DEATH AND JUDGMENT – Jonathan Edwards (1752)

Veritas et Lux

Jonathan_Edwards_engraving“All men of all nations all over the world must die,” writes Jonathan Edwards.  He strikes an immediate chord as he preaches the Word of God to the Stockbridge Indians in March, 1752.  Edwards not only appeals to commonsense experience; he appeals to his text, Hebrews 9:27.


After death comes the judgment: when men die, they go to appear before God to be judged.

Edwards makes it clear that God will call all men to account as the text indicates: “God is a just and righteous and holy God; and therefore, there certainly is another world where God will do right and will make good men happy, and will destroy the wicked … He will [hold] them to an account that have heard the gospel preached; [he will ask] whether or no they have repented of their sins and have in their hearts accepted of Jesus Christ as their…

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