21 May 2022 News Briefing

Sanhedrin rules: Forbidden for Israel to sign WHO resolution
The Sanhedrin just released an official ruling on the upcoming vote by the World Health Organization on resolutions that will give them emergency powers over any country they choose. The State of Israel is a Jewish state, a state of law and a democratic state. If the State of Israel joins this global health organization, then they will be violating many of laws of Israel. “The laws of Israel state that harming or degrading the sovereignty of the state or its completeness, is categorized as treason. “By signing this resolution, the state of Israel is transferring their faith from God to this foreign organization.”

“How sweet it is to kill Jews” – Palestinians chant at funeral of Al-Jazeera journalist Abu Akleh
Palestinians at one of the funeral processions held for the journalist openly expressed their ideology: “How sweet it is to kill Jews.”

Despite the enemy’s best efforts: New record number of Jews on Temple Mount
A historic record was set on Thursday on the Temple Mount with the ascent of 29,215 Jews to the Temple Mount since the beginning of the year. This is the largest number of Jews ascending to Judaism’s holiest site since the liberation of the Temple Mount, and probably also since the destruction of the Temple.

Whistleblowers: Convicted criminals allowed to remain on streets after violating parole
Across Minnesota crimes are surging, carjackings are at an all-time high, and Minneapolis alone is on a record pace for homicides this year. Minnesotans have had enough and some whistleblowers have turned to Alpha News to sound off about the MN Department of Corrections (DOC) which allows repeat offenders to “get a slap on the wrist” and be released. Stories like Devon Dwayne Glover, who violated his release term are prime examples of DOC’s apparent failure to keep dangerous criminals off the streets.

Biden’s approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll
Only 39% of U.S. adults approve of Biden’s performance … Overall, only about 2 in 10 adults say the U.S. is heading in the right direction.

Damaging tornado rips through Levin, New Zealand 
A damaging tornado hit the town of Levin, New Zealand’s North Island on May 20, 2022, causing widespread damage and injuring several people. New Zealand’s Met Service recorded a wind gust of 140 km/h (86 mph) in the town. However, at the time of press, it was still not able to determine whether it was indeed a tornado that caused the damage, or a thunderstorm collapsing on itself.

Kamala Harris finally finds her role: Defending the legalized slaughter of the unborn
It is unsurprising that, as the Biden Administration braces for the possible overthrow of Roe v. Wade, Vice President Kamala Harris is front and center. This week, she hosted a virtual conversation with abortionists from Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Montana. If Roe falls, Harris said, “It would be a direct assault on the fundamental right of self-determination, to live and love without interference from the government.”

BREAKING: Washington gas stations run out of gas, one adds extra digit in anticipation of $10 dollar prices
A spokesperson at 76 confirmed to The Post Millennial that the gas pumps were reprogrammed to allocate for double-digit pricing.

Pfizer Document Dump Shows Doctor With Ties to Gates Foundation Deleted Trial Participant’s Vaccine Injury
An 80,000-page cache of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine documents released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sheds light on Pfizer’s extensive vaccine trials in Argentina, including the unusually large size of the trials and the story of a trial participant whose vaccine reaction was deleted.

Johns Hopkins Hires Desgraced Former Professor Who Advocated For Destimatizing Pedophila
A transgender assistant professor who was forced to resign after she openly advocated for the destigmatization of pedophilia has now been hired by Johns Hopkins University.

Is the “Great Replacement” really just a “theory?” No – Americans really are being replaced with migrants 
…What the theory suggests is that the Democrat left has been using mass immigration to literally change the face of our country by watering down and eliminating the ‘evil white majority’ and replacing it with third-world poor migrants of color who will, theoretically, support Democratic policies that include welfare, dependency and a lack of upward mobility.

SOURCES: China preparing for “D-Day” INVASION of the continental United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California, as Biden and Newsom serve as China’s accomplices
Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.

All Life Insurance Companies Are Experiencing a 40% Rise In The Death Rate. People Are Dying From the Vaccine. “All Vaccinations Must be Stopped”
One America is a large life insurance company in Indianpapolis. The chief executive officer, Scott Davison just announced that judging by policy claims Americans of working age are suddenly dying in unprecedented numbers.

