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July 24 Evening Quotes of The Day

A Grateful Mind: Indebted and Discharged
Luke 7:42; Romans 13:8

A grateful mind
By owing owes not, but still pays, at once
Indebted and discharged.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

God’s Faithfulness Does Not Depend On Our Emotions
2 Thessalonians 3:13

It is very foolish, when spiritual sweetness and delight fail, to imagine that God has failed us also; and to imagine that because we have such sweetness, that we have God also.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

July 24 Evening Verse of The Day

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23:1 to the shepherds who destroy and scatter A metaphor for the rulers of Judah. Their poor leadership resulted in judgment and scattering of the people. Compare Isa 56:11 and Ezek 34:2.[1]

23:1 The false shepherds contrast with Jesus the true shepherd (John 10:11, 14).[2]

Ver. 1.—Woe be unto the pastors, etc.! This “woe” is a pendant to the “woe” upon Jehoiakim in ch. 22:13. The original form of the verse shows the strong feeling with which the prophet both wrote and spoke: “Woe! shepherds who destroy,” etc. By “shepherds” Jeremiah means rather the civil than the spiritual, authorities, especially the kings—ποιμένες λαῶν, as Homer calls them. This is, in fact, the general Old Testament application of the term (see note on ch. 2:8). That destroy. If it is true of all sin that no one can calculate its issues, this is specially true of the sins of rulers. Delirant reges, plectuntur Achivi; or, as an inspired teacher puts it, “The leaders of this people became false guides, and those whom they led were lost men” (Isa. 9:16). How these evil shepherds “destroyed” the people we are not here told; but from ch. 22:3, 13, it is clear that sins of injustice, ranging from oppressive exaction to murder, are specially intended. Scatter; the captivities of the Jews being directly owing to the want of good government and teaching. How could the prophets stem the tide of popular corruption, when the ruling classes opposed their efforts? The sheep of my pasture; or, the sheep of my pasturing—the “pastors” are Jehovah’s—under-shepherds. The figure is a favourite one, especially with the psalmists of the school of Asaph (see Ps. 74:1; 77:20; 78:52 (comp. 70–72); 79:13; 80:1).[3]

23:1 Woe. As mentioned above on 22:13, the word translated as “woe” is an interjection, similar to “Ah!” or even “Argh!” in English. It conveys a lamenting tone of sorrow or sadness due to something terrible and tragic, such as death. In this verse it implies that something terrible and tragic is going to happen to the ones addressed (i.e., the “shepherds”).

the shepherds. In 23:1, 4 the Hebrew word that means “shepherding, pasturing, caring for sheep and goats” is used four times in various forms. The participle (“the one who shepherds”) is translated as “shepherds” (23:1, 4). The “place of shepherding” is translated as “pasture” (23:1), and the verb “to shepherd” is translated as “tend” (23:4).[4]

1. The message begins with a general announcement of doom on the shepherds. ‘Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!’ declares the Lord. ‘Woe’ (hôy, 22:13) points to the judgment that the Lord is going to bring on the shepherds (2:8). The metaphor of shepherd is frequently used of the king in Israel as the one whose duty it was to guide, protect and provide for the people and to set them an example to follow. We do not know of any king of Israel or Judah who used this as an official title, but ancient Near Eastern records show that many rulers did designate themselves in this way. As the context focuses on the administration of justice and public policy in the land, the term shepherds here does not include religious leaders, either the priests or the prophets. It probably also excludes those officials who were the chief administrators in the kingdom. Though they had leadership roles in the community, it was the king who was ultimately responsible for the conduct and character of the affairs of the nation. The plural term ‘shepherds’ probably encompasses the final four final kings of Judah whose mismanagement and misgovernment disqualified them from being worthy holders of the office.

