27 Nov 2022 News Briefing

Russia fears Kremlin guards could be under mind-control
Just how unstable have things become inside of the Kremlin, as domestic opposition to the war in Ukraine continues to grow? According to one memo reportedly leaked from inside the Russian government, concerns have been raised about members of the Federal Protective Service (FSO) in the event of a coup or other military conflict inside of Moscow.

Doctors, medical groups sue FDA in bid to halt sales of abortion pills
A group of medical doctors and organizations has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over its approval of chemical abortion drugs.

‘North Korea’s goal is for world’s strongest nuclear force’: Kim Jong Un
North Korean scientists have made a “wonderful leap forward in the development of the technology of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles,” Kim said, without elaborating.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country’s ultimate goal is to possess the world’s most powerful nuclear force, as he promoted dozens of military officers involved in the recent launch of North Korea’s largest ballistic missile, state media reported on Sunday.

Is Russia actually making an ‘Iron Man’ suit?
For years, the Russian government has been attempting to create an ‘Iron Man’-type of suit for battle. This had remained all talk, but in recent years, this world superpower has appeared to have started testing the use of exoskeletons on the battlefield with Ukraine.

Strange Paleo-Hebrew Inscription Found in Ruins Under Jerusalem Appears to Confirm Biblical Narrative
A limestone fragment dating back to the 8th century B.C. was uncovered in 2007, and it is thought to be part of a larger monument. The partially eroded text contains six letters in paleo-Hebrew script — used before the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. Two lines each contain three legible characters, according to BAS. On the first line, the letters “qyh” can be discerned. While it is impossible to know with certainty what word the characters were part of, it is believed the full word could have once been either “Hizqyhw” or “Hizqiyahu” — Hezekiah in English.

Sacrificed to Satan? Disturbing Report Details Murder of Texas Woman
While conducting a welfare check, deputies found Hopson’s dead body rolled up in a carpet in a bedroom of the mobile home. She had suffered blunt force trauma to the head, and her toes, fingers, and ears had been cut off and placed in a plastic bag. The mother of suspect Ethan Myers told investigators her son “hears voices and is Satanic.” She allegedly said Myers told her that Hopson wanted him to “sacrifice her,” so he did. Price also told authorities that Myers was engaging in cult-like activity, according to the affidavit.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Must Explain Why It Censored the Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk proposed that the social media platform needs to reveal what happened at Twitter in 2020 when the company censored the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story. Turning Point USA ambassador Alex Lorusso tweeted on Wednesday, “Raise your hand if you think @ElonMusk should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency.”  To which Musk replied saying: “This is necessary to restore public interest.”

Why is Klaus Schwab Sucking up to China?
World Economic Forum chair Klaus Schwab declares on Chinese state TV: ‘China is a model for many nations’ . Schwab is obviously trying to get the Chinese “on side” by flattering and sucking up to them. “Please, Mr. Chinaman, your model is so wonderful! We here at the WEF would love to impose it on the rest of the world! What do you think?” The Chinese are going to smile and nod and laugh, and say a bunch of happy talk. Then they’ll shake Schwab’s hand, and send him back where he came from, and continue doing what they have been doing for the last 3,000 years.

Azerbaijan’s President signs on new embassy in Israel
Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on the establishment of the Azerbaijani embassy in Israel. Earlier this month, the Azerbaijan parliament announced its historic decision to open an embassy in Israel. The embassy will be located in Tel Aviv, and will be the first embassy in Israel of a country with a Shi’ite majority and a Shi’ite government.

Iran condemns UNHRC probe of protest crackdown
Iran’s Foreign Ministry says it does not recognize fact-finding mission the UNHRC voted to form. ran’s Foreign Ministry condemned a United Nations Human Rights Council decision to probe Iran’s response to unrest following the death of Mahsa Amini,

Musk says he will support a DeSantis presidential run
“I’m fine with Trump not tweeting. The important thing is that Twitter correct a grave mistake in banning his account, despite no violation of the law or terms of service,” he wrote. “Deplatforming a sitting President undermined public trust in Twitter for half of America.”

‘Woke Warfighters’: GOP Report Says Leftist Ideology, Gender “Insanity” Weakening America’s Military
“The world is a dangerous place, and the Biden Administration’s insanity is eroding our greatest source of security in it,”

November to end on stormy note with unsettled weather from coast to coast“Thursday for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and, of course, small business Saturday has been fairly decent, but we are looking toward what we’re anticipating this upcoming workweek. There is a very real severe weather threat with all modes of severe weather possible,”

It’s a disaster! Mega Drought dramatically shrinking California farmland, costing $1.7 billion
California farmers last year lost an estimated $1.7 billion and fallowed thousands of acres of land as a result of the ongoing mega-drought gripping the west. Collapse of the entire food system ahead…

Avian flu outbreak wipes out record 50.54 million U.S. birds
Avian flu has wiped out 50.54 million birds in the United States this year, making it the country’s deadliest outbreak in history, U.S. Department of Agriculture data showed on Thursday.

Nolte: Disney’s Big Gay, Green ‘Strange World’ Crashes at Box Office
Disney’s latest animated feature, the gay, green Strange World, just tanked at the box office.

