government and some provincial leaders are now waging a full-blown propaganda war against Christians.

BREAKING: Facebook Pushing Users to Identify ‘Extremists’ – Mirroring Evil Fascists in Germany Decades Ago
Facebook is now asking Americans to let them know if anyone they know is an ‘extremist’ – Why are they mirroring the tactics of Nazi Germany? What the hell is this?

Critical race theory is just anti-white racism
…CRT is anti-white, but always with unnecessary qualifiers. “Critical race theory is explicitly anti-white,” he replied to Revolver News’ Darren Beattie on the topic. “But it is also anti-Asian, anti-rational, and anti-democratic. I think it is [a] much deeper problem—’anti-whiteness’ is merely one element.”

Pennsylvania Democrats To Propose Bullet Tax And Encoded Rounds To Track Ammo Owners
“It is time for us to keep track of these lethal weapons and ensure that we have the tools necessary to convict individuals who use their firearms for unlawful purposes,”

Source: 3 Jul 2021 – Rapture Ready

White House claims Kamala Harris is being sabotaged from within as staffers complain to media about ‘s**tshow’ inside VP’s office | RT USA News

White House claims Kamala Harris is being sabotaged from within as staffers complain to media about ‘s**tshow’ inside VP’s office

The White House has defended Kamala Harris from media reports detailing her alleged administrative shortcomings, as anonymous staffers continue to complain of widespread dysfunction within the vice president’s office.

Axios reported on Friday that several administration officials viewed Harris’ office as a poorly-managed “s**tshow” that lacks the discipline and professionalism of President Joe Biden’s inner circle. Pointing to the fact that the VP has already lost several top aides, Biden officials told the outlet that Harris doesn’t have strong relationships with her staff and has repeatedly received bad advice from her communications team.

The problems could have far-reaching consequences. Should Biden choose not to seek re-election in 2024, Harris would be the presumptive Democratic nominee. But Democrats close to the White House, including senior administration officials, are reportedly concerned that her political tone-deafness and handling of high-profile issues could make her a liability. One Democratic operative told Axios that party insiders are questioning whether the first African-American vice president would be a strong pick for the Oval Office.

Increasingly, Democrats are thinking: “Oh, she’s f**king up, maybe she shouldn’t be the heir apparent,” the source said.

Also on rt.com

Kamala Harris’ office described as ‘abusive environment’ with ‘low morale’ in scathing report

The salacious scoops follow reports alleging that there are growing tensions between West Wing officials and the Harris team.

However, doubts about Harris’ leadership abilities have been dismissed by senior officials. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain told Axios that the president has full trust and confidence in his second-in-command.

Biden senior adviser Cedric Richmond was similarly scornful of the rumors, insisting that the VP had fallen victim to a “whisper campaign designed to sabotage her.” Richmond described the vice president as a “staunch advocate for the Biden-Harris agenda,” and said that he has yet to receive complaints about her or her team. He further noted that many people working for Biden have been with him for “decades” and that it was unfair to hold the VP’s team to the same standard one might expect from the president’s staff. Richmond pointed out that criticisms of Harris and her team were only coming from anonymous sources, adding that the allegations have snowballed to create an “urban legend” about the VP’s office.

Also on rt.com

US Vice President Kamala Harris delivers greets as she boards Air Force Two at El Paso International Airport in El Paso, Texas, U.S., June 25, 2021. © REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein
Fail to curb immigration, or anger fellow Democrats? VP Kamala Harris faces no-win scenario in new role as Mexico ‘border czar’

Questions about Harris’ administrative capabilities came to the forefront after Politico ran a story earlier this week claiming that the work environment in her office was “tense and at times dour.”

The outlet cited more than 20 current and former officials and associates of Biden of Harris, several of whom blamed the VP for the “low morale” in her office.

“People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” one source told Politico. “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s**t.”

Source: White House claims Kamala Harris is being sabotaged from within as staffers complain to media about ‘s**tshow’ inside VP’s office

Huge Crowds Throng Sarasota Fairgrounds Hours Ahead of Trump Rally in Florida

On 26 June, ex-President Donald Trump held a rally in Ohio amid thousands of supporters, where he slammed the performance of his successor Joe Biden’s administration as a “catastrophe” amid the crime wave sweeping major cities throughout the United States, the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern US border and economic woes.