‘Destroying’ (<√ ʾābad) may also mean ‘to lose, allow to go astray’, ‘let … be lost’ (REB). A participle is used in the expression to bring out the fact that it was characteristic of these kings that they did not provide the leadership that would have kept the people together as a flock dedicated to the service of the Lord. Instead the nation was left without the political and spiritual guidance it required. In this way the shepherds also kept on ‘scattering’ the people. ‘Scatter’ (<pûṣ hiphil, 9:16) views the sheep not as gradually straying apart as they graze, but as spreading panic-stricken before some external threat from which the shepherd has made no attempt to protect them. ‘The sheep of my pasture’ (marʿît, 10:21) were those the Lord had committed to their care, and regarding whose welfare he himself was concerned (Pss. 74:1; 79:13; 100:3). The phrase makes clear the role of the kings as under-shepherds and the Lord himself as the true Shepherd. It was the failure of the under-shepherds that led to their own downfall and that of the people.[5]

The word Woe introduces an oracle of judgment. The shepherds are Judah’s rulers, including King Zedekiah and the nobles who seem to have dominated him. But the term may be wider still and gather up a long list of inept, careless, and neglectful rulers for many years past. Certainly the last four kings of Judah were bad shepherds who caused the scattering of the sheep and brought about their dispersal. So the blame is attached to the rulers themselves.[6]

[1] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Je 23:1). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[2] Crossway Bibles. (2008). The ESV Study Bible (p. 1415). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

[3] Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Jeremiah (Vol. 1, p. 512). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

[4] Hays, J. D. (2016). Jeremiah and Lamentations. (M. L. Strauss & J. H. Walton, Eds.) (p. 164). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books: A Division of Baker Publishing Group.

[5] Mackay, J. L. (2004). Jeremiah: An Introduction and Commentary: Chapters 21–52 (Vol. 2, pp. 46–47). Fearn, Ross-shire, Scotland: Mentor.

[6] Thompson, J. A. (1980). The Book of Jeremiah (p. 487). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

A River Runs Through Me — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” By this He spoke of the Spirit.” John 7:37-39a (NASB)

I drove through an arid and dry landscape marked with sagebrush. A large and swift river ran through it. All that water! But the land remained parched. Then, in the distance I could see blocks of green like the squares of a giant patchwork quilt. As I got closer it became clear that irrigation lines were giving life to otherwise barren fields.

What a vivid picture of our lives! Every person has a deep thirst for health, purpose, and meaning. Yet there is a void, a dryness that touches the remote regions of each person. Just as the spring rain brings some level of relief, a project or a goal might bring life for a season. But a shower of self-effort will only bring temporary results. The dryness and thirst return. The cry of the heart resurfaces: There must be more to life than this.

Only when we are connected to God, the ultimate source, is our deep thirst satisfied and rich fruitfulness the result.

God’s Spirit in the believer brings “rivers of living water” that are unlimited and give abundant and eternal life. Just as the river runs through a dry and thirsty land with little noticeable impact, in the same way, the Spirit in our lives can have limited impact without our daily yielding to His power and influence. The rich fruitfulness of God’s Spirit in someone who yields to Jesus daily is in stark contrast to the barrenness of the Christian who lives a dry and self-reliant existence.

Lord Jesus, I yield each area of my life to You and confess my self-effort as pride. Direct and empower my actions today. May your Spirit create a profound transformation in my life resulting in the fruit of Your Spirit being displayed in my life. Amen.

By Mike Woodard
Used by Permission

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A River Runs Through Me — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Satisfied? — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“You still the hunger of those you cherish … when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness” Psalm 17:14b,15b

Ever believed in something so completely to be from God?

I did. Over a decade ago, I fully trusted I was face-to-face with my future. Armed with tenacious determination, I wholeheartedly pursued the object of my libido.

All my time and energy went into the construction of my future kingdom, in spite of red flags springing up around me. My heart had become deceptive and I didn’t recognize it in time.

The hunger to be loved was so blindingly strong, I failed to notice cracks in my palatial brick walls. Slowly, yet methodically, my castle was reduced to rubble and I, a crumpled mess face down on a cold laminate floor. It was a while before my seething misery broke the silence, yelling, “Are you satisfied?”, and sobbing ensued.

I wasn’t at all — and for the entirety of my divinely false chase that spanned more than ten years. Even as a devoted Christian, my misplaced dissatisfaction had resulted in fanciful delusions.

Today, I’m happy that not only did I take away valuable revelations from my devastating heartbreak, but it also drove me back into the arms of God. The main thing is the main thing again. I no longer hunger for pursuits outside of God’s reach and, in him, I am fully satisfied.