Dutch Conservative Leader Describes How the Great Reset Works in 7 Minutes, Addresses Recent Controversy
“They want trans-national legislation, climate transition, and a totally different kind of economic order, but they also want people to transform into something transhumanistic.”

Church of Norway bishops to ordain unmarried, cohabiting priests 
Bishops in the Church of Norway, the largest Christian denomination in the Scandinavian country, say they are open to ordaining unmarried, cohabiting priests, going against a resolution of the Bishop’s Conference that prohibits cohabitation.

Virginia Walmart gunman’s manifesto claims he was ‘betrayed’ by coworkers he killed, felt ‘led by’ Satan
Andre Bing — an employee and accused gunman behind six killings at a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart on Tuesday — left a manifesto blaming the deadly violence on “torment” by coworkers and demonic influences.

U.S. to Send Ukraine An Additional $400 Million to Ukraine in Latest Aid Package
On Wednesday, the Pentagon announced that Ukraine would be receiving additional $400 million in both combat and humanitarian aid. The latest aid package is the 26th approved by President Biden since the summer of 2021. The last package, which was also valued at $400 million, was announced on November 10. In terms of dollar amount, Ukraine has received over $19 billion in aid from the U.S. since the wider conflict began this past February.

Oil Market Metrics Signal Sufficient Supply And Weakening Demand
Oil futures and swaps globally are increasingly showing signs of easing supply concerns and resurfaced concerns about further weakness in crude oil demand…

Would-be ‘Disinformation Czar’ Nina Jankowicz Now a Registered Foreign Agent
Nina Jankowicz, the would-be “disinformation czar” who was dropped from the Department of Homeland Security after public scrutiny, has now registered officially as a foreign agent, according to government records.

Kroger had to pay $180,000 to workers who were fired after they wouldn’t wear LQBTQ pride symbols
Kroger has to pay $180,000 to two former employees who were fired after they refused to wear a company apron with a phrase that they considered to be an LGBTQ+ symbol after a lawsuit.

Despite constant Propaganda, Populations across the World are finally rejecting the Covid Injection
In numerous countries, despite vaccination remaining available, people are no longer cooperating with the programme. There has been no official end to the programme but people have opted out. The government has not told them to stop, the media have not told them to stop. Somehow, people have made a conscious or, perhaps for many a subconscious decision to decline.

Confidential Pfizer Documents & New Study confirm COVID ‘Vaccine Shedding’ has been occurring with shocking & dangerous consequences 
A study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity has had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether they wish to get the Covid-19 injection or not because the vaccinated have been transmitting antibodies generated by the injections through aerosols.

Australia suffered 15x more Excess Deaths in the first 7 months of 2022 than it did in the whole of 2020 
Official figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm that Australia recorded 15 times more excess deaths in the first 7 months of 2022 than it did throughout the whole of 2020.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Says Russia is Using the Cold Winter as a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’
The shameless cocaine addict, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, is saying that Russia is using the frigid winter as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing, Xinjiang After Deadly Fire
Protestors from Urumqi were singing China‘s national anthem while waving a flag…

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/11/27/27-nov-2022/

Headlines – 11/27/2022

President of Azerbaijan Signs Order Ensuring Establishment of Embassy in Tel Aviv

Second person dies of injuries days after Jerusalem bombing attack

Likely police minister Ben Gvir suggests activists provoked Hebron troops’ assault

In false alarm, entrance to Jerusalem briefly shut after suspected pipe bomb found

Tunisian fans display large ‘Free Palestine’ banner at World Cup in Qatar

US men’s soccer team displays Iranian flag, minus Islamic Republic emblem

Iran’s Fars news agency is hit by cyberattacks, blames Israel

Iran’s Supreme leader Khamenei orders militias to deal with rioters

Khamenei tells paramilitary group: ‘Each rioter, each terrorist, must be punished’

Iran’s supreme leader praises paramilitary for crackdown on ‘rioters’ and ‘thugs’

Syrian Kurds say forced to end operations against IS due to Turkish attacks

Imran Khan: Former Pakistani PM attends first rally since shooting

Pakistan: Imran Khan calls off his month-long ‘Azadi March’; says ‘Will not be part of this system’

Belarus foreign minister and Putin ally dies suddenly ‘after secret talks to end war in Ukraine’

Angela Merkel says she lost influence over Putin as a lame duck leader

UK: Russia Hitting Ukraine with Old Nuclear Missiles – Minus the Warheads

‘We cannot be broken’: Ukraine’s Zelensky defiant on anniversary of Stalin famine

Revealed: FTX Was Funding Biological Weapons Shelters while laundering money from the Ukrainian government via crypto meant for their war efforts

Cash for Commies: UK Sent Over 50 Million Euros in Foreign Aid to China in 2021

Report: Blackrock, State Retirement Funds Invested in Chinese Firms Tied to Uyghur Genocide

Hong Kong Court Finds 90-Year-Old Cardinal Zen Guilty for Pro-Democracy Support

Kim Jong Un: North Korea’s Goal Is for World’s Strongest Nuclear Force

French prosecutors probe Macron election campaign over funding, McKinsey links

Macron says he’s not main focus of campaign accounts probe

Trump aides Bannon, Miller advising the Bolsonaros on next steps

Here are the 42 Biden administration officials House Republicans have put on notice

