George Soros: The Money Behind the Transgender Movement

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

The LGBTQ and Transgender movements are instrumental in eroding what is left of  any moral fiber in our society.

Who else but George Soros and his destructive NGO’s  would be behind the scenes, funding these immoral movements?

I’ve heard many people ask how old Soros is.  I imagine that they pose this question in hopes that this evil man will soon be gone.  Did you really think that Soros (in his 80’s) would leave this earth without grooming at least one of his sons to carry on his geopolitical destruction?

Alexander Soros has been shadowing his father for years; George wants to make sure that his son will be as ruthless as himself.

The Transgender Movement

I have always had a suspicion that Soros was bankrolling many of the marches and organized events: think “Drag Queen story hour” in our libraries across our nation. These things do not spontaneously happen…

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