As Christians, we can become unappeasable in life, especially when we hunger for anything greater than the Lord. Let us keep the main thing front-and-centre, allowing God to be the only one to satisfy us.

Heavenly Father, it’s taken me a long time to finally get to you. Even though I thought I was doing things right all along. It’s incomprehensible how long suffering you have been with me, all in an effort that I would appreciate my relationship with you even more. I am truly grateful to have you as the center of my life again. Keep me on this straight, narrow path that holds the best outcome in your hands. I love and praise your mighty name. Amen.

Ask the Lord to protect you from all temptation and to keep you wholly satisfied in him.

By Melissa Talbot
Used by Permission

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Satisfied? — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Tokyo Olympics Open In Japan With Celebrities Singing The Atheist National Anthem ‘Imagine’ Inviting People To Live In A World Without God — Now The End Begins


John Legend, Keith Urban, and Angélique Kidjo led a version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s utopian anthem “Imagine” at the Tokyo Olympics, which featured Legend, whose net worth is an estimated $75 million, belting out the line “imagine no possessions.”

This is the dream of all God-rejecting Liberals everywhere, to live in a world unencumbered by the perfect, righteous and holy God who will hold them accountable, and instead invite you to ‘imagine’ a a place where there is no hope of Heaven. That place is called Hell in the Bible, and you better pray that the imagination portrayed in that song does not come true for you. So after 17 months of a global pandemic, the whole world is coming together to imagine living without God.

And they said, There is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.” Jeremiah 18:12 (KJB)

In your King James Bible, the word ‘imagination’ appears 14 times, and in every one of those times it points to the wickedness and evil of the unregenerate human heart. I wonder if John Lennon knew that when he wrote the anti-God atheist national anthem ‘Imagine’? Fun fact, your Not Inspired Version NIV bible removes all 14 instances of the word ‘imagination’, providing only 2 spots with the word ‘imagination’, not matching the King James, and floundering in watered-down meaninglessness.“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only skyImagine all the people
Livin’ for todayI hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”


John Legend, Keith Urban Lead Singing of ‘Imagine’ at Olympics Opening Ceremony

FROM BREITBART NEWS: The Opening Ceremony kicked off on Friday with several artists participating in a rendition of “Imagine” — which asks listeners to, ironically, imagine there are “no countries.” The Suginami Junior Chorus and Spanish musician Alejandro Sanz were also featured in the number.

Legend, an overtly leftist Hollywood activist, belted out the lyrics, “Imagine no possessions/I wonder if you can/No need for greed or hunger/A brotherhood of man/ Imagine all the people/ Sharing all the world. The multi-millionaire “All of Me” singer, who considered fleeing the U.S. because of former President Trump, is no stranger to the hypocrisy.

Last year, he teamed up with failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams for a “Rock the Runoff” get-out-the-vote concert, which featured tickets costing up to $25,000. The climate change hardliner, along with his wife Chrissy Teigen, also took a private jet to perform for Joe Biden’s inaugural event in January. That was not the first time the millionaires took such action.

In February 2020, Legend and Teigen flew 500 miles just for a Valentine’s Day date — an action that would be impossible if Legend lived up to the utopian lyrics he performed in his Olympic rendition of “Imagine.” READ MORE

The Truth About Heaven And Hell In 5 Minutes

Tokyo Olympics Open In Japan With Celebrities Singing The Atheist National Anthem ‘Imagine’ Inviting People To Live In A World Without God — Now The End Begins

July 24 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Prayer and Sinning
Matthew 6:5–13; Mark 11:25

Praying and sinning will never live together in the same heart. Prayer will consume sin, or sin will choke prayer.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

How Frail Is Human Nature!
Romans 3:27; 1 Corinthians 4:7; 2 Corinthians 3:5

How great is the frailty of human nature which is ever prone to evil! Today you confess your sins and tomorrow you again commit the sins which you confessed. One moment you resolve to be careful, and yet after an hour you act as though you had made no resolution. We have cause, therefore, because of our frailty and feebleness, to humble ourselves and never think anything great of ourselves.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Weekend Snapshot · July 24, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Economic Smoke and Mirrors

Joe Biden says everything’s great and no one is worried about inflation.

Biden to Struggling Employers: Just Pay More

He says some businesses will remain “in a bind” until they raise wages for workers.