Moderna Patented CANCER GENE is in Sars-Cov-2 “Spike Protein”
…We do not yet know which of these possibilities is right. What we DO know is that everything else about Sars-Cov-2 was extremely thoughtfully and professionally done, such as HIV fragments added to it. Why should we assume that a cancer-causing mutation code from a cancer-related Moderna patent, was inserted into just the perfect location on the spike, purely by chance?

Uganda Will Harvest the DNA of its Citizens Under National ID Program
The East African nation of Uganda is announcing plans to begin harvesting and tracking the DNA and biometric data of its citizens under an updated version of the country’s national ID program, which will see genetic information added to the ID cards that Ugandans are legally required to obtain.

WHO Warns Summer Festivals, Mass Gatherings Could Accelerate Spread of Monkeypox
The WHO is warning that summer festivals and mass gatherings could accelerate the spread of monkeypox in the first indication that health technocrats may once again attempt to impose restrictions in the name of stopping the spread of a virus.

Emmy Griffin: Disney’s Drastic Drop in Approval
Disney’s approval rating is dropping like a sinking stone. Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo wrote: “Yikes. I’ve polled Disney and cannot emphasize enough how abysmal these numbers are for them. Disney’s name ID is 100%. Their fav/unfav rating was 77-21 (+56) last year. Their pos-neg rating is now 33-30 (or +3). Entertainment brand ratings shouldn’t be on par w/ politicians.” In other words, for a company that everyone knows to drop from a 77% approval rating to 33% is a disaster.

BREAKING: 9 European Nations Suspend Experimental AstraZeneca COVID Vaccines Due to Fatal Blood Clots
Earlier this week we reported that Austria had stopped injecting people with AstraZeneca’s experimental COVID vaccines after two nurses developed blood clots, with one of them dying.

Covid Truths: Tools of Indoctrination 
The designers of this pandemic anticipated a pushback by the public and that major embarrassing questions would be asked. To prevent this, the controllers fed the media a number of tactics, one of the most commonly used was and is the “fact check” scam.

Covid Lies: Asymptomatic Spread and PCR Tests Identify Infections 
“Given the foregoing, it is no longer possible to view the last two years as well-intentioned errors. Instead, the objectives of the perpetrators are most likely to be totalitarian control over the population by means of mandatory digital IDs and cashless central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).” – Dr. Mike Yeadon

Children’s risk of Death increases between 8100% and 30,200% following Covid-19 Vaccination compared to Unvaccinated Children according to official ONS data
The Office for National Statistics has revealed without meaning to that children are 82 to 303x more likely to die following Covid-19 vaccination than children who have not had the Covid-19 vaccine.

Soon america will be under medical martial law imposed by the world health organization! Ebola small pox will complete economic destrouction of USA (part 1)
..The public is unaware of how serious the discovery of the recent, and if we were to believe the CDC and the mainstream media, viles of smallpox that were discovered in Philadelphia. Further, the media is reporting that the smallpox is stored only at the CDC. So, is the naive public to believe that the germ warfare boys, the best in the world, would allow only the CDC to store such a deadly pathogen.

Chick.com: Could Proposed Law Decriminalize Infanticide? (Killing of babies)
Murdering babies before birth is not a crime. Now, some people are wanting laws changed to allow it after birth as well.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/05/21/21-may-2022/

Headlines – 5/21/2022

Meretz MK who quit coalition says ‘alternative to existing government much worse’

Joint List MK to submit bill to begin process of dissolving Knesset next Wednesday

‘It’s not over’: Despite MK’s defection, Lapid says too early to eulogize coalition

Bennett: Government faces ‘a machine of poison and lies’

57 House Dems call for US probe into killing of Al Jazeera journalist

US drops ‘foreign terrorist’ designation from Israeli, Basque, Egyptian groups

Syria says 3 soldiers killed in Israeli missile strikes near Damascus

Syria lambasts Turkey’s Erdogan plan to return million refugees

Syrian man stabs wife and a man in Norway domestic dispute: Police

IDF: Soleimani’s son-in-law using civilian flights to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah

State Department calls on Lebanese leaders to work with ‘urgency’ to rescue economy

Stephen Colbert on Bush’s Iraq gaffe: ‘A refreshingly lighthearted confession to war crimes’

Revealed: CIA-Trained Militia Used US-Made Weapons in Deadly Attack in Somalia

Tunisia’s President Saied excludes parties from preparing new constitution

‘We are going to die’: Sri Lanka warns of food shortages

New military bases in western Russia in response to NATO expansion: Defense minister