Arizona County Republican Chairs Send Letter Calling On Maricopa County Not To Certify Corrupt Midterm Election

Maricopa County Refuses to Provide Documents to the Head of the GOP in Arizona Regarding Election

YouTube Censored User After He Published Democrats’ 2016 ‘Stolen Election’ Claims

FTX Donated $1 Million to McConnell-Aligned Super PAC Weeks before Declaring Bankruptcy

IRS Forces Gig Workers to Report over $600 Threshold of Venmo, PayPal Payments

Bidenomics: 41% of small businesses can’t pay rent this month, report warns

Black Friday Disappoints: Thin Crowds and ‘Desolate’ Stores

Shoppers Spent Record $9.12 Billion Online on Black Friday, Amid Growing Inflation

CNN Calls Freedom of Speech ‘Nonsense’ in Moronic Rant

Elon Musk Reportedly Shuts Twitter Office in Brussels After EU Enacts Censorship Law

Musk: Twitter Corrected ‘Grave Mistake’ Banning Trump

Former CIA Analyst on Elon Musk Restoring Banned Twitter Accounts: “Putin is Going to be All Over Twitter if There’s No Regulations”

Security Researchers: Apple iCloud Feature Enables $65 Million Scam

FCC Bans U.S. Sales, Imports of Huawei and ZTE Equipment Due to ‘Unacceptable Risk to National Security’

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Easter Island region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Cortes, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tual, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tonga region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of Nicaragua

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Masachapa, Nicaragua

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Cryovolcanic eruption on comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann

Landslide kills 1, leaves up to a dozen missing on Italy’s resort island of Ischia

Italian island landslides: The force of mud coming from the landslides was powerful enough to collapse buildings and send vehicles into the sea

Cars Swept Away Following Flood In Saudi Arabia After King Prayed For Rain To End Dry Spells

Last week’s Buffalo snowstorm may have broken state records

Over 70 Per Cent of Children Aged 7-12 Now Afraid of Climate Change – Survey

Pet Ownership is Now Under Attack by Unhinged Climate Extremists – Says Dogs and Cats are Part of the Climate Problem

Chevron gets new U.S. license to pump oil in Venezuela again

Portland Antifa threaten violent protests at Tesla dealerships

Police: Brazil School Shooter Wore Swastika, Planned Attack

Rep. Biggs: Biden’s Thanksgiving Gun Grab Vow ‘Tyrannical’

Politico: The border crisis is probably about to get worse once Title 42 ends

Texas Gov. Abbott Sends Two More Buses of Illegal Migrants to Liberal ‘Sanctuary City’ Philadelphia

French Govt Minister Labels Italy ‘Enemy Country’ over Anti-Migration Policy

Farage: Communities Being ‘Changed Beyond Recognition’ by Mass Migration

Barcelona: 76 Per Cent of Arrests in First Half of 2022 Were Foreigners

Algerian Arrested for Sex Attack Within 48 hours of Arriving Illegally in Spain

Squid Game’s O Yeong-su indicted on sexual misconduct charges in South Korea

A man won the legal right to not be ‘fun’ at work after refusing to embrace ‘excessive alcoholism’ and ‘promiscuity’

Hollywood elites crack down on Candace Cameron Bure, Elon Musk, Dave Chappelle, all in name of ‘tolerance’

Secretly Recorded Phone Call of Pope Francis Played in Vatican Court During Embezzlement Trial

Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking operation benefited banks, accusers allege in lawsuit

Justin Trudeau Preaches Diversity on Canadian RuPaul’s Drag Race Spin-Off

Denmark Considers FIFA Exit over LGBTQ Armband Ban at World Cup

Jeff Myers: 75 Percent in Poll Say Transgender Movement Has Gone Too Far

Head of trans children charity Mermaids resigns after six years – Susie Green is stepping down amid intense public scrutiny of charity in recent months

Rev. Franklin Graham: Same-Sex Marriage Bill ‘Fails to Protect Those’ with Traditional Marriage Views

Abortions Down by 10,000 in First 2 Months After Roe v. Wade Being Overturned: Study

Here We Go: CDC Says It’s Monitoring a New COVID Variant Known as “XBB” – Deemed ‘Most Vaccine Resistant Strain Ever’

Top Australian Cardiologist Calls for Ban on mRNA Shots After Rise in Jab-Related Heart Conditions

GOP Rep. McClintock: Any Further COVID Funding Needs to Have Prohibition on Mandates

Tyrant Justin Trudeau Lies Under Oath – Claims He Did Not Call Unvaccinated People “Racists and Misogynists” But Video Proves Otherwise

Biden Pressured Trudeau to Clamp Down on ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers: Inquiry

‘Open up’: Anger against COVID lockdowns erupts across China, fueled by deadly fire

Unreal New Images Emerge From Chinese ‘Zero COVID’ Techno-Hell

Funding censorship? Feds give tens of millions to fight COVID ‘disinformation,’ populism

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

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