The $6 Trillion Democrat Debauchery

Two separate spending atrocities will push us ever closer to the fiscal brink.

Gen. Mark Milley Should Resign or Be Fired

This CJCS is a more dangerous threat to American Liberty than all the Capitol protesters.

CJCS Milley Doesn’t Deny CINC/Hitler Comparison

Gen. Milley is in abject violation of his oath and should resign.

Pelosi’s Capitol Offense

The speaker’s investigation was always a partisan charade. Rejecting two GOPers proves it.

‘Patriot’ Is the New ‘Nazi’

The America-hating Left will stop at nothing to demonize those who love their country.

Biden Admits Facebook Not ‘Killing People,’ Still Pushes Censorship

While he backed off his false claim, he doubled down on calling for more censorship on social media.

Klobuchar’s Plan for Redlining Speech

Under the guise of preventing COVID “misinformation,” her bill would limit liability protection for social media companies.

Don’t Renew Teachers Union Contracts When They Expire

Everything is downstream from education, and it’s time to end the union chokehold.

Baltimore: The Canary in the Public Ed Coal Mine

A shocking new report indicts the nation’s teachers unions.

Biden’s Ed Secretary Backpedals on CRT

Nationwide awareness and outrage seem to have gotten the attention of the Biden administration.

Why Liberal Leadership Fails Schools and How to Break the Cycle

We must elect local, hire local, and also retain local candidates.

Green America Feeds Red China

We’re buying Chinese solar panels and paying for Beijing’s coal addiction.

China Hacks, Russia Expands, Biden Dithers

The American president’s foreign policy can be summed up in two words: America Last.

ChiComs Reject WHO’s COVID Origin Probe

Beijing refuses to allow any lab leak investigation by its WHO puppet.

Fleeing Texas Dems Are COVID Super-Spreaders

Thus far, six of the lawmakers have contracted the virus and spread it to both Pelosi’s office and the White House.

Judge Stops Biden’s DACA Expansion

Meanwhile, the administration plans to open the border even wider by ending Trump’s COVID migrant restrictions.

Life Expectancy Decline Was Far More Than COVID

Drugs, suicides, and murders all played a big part, and much of this was driven by politics.

U.S. Women Bow to BLM

And promptly lost 3-0 in the opening Olympics match, ending a 44-match unbeaten streak.

Sports Illustrated Objectifies the Objectionable

A “transgender” individual is featured on the latest SI swimsuit issue.

Democrats Are the Party of Corporate Oligarchs

The average American is being crushed by leftist Big Government and Big Business.

Socialism in America

It’s here, but we need it to go, not grow.

Good News About American Families

After decades of decline, the percentage of children living in two-parent homes is on the rise.


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“Remember when the Democrat sales pitch for Biden a year ago was that he would unite America, calm things down, and help the middle class afford stuff like gas, housing and groceries? Hilarious.” —Buck Sexton

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

24 Jul 2021 News Briefing


Typhoon “In-Fa” moving over Okinawa, landfall expected south of Shanghai, China
Typhoon “In-Fa” — the 7th named storm of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season — is slowly moving over Okinawa, southern Japan on July 23, 2021. After passing over Okinawa, In-Fa is expected to move north of Taiwan before making landfall south of Shanghai, China on July 25, with maximum sustained winds up to 140 km/h (87 mph).

Jen Psaki Refuses To Say How Many Breakthrough COVID Cases There Are In White House After Fully Vaccinated Texas Fleebaggers Superspreader 
Oh, the intellectual agony of being a Democrat! Having to pretend you have the moral high ground while in reality you are a lying, cheating and conniving bottom feeder who would sell your own mother for kale salad served with sustainable cutlery. Here we have the very people who tell us we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” while at the same time refusing to say how many fully vaccinated White House staffers got COVID from the Texas Fleebaggers. Wait, I thought Biden said you can’t get COVID if you’re vaccinated…what??

Cyber Ninjas’ Doug Logan on Maricopa’s Missing 74,000 Ballots: ‘74,000 EV33 Forms That Did Not Have Matching EV32s’
Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, has confirmed that 74,000 EV33 forms, for ballots received by Maricopa County, did not have matching EV32s, implying that they had not been sent.

