10 Ways to Hate God and 10 Ways to Hate People

To help both believers and unbelievers better detect and root out this hatred from our hearts, here are ten ways in which we hate God.

1. We Deny Him: We deny his existence, or, like Peter, in certain circumstances we deny we know Him.

2. We Belittle Him: By ignoring Him, sidelining Him, not talking to Him, or not listening to Him.

3. We Contradict Him: We argue with His Word, His works, and His will.

4. We Disobey Him: We just blatantly and knowingly and stubbornly do what He forbids, or don’t do what He commands.

5. We Insult Him: We speak evil of Him, we use His name in curses, or use it in vain and frivolous ways.

6. We Blame Him: We accuse Him of ill-will, unfairness, injustice.

7. We Refuse Him: We refuse His help, His hand, His salvation.

8. We Distort Him: Ignoring God’s love, mercy, grace, salvation, we focus only on God’s holiness, wrath, justice, and sovereignty – or vice versa – and end up with a distortion of God.

9. We Use Him: We expect Him to come to our aid when we’re really desperate, but ignore him all other times.

10. We Take From Him: We just take and take, but without a word of praise or thanks.


10 Ways To Hate People

A few weeks ago I listed 10 Ways To Hate God. Today, 10 ways to hate people, which Paul says comes very naturally to us (Titus 3:3).

1. Grudge their success.

2. Blacken their name.

3. Desire their failure.

4. Ignore their graces and gifts.

5. Suspect their motives.

6. Rejoice when they fall or fail.

7. Refuse their confession.

8. Highlight only their defects.

9. Despise their callings and roles.

10. Take vengeance upon them.


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