Source: Huge Crowds Throng Sarasota Fairgrounds Hours Ahead of Trump Rally in Florida

Do Hunter Biden’s laptop photos of dad reveal shady foreign business dealings? | OneNewsNow

Photos were reportedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that indicate his dad met with his son’s Mexican billionaire business associates while serving as vice president.

Joe said it ain’t so …

The emails uncovered by The Daily Mail contradict President Joe Biden’s insistence during his 2020 presidential campaign that he never discussed international business with his son.

Hunter’s laptop that was reportedly abandoned at a computer repair shop allegedly reveals that since at least 2010, his associates had planned dealings with Carlos Slim – the richest person in the world at the time – and fellow Mexican billionaire Miguel Alemán Velasco.

“The plans for working with [Slim] were allegedly spotted in company emails from Rosemont Seneca – a consulting firm established by Hunter, Devon Archer and Christopher Heinz, who is the stepson of former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry,” TheBlaze reported. “The firm was founded in 2009 – the same year Joe Biden was inaugurated as vice president.”

More and more evidence obtained by The Daily Mail contradict the president’s denial of such dealings.

“The then-vice president also flew Hunter and his partner Jeff Cooper on Air Force 2 to Mexico City in 2016, where Hunter arranged to meet Alemán’s son for meetings over a ‘flippin gigantic’ business deal,” The Daily Mail divulged. “In the light of shocking documents uncovered by DailyMail.com from the laptop, the president now faces serious questions – not just whether he knew about Hunter’s controversial business dealings, but also whether he was involved in facilitating them himself while vice president.”

According to The Daily Mail’s report, Neil Callahan – a staffer at Rosemont Seneca – attempted via an email in October 2010 to get Slim involved in a business deal.

“I think once we get past the test/beta phase of say 4–5 $250k projects, we target getting 5–8 clients who will pay us $1m–5m annually,” Callahan wrote, according to The Daily Mail. “I don’t think any of those clients will be your typical Hedge Fund – it’s going to be Private Investors (i.e., Carlos Slim), SWFs, Select Corporations (i.e., Chevron, AON) and maybe a mega Hedge Fund.”

Two years later, more shady dealings reportedly took place.

“In 2012, one of Hunter’s friends who was working for the ‘international government relations firm’ Blue Star Strategies, purportedly suggested Slim as a potential buyer of a gambling company that Hunter was partnered with,” TheBlaze recounted.

Blue Star Strategies was reported by Politico last month as being under investigation by the Department of Justice for possible illegal lobbying regarding its questionable business dealings with Burisma – the Ukrainian gas company that Hunter served with as a board member. Recordings reveal then-VP Biden bragging that he threatened to end massive U.S. government aid to the Urkraine if it did not fire its attorney prosecuting Hunter to expose his shady dealings.

The list goes on, with the president’s son allegedly pursuing even more lucrative deals with foreign leaders using his dad’s then-VP name.

“Hunter targeted a different Mexican billionaire – Miguel Alemán Velasco, who is the son of former Mexican President Miguel Alemán Valdés,” TheBlaze noted. “Hunter and Jeff Cooper – an attorney who worked with Hunter’s late brother Beau Biden and reportedly donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Biden political campaigns – reportedly devised a plan to invest in multiple businesses in Latin America.”

Bragging rights?

The laptop allegedly contains a February 2013 email of Cooper boasting about a brewing transaction.

“This is setting up to be flippin gigantic, brother,” Cooper’s email reads.

Using his dad’s stature as VP to secure meetings with the rich and famous was apparently something that Hunter also saw as worthy of bragging rights

“In 2014, Hunter was reportedly able to secure a private meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden for Carlos Slim, Miguel Alemán Velasco and Interjet airline CEO Miguel Alemán Magnani – the grandson of the former Mexican President Miguel Alemán Valdés,” TheBlaze informed. “Hunter allegedly emailed White House photographer David Lienemann to ask for photographs of the Alemán family with then-VP Joe Biden.”

Just months later in May 2014, it appears Cooper was searching for photos proving the big transactions – an autographs, as well.

“Any luck on getting those other pics from the WH [White House]-Alemán visit?” Cooper asked. “Or getting a few signed for Miguel and his dad?”