Dubai Makes Artificial Rain With Drones That Shock Clouds
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses drones that fly into clouds and deliver an electric shock to “cajole them” into producing precipitation amid dangerous heat waves regularly surpassing triple digits.

The ‘vaccines are the answer’ narrative blown to smithereens as more and more of ‘the fully vaxxed’ are becoming ill and dying 
According to the CDC’s own definition of ‘vaccine’, a vaccine is: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.

Mark of the Beast Announced by the United Nations – Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft
A UK government minister has again refused to rule out vaccine passports for pubs, while nightclub owners say a plan to impose the same rules on their venues is ‘shambolic,’ with some vowing to refuse to enforce it.

Critical rail lines across Europe closing for “months” following biblical flooding
Large swaths of Western Europe have been left decimated following torrential rains that flooded towns and cities across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands over the past several days.

Covid vaccine: Pfizer begins trial on infants and young kids
Pfizer said it has started a clinical trial testing its Covid-19 vaccine on healthy 6-month to 11-year old children, a crucial step in obtaining federal regulatory clearance to start vaccinating young kids and controlling the pandemic.

Yale doctor calls out CDC for committing large scale medical fraud and hiding covid cases among the vaccinated 
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is engaged in one of the greatest medical frauds of our time, using disparate PCR cycle thresholds to artificially inflate covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated, while hiding covid cases in the fully vaccinated. This covid-19 testing fraud continues to obfuscate the American medical response, as the original aerosolized bioweapon evades detection, as the ongoing release of that spike protein continues through the “savior” vaccines.

Report: Monsanto forced science journal to RETRACT study of Roundup dangers
Monsanto pressured a scientific journal to retract a study about its flagship herbicide Roundup. This is according to a new report that alleges that the company launched a concerted effort against the author of a study that found that rats exposed to the glyphosate-based herbicide over an extended period of time developed tumors.

PURE EVIL: Pelosi Echoes Eugenicist Margaret Sanger and Promotes Abortions for Poor Women (VIDEO)
In 2014 the Daily Caller unearthed video of American birth control activist Margaret Sanger (here called Margaret Slee, which was her second husband’s name) sternly demanded that women of the developed world have “no more babies.”

“PINGDEMIC” insanity: UK government commits nation to starvation suicide by commanding food sector workers to self-quarantine… supply chain “at risk of collapse”
After centuries of global rule, the United Kingdom is committing societal suicide by ordering millions of its workers across food, retail and medicine sectors to self-quarantine in their homes. Grocery store shelves are going bare across the nation, and industry leaders warn that the food supply chain is, “at risk of collapse.”