In a photo from the laptop dated Nov. 19, 2015, then-VP Biden is shown with his son, Cooper and the trio of Mexican billionaires at Biden’s vice-presidential residence in the nation’s capital.

And the connection with the Ukrainian business Burisma was shown in a 2014 email.

“I met with Miguel [Alemán Magnani] last night – he has set up meetings with the Secretary of Energy and the CEO of Pemex for Jan 12,” Cooper emailed Hunter. “Is there any chance that anyone from Burisma could attend?”

It also appears Biden’s White House staff was used to conduct his family’s business dealings.

“Hunter worked with Joe Biden’s vice-presidential secretary Kathy Chung to arrange a phone call between Carlos Slim and the VP in October 2015,” The Daily Mail’s report explained.

Bidens for oil when personal profit involved?

In the face of Biden’s alternative energy push to wipe out the U.S.’s oil industry, his brother, Jim, allegedly tried to make a deal with Mexico in May 2015 to secure a transaction with Slim involving a U.S. oil pipeline.

“Have a very real deal with Pemex (Carlos slim) need financing literally for a few days to a week,” Jim Biden told Hunter of Pemex – a Mexican petroleum company. “Have the seller (refinery /slims) and buyer major being delivered from pipeline in (h/USA)…”

The Biden’s connection with China – which the president has made many attempts to protect regarding the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic being from its Wuhan Laboratory – was also allegedly laid bare.

“Reports surfaced in October that highlighted emails from Hunter that he was pursing ‘lasting and lucrative’ deals involving a Chinese energy company that he said would be ‘interesting for me and my family,’” TheBlaze noted. “There were also reports that Joe Biden’s son ordered keys to be made for his new ‘office mates,’ which included his father Joe Biden, his mother, his uncle and the emissary for a profitable Chinese energy company.”

‘I told you so’ moment for Trump?

Former President Donald Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s laptop numerous times during his 2020 presidential campaign, but the mainstream media merely dismissed his assertions – that the emails reveal Hunter monetizing access to his dad – as a fringe theory.

Hunter’s shady dealings with Burisma to forward the Obama administration’s foreign policy was a focus of Trump’s

“And you didn’t have a job before your father was vice president,” Trump told Fox & Friends last year, according to Fox News. “You can’t go and go with your father and every stop you make, you pick up $1 billion.”

Hunter skirted the issue when asked about the laptop earlier this year.

“There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me,” Hunter told CBS News in an April interview. “It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the… that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me. Or that there was a laptop stolen from me.”

Source: Do Hunter Biden’s laptop photos of dad reveal shady foreign business dealings?

32 people shot in Chicago on Thursday ALONE, including 3 small children. Where are the protests?

CHICAGO – On the day Chicago’s top cop touted declining crime numbers, the city was hit with one of its most violent days of the year: four killed, 28 wounded, including three young children who were seriously injured.

Source: 32 people shot in Chicago on Thursday ALONE, including 3 small children. Where are the protests?

New York Times keeps book about CENSORSHIP off its bestseller list, disgruntled publisher complains to media | RT USA News

New York Times keeps book about CENSORSHIP off its bestseller list, disgruntled publisher complains to media

Regnery Publishing is accusing the New York Times of purposefully keeping a book on censorship off its bestseller list because the work is authored by conservative pundit Michael Knowles.

‘Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds’ by Knowles has already topped bestseller lists on Amazon and Publisher’s Weekly (and sold nearly 18,000 copies in its first week of release). Despite its success, though, it does not meet the standards to appear as a top 15 bestseller on the New York Times’ list.

“It is our observation that the books that tend not to make it onto the Times list when you would expect that they would, tend to be books that are not congenial to the New York Times worldview,” Regnery publisher Tom Spence told the Daily Caller, accusing the Times of playing politics with Knowles’ book.

Danielle Rhoades Ha, vice president of communications for the New York Times Company, would only say that Knowles’ book “did not meet the standards for inclusion this week.” Ha added that conservatives have made the bestseller list in the past, something Spence argues does not eliminate the possibility of censorship.

“The fact that they did not censor or discriminate against a conservative book in one case doesn’t mean that they haven’t done it in this case,” he said.

Also on rt.com

FILE PHOTO © Global Look Press/Zuma Press/Alexander Pohl
Soundcloud reverses ‘permanent suspension’ on Antifa riots reporter Andy Ngo, journo pulls his content anyway

Included on the bestseller list were books such as ‘On Juneteenth’, which only sold around 4,800 copies in the same time period, according to Bookscan, which tracks book sales. One book by a conservative commentator did make the list, with Bill O’Reilly’s latest historical work ‘Killing the Mob’ topping it.

Spence has argued that the “standards” the Times is promoting have little to do with actual sales, noting that numerous books become bestsellers according to Bookscan but never appeared on the Times’ coveted list.

The Times says its reporting is based on “unit sales reported on a confidential basis by vendors offering a wide range of general interest titles.” Sales are also “statistically weighted to represent and accurately reflect all outlets proportionally nationwide.”

This methodology essentially translates, according to Spence, to polling that does not accurately reflect what people are consuming.

“Gallup doesn’t go out and ask every single person in America how they are going to work, they select samples they think are representative,” he said. “And that’s what the NYT list is. They get sales reports from certain selective bookstores. They keep it a secret though, who they are.”

This is far from the first time the New York Times bestseller list has been questioned, especially by conservative authors, some of whom were happy to blast the paper when reacting to Knowles’ book.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Times has also been accused of promoting liberal authors, despite low sales numbers. Multiple critics questioned the paper’s methodology in 2019 when former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett made the bestseller list, but consumers found her book ranking incredibly low everywhere else, including at #1,030 on Amazon.

In 1983, ‘Exorcist’ author William Peter Blatty also shone an unflattering light on the Times’ bestseller list when he sued the paper after his book ‘Legion’ – a sequel to his most famous work – was only included on the list for one week, despite making numerous other bestseller lists. Though Blatty’s suit was unsuccessful, the Times did refer to its bestseller list as “editorial content,” saying, “the New York Times is entitled to have its own bestseller list.”

Source: New York Times keeps book about CENSORSHIP off its bestseller list, disgruntled publisher complains to media

TYRANNY: YouTube Bans RSBN From Live Streaming on Eve of Trump Rally in Florida | Geller Report News

The left requires totalitarianism, now and throughout history, because their ideas, their policies cannot withstand intellectual scrutiny or challenge.

YouTube Bans RSBN From Live Streaming on Eve of Trump Rally in Florida

By Alex Caldwell,  July 2, 2021

YouTube has suspended RSBN from live streaming and posting content to their YouTube channel on the eve of President Donald Trump’s Save America rally in Sarasota, Florida.

YouTube has also deleted all of RSBN’s coverage of Trump’s June 26 rally in Wellington, Ohio, along with his June 5 speech to the North Carolina GOP convention.

“The videos contain remarks from President Trump that violate the aforementioned policies and countervailing views on those remarks are not provided,” said a YouTube representative. The suspension will be in affect for seven days.

Source: TYRANNY: YouTube Bans RSBN From Live Streaming on Eve of Trump Rally in Florida

CNN’s Top-Rated Show Came In 22nd Place In Cable News Ratings, Overall CNN Lost More Than Half Its Audience in Just Three Months | Geller Report News

CNN is a hasbeen network, because they don’t report, they proselytize for the totalitarian left. No rational American should watch it. Keep abandoning this propaganda network, America!

Related: CNN Loses More Than Half Its Audience in Just Three Months

CNN’s Top-Rated Show Came In 22nd Place In Cable News Ratings

By Daily Wire, July 3, 2021

The Nielsen ratings for the second quarter of the year are in, and the message seems to be: If Fox News has a show on the air, viewers would rather watch it than anything on CNN.

CNN, whose year-on-year total day ratings increased 63% in the first quarter of 2021, fell to earth over the last three months.

CNN’s top-rated show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” finished 22nd in cable news, behind 14 Fox News shows and seven broadcast on MSNBC. The shows that beat CNN’s best-rated program include:

  • Tucker Carlson Tonight
  • Hannity
  • The Five
  • The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC)
  • The Ingraham Angle
  • Special Report with Bret Baier
  • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC)
  • Fox News Primetime
  • Gutfeld!
  • All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC)
  • Deadline White House (MSNBC)
  • The Beat with Ari Melber (MSNBC)
  • Outnumbered
  • The Reidout (MSNBC)
  • America’s Newsroom
  • The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (MSNBC)
  • The Faulkner Focus
  • America Reports
  • Your World with Neil Cavuto
  • Fox and Friends
  • The Story with Martha McCallum

Only two of CNN’s shows — Cuomo’s 9 p.m. ET program and “Anderson Cooper 360” — cracked 1 million viewers during the second quarter of the year, which ran from March 29 to June 25.