Source: 24 Jul 2021 – Rapture Ready

City of Montclair in California to require maskless city workers to wear COVID-19 vaccine stickersPosted: 23 Jul 2021 06:22 PM PDTThe city of Montclair will require employees to wear stickers proving they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if they don’t want to wear a mask while working.Starting Monday, city workers who choose to shed their masks will be required to wear a sticker showing they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, officials said. In June, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board voted 5 to 1 to allow most fully vaccinated employees in many workplaces to stop wearing masks.Continue reading City of Montclair in California to require maskless city workers to wear COVID-19 vaccine stickers at End Time Headlines.
Vikings assistant coach Rick Dennison gone after refusing to get the Coronavirus vaccinePosted: 23 Jul 2021 06:11 PM PDTA Minnesota Vikings assistant coach has left the team after refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine, sources told ESPN. Offensive line coach Rick Dennison left the team after choosing not to get vaccinated, and his job has already been filled, the sources said.Phil Rauscher will take Dennison’s spot and Ben Steele, who was the special teams analyst for Auburn, will fill Rauscher’s position, according to ESPN.  The move to leave the team comes after the NFL required Tier 1 employees — those who work directly with players — to be fully vaccinated.Continue reading Vikings assistant coach Rick Dennison gone after refusing to get the Coronavirus vaccine at End Time Headlines.
Philippines rocked by powerful magnitude 6.6 earthquakePosted: 23 Jul 2021 04:20 PM PDTAn earthquake of magnitude 6.7 struck south of the Philippine capital early on Saturday, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said.The agency said aftershocks were expected from the tectonic earthquake, which had a depth of 116 kilometers (72.08 miles). Some residents in the capital region were awakened by the quake that lasted nearly a minute.“The quake was deep so there is no tsunami,” Renato Solidum, director of the Seismology agency, told DZRH radio station.Continue reading Philippines rocked by powerful magnitude 6.6 earthquake at End Time Headlines.
How Big Tech censorship is setting the stage for the soon rise of the AntichristPosted: 23 Jul 2021 03:46 PM PDT(OPINION) – In an August 2019 article titled “Silicon Valley Censorship and the Coming Global Police State,” I wrote the following: “If you love freedom and liberty, recent actions from high tech companies should have you worried.In pursuit of profit, the mega companies of Silicon Valley have created products that invade user privacy. And they easily cave to the demands of totalitarian governments.” Unfortunately, recent events reveal the United States is now among those totalitarian governments.Continue reading How Big Tech censorship is setting the stage for the soon rise of the Antichrist at End Time Headlines.
It’s so hot in Dubai that the government is artificially creating rainstormsPosted: 23 Jul 2021 12:21 PM PDTWith temperatures in Dubai regularly surpassing 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the government has decided to take control of the scorching weather. Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are making it rain — artificially — using electrical charges from drones to manipulate the weather and force rainfall across the desert nation.Meteorological officials released video footage this week showing a downpour over Ras al Khaimah, as well as several other regions. The new method of cloud seeding shows promise in helping to mitigate drought conditions worldwide, without as many environmental concerns as previous methods involving salt flares.Continue reading It’s so hot in Dubai that the government is artificially creating rainstorms at End Time Headlines.
(VIDEO) – Netflix star of “13 Reasons Why” now identifying as a “Transgender Woman”Posted: 23 Jul 2021 12:09 PM PDTTommy Dorfman — an actor known for starring in the Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why” — came out this week as a transgender female. The 29-year-old celebrity, born a biological male, now identifies as a woman.Dorfman, who revealed the transition during an interview with Time, has been using the pronouns “she” and “her” over the past year. “I view today as a reintroduction to me as a woman, having made a transition medically,” the actor said.Continue reading (VIDEO) – Netflix star of “13 Reasons Why” now identifying as a “Transgender Woman” at End Time Headlines.

Regime Says Free Speech Is Killing People: Biden Surgeon General Holds Press Conference – Labels ‘Disinformation’ a National Health Threat (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

It’s simple really. Your free speech is killing people.

It is clear that the Democrats are now completely done with free speech as an American institution.

Those days are over.

The US Constitution no longer applies. And why should it? When you know you don’t have to worry about elections anymore. You can hide your dementia-suffering candidate in the basement for months and still win an election by stealing the ballots. And Democrats can do this against the most popular presidential candidate in history.
So why worry?

Last Thursday White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki casually admitted the federal government is censoring American citizens and flagging “problematic” social media posts.

On Friday Psaki took it to another level and said Americans who post “misinformation” should be completely un-personed and should have no access to online platforms.

Then also on Friday Surgeon General Vivek Murthy stood in front of his liberal peers in the White House press room and labeled free speech a severe national “health risk.”
The Surgeon General is killing free speech.

Of course, the ‘disinformation” is selected by the regime and can be altered or updated at any time.

And they know they can because the demons in the old media and big tech are on their side.

Source: Regime Says Free Speech Is Killing People: Biden Surgeon General Holds Press Conference – Labels ‘Disinformation’ a National Health Threat (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Spreads Dangerous Vaccine Disinformation Live on CNN to Millions of Americans — Christian Research Network

While urging Americans to get the vaccine, Joe Biden falsely claimed that “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the ICU unit and you’re not going to die.”

(Revolver) Did you happen to catch CNN’s town hall on Wednesday?

The broadcast was hosted by Don Lemon, and featured a predictably confused and stammering Joe Biden, haplessly trying to muck his way through an array of topics ranging from gun-gabbing to January 6th to Covid.

Joe experienced a lot of fumbles along the way- including one jaw-dropping moment where he lost his faculties for 25 seconds while trying to answer a simple question about the vaccine.

Eventually, Don Lemon jumped in and helped guide Joe out of the weeds.