Source: CNN’s Top-Rated Show Came In 22nd Place In Cable News Ratings, Overall CNN Lost More Than Half Its Audience in Just Three Months

Trump’s July 4 Weekend Rally in Florida Attracts Crowd A Day Early, Folks Camp Out | Geller Report News

President Trump will be in Sarasota on Saturday evening, to galvanize his pro-America base. By the way, YouTube has banned RSBN from live streaming the rally. However, you can download the app. Info is below. You can also watch the the RSBN feed on Rumble. OAN and Newsmax will also show the rally.

Trump’s July 4 weekend rally in Florida attracts crowd a day early

By Yahoo, July 2, 2021

People are lining up more than a day early for former President Donald Trump’s July 4 weekend rally in Sarasota, Florida.

Video showed parked vehicles and tents at the Sarasota Fairgrounds with flags boasting messages supporting the 45th president. Dozens of people were present when WFLA 8 On Your Side, a local NBC affiliate, reported on the gathering.

Sources told the Washington Examiner this week that Trump is holding the event despite pleas from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to postpone the campaign-style rally roughly 200 miles from the Miami suburb where an international search and rescue mission is excavating bodies from the site of a partially collapsed seaside condominium.

DeSantis’s team denied that the Republican governor, who is widely seen as a top 2024 presidential contender, signaled to Trump he wanted the rally to be called off.

People are lining up more than a day early for former President Donald Trump’s July 4 weekend rally in Sarasota, Florida.

Video showed parked vehicles and tents at the Sarasota Fairgrounds with flags boasting messages supporting the 45th president. Dozens of people were present when WFLA 8 On Your Side, a local NBC affiliate, reported on the gathering.

Sources told the Washington Examiner this week that Trump is holding the event despite pleas from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to postpone the campaign-style rally roughly 200 miles from the Miami suburb where an international search and rescue mission is excavating bodies from the site of a partially collapsed seaside condominium.

DeSantis’s team denied that the Republican governor, who is widely seen as a top 2024 presidential contender, signaled to Trump he wanted the rally to be called off.

Source: Trump’s July 4 Weekend Rally in Florida Attracts Crowd A Day Early, Folks Camp Out

Facebook To Provide Pop-Up Warning When Your Friends Begin Thinking For Themselves — The Babylon Bee

MENLO PARK, CA—Facebook has introduced a new feature that will warn you when one of your friends is sharing free and independent thoughts on its network.

Should you encounter an unapproved opinion, Facebook will provide a pop-up warning letting you know that if you’re concerned about a friend expressing opinions derived from free thought that is not in line with big tech companies, major corporations, Hollywood, universities, or the government, you can get them help.

The social media platform will allow you to take steps to report people who are sharing unapproved opinions. You may report them to Facebook, who will reach out to them to help them by forcibly sending them to a Facebook reeducation camp.

“Yes, the camp is mostly brainwashing,” Mark Zuckerberg admitted, “but the food is pretty good. They serve mac and cheese with the little cut-up hot dogs in there every Tuesday. Plus, we’ve got one of those big inflatable launcher things out on the lake, which you can use to relax and launch each other into the water. It’s a ton of fun. If we kidnap you and take you to our camp, we guarantee you’ll love hanging out there on the lake.”

“Once you finish your reeducation sessions, of course.”

Facebook To Provide Pop-Up Warning When Your Friends Begin Thinking For Themselves — The Babylon Bee

Actress Kirstie Alley Warns Hollywood Is Putting Society on a Path to Accept Pedophilia: ‘Protect Your Children’

Actress Kirstie Alley issued a dire warning on Friday, noting that children are being exposed to “everything perverse on every kind of screen” and cautioning that Hollywood is conditioning society to be so “open minded” that it will soon “support” pedophilia as “just loving children.”

Source: Actress Kirstie Alley Warns Hollywood Is Putting Society on a Path to Accept Pedophilia: ‘Protect Your Children’