The night was such a disaster that Sky News host Rita Panahi called Joe’s town hall “incoherent gibberish even by his very low standards.” View article →

Joe Biden Spreads Dangerous Vaccine Disinformation Live on CNN to Millions of Americans — Christian Research Network

Did Fauci funding lead to Covid pandemic?

War over Wuhan as Senator Rand Paul battles it out with Anthony Fauci leading one late night host to fantasize about the senator’s death. Joe Biden has a town hall on CNN and let’s say it wasn’t his best performance. Steve Malzberg has more of what the media won’t show you. #QuestionMore #RTAmerica #EatThePress

Source: Did Fauci funding lead to Covid pandemic?

Riot police fire tear gas and water cannons in Paris as thousands protest against health pass plan

The bill would require everyone in France to have a special virus pass to enter restaurants and other venues and make. Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for all health care workers.

Source: Riot police fire tear gas and water cannons in Paris as thousands protest against health pass plan

CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day… !

Article Image
 • The Gateway Pundit

As reported earlier the CDC-linked VAERS website released its weekly numbers last Friday.

The website has now recorded 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States.

This is up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from last week.

CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day — Caught by Internet Sleuths (VIDEO)

As reported earlier the CDC-linked VAERS website released its weekly numbers last Friday.

The website has now recorded 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States.

This is up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from last week.

The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data.


Weird? After Weeks of Significant Spikes in the Thousands in Vaccine Deaths Listed on CDC-Linked VAERS Website — The Number Jumps 265 This Week – But Still Tragic | The Gateway Pundit

The VAERS website released its most recent weekly numbers on Saturday morning.

There are now 11,405 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States according to the latest numbers.

This is up from 11,140 total vaccine deaths last week.

And this was up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from the previous week.

The number of deaths linked to the CDC promoted vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data.

The VAERS database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines.  The CDC government website links to VAERS platform.

Three weeks ago VAERS reported 6,985 deaths due to the COVID vaccines.  Two weeks ago that number jumped to 9,048.

Then it jumped to  11,140.
But this week it only jumped a couple hundred. That’s weird huh?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines. Reports are accepted from anyone and can be submitted electronically at www.vaers.hhs.gov.”

There were over 400,000 adverse reactions reported to the COVID vaccine listed last week.  This week that number jumped by another 90,000 to 491.217 total events.

Last Week: there were 1,918 total COVID-19 deaths in the United States.

It now appears the government may be fudging these numbers.


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Source: Weird? After Weeks of Significant Spikes in the Thousands in Vaccine Deaths Listed on CDC-Linked VAERS Website — The Number Jumps 265 This Week – But Still Tragic

Feminists Declare Victory After Obliterating Women’s Sports, Relabeling Mothers ‘Birthing Persons’, Getting Women Drafted — The Babylon Bee

WORLD—After a century of hard-fought battles for equal rights, the feminist movement has finally achieved its ultimate goal of obliterating women’s sports, relabeling mothers “birthing persons,” and getting women drafted into the military. 

“We are so proud of what we have achieved,” said Mandy Chandrilla, a biological man who now identifies as a female feminist. “Women were so oppressed, and we realized there was really no way around it, so we just rendered the term ‘woman’ meaningless and effectively eliminated women as a meaningful category of human altogether. Hooray for feminism!” 

Chandrilla then shotgunned a beer and crushed the can on her head in celebration. 

According to experts, women can now enjoy soul-crushing corporate jobs, lose in sports to transgender heroes, get shot in battle, grow a mustache, and act as gender-neutral spawning bags for biologically male partners.

Women all over the world are thanking feminism for its tremendous achievement in eliminating inequality by turning them into men. “This is just what we wanted,” said all the women everywhere. “Great job everyone!” 

Feminists Declare Victory After Obliterating Women’s Sports, Relabeling Mothers ‘Birthing Persons’, Getting Women Drafted — The Babylon Bee

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Wokeness has infiltrated every industry, from the military to media to philanthropy. It has succeeded in spite of a lack of public support. But according to Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson, there is a way to stop it.

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Victor Davis Hanson: How did the Democratic Party of JFK, Bill Clinton turn into a woke neo-Maoist movement?

In the old days, Democrats had predictable agendas, supposedly focused on individual rights, the “little guy” and distrust of the military-industrial complex.

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