In rare victory, Russia claims to take full control of Mariupol

Russia says ‘nearing’ full control of Ukraine’s Lugansk

Struggling in Ukraine, Russia paves way to sign up over-40s for army

Putin promises to bolster Russia’s IT security in face of cyberattacks

Millions rushed to leave Ukraine. Now the queue to return home stretches for miles

EU Exploring Ways to Use Russian Oligarchs’ Frozen Assets to Rebuild Ukraine

Canada bans luxury goods trade with Russia, punishes more oligarchs

New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight ‘inflation storm’

Biden’s push for more government spending, more regulation will be ‘jet fuel’ on inflation: Ryun

US Senate Rejects $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving Another $40 Billion for Ukraine

Russian gas flows to Finland to stop on Saturday: State-owned Gasum

G7 wants to cap Russian oil price – US Treasury

Josh Hawley grills Biden’s energy sec for blaming Putin for skyrocketing gas prices

“With All Due Respect Your Answers Are Insulting” – Senator Josh Hawley Destroys Obama’s Energy Secretary Who Denies High Gas Prices Are Due to Biden’s Actions

China boosts energy imports from Russia – Purchases of oil, gas and coal soared 75% in April, data shows

‘Deadly serious’: U.S. quietly urging Taiwan to follow Ukraine playbook for countering China

China’s Most Powerful Bombers Buzz US Military Bases In Japan

China launches South China Sea military drills as US President Biden visits Asia

US President Biden touts South Korea’s role in securing global supply chain

Joe Biden Refers to South Korea’s New President as Previous Leader in Gaffe-Filled Speech

Biden Secret Service agents sent home after drunk assault report in South Korea

NBC – Another legacy media outlet concedes Hunter Biden laptop story real

Clinton campaign manager drops ‘bombshell’ exposing Clinton and media mob’s years-long Russia hoax – Mook is trying to turn a case about evidence and law into pure politics for an acquittal, says Jarrett

Durham alert: Top Clinton campaign official Robby Mook testifies that Hillary approved giving Alfa Bank story to the media

Robby Mook throws Clinton allies under the bus, testifies Hillary ‘agreed’ to leak Trump-Russia allegation to media

Clinton team ‘did not trust’ FBI in 2016, blames ‘most damaging days of campaign’ on Comey: Mook testimony

Top 5 revelations from trial of ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann

Report: Three Clinton Donors on Sussmann Jury in D.C.

Pelosi-aligned dark money nonprofit received $3 million from group fueled by Swiss billionaire

Madison Cawthorn says it’s time for ‘Dark MAGA,’ ‘new right’ to take over after scandal-propelled primary loss

Minnesota GOP apologizes for video showing Soros as puppetmaster over Jewish Dems

Holder: There Will Be ‘High-Level Prosecutions of People Close to Donald Trump’

Rep. Markwayne Mullin Introduces House Resolution to Expunge Trump’s ‘Politically Motivated’ 2nd Impeachment

Ohio GOP House candidate J.R. Majewski called for secession in livestream following 2020 election

Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, pressured Arizona lawmakers on 2020 election

U.S. Senate Hopeful Lamon: I Would Not Have Voted to Certify Arizona’s Electors Jan. 6, 2021

Mail-In Ballot Use Down 90% In Georgia

‘Direct Interference in UK Elections’ – EU Threatens to Target Pro-Brexit Politicians over Northern Ireland Dispute

UK’s Johnson vows to resolve Northern Ireland’s Brexit-related kosher food shortage

Trump Torches Musk: Elon Wants to Join GOP Because of Issues with ‘Probably Illegal Purchase’ of ‘Fake Twitter’

Elon Musk blasts Biden administration, Democrats on Twitter over ‘hate,’ sidelining of Tesla

Twitter Will Now Suppress ‘False’ and ‘Misleading’ Tweets Under ‘Crisis Misinformation’ Policy

Jankowicz Says Americans Criticizing Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board Are “Endangering Our National Security”

Tech stocks are mired in their longest weekly losing streak since dot-com bust

Miami’s mayor backed MiamiCoin crypto – then its price dropped 95%

Toddler Playing with Mom’s Phone Accidentally Orders Over 30 Cheeseburgers Through DoorDash

Mastercard launches tech that lets you pay with your face or hand in stores

Voyager is sending ‘impossible data’ back to Nasa from the edge of the Solar System

M3.0 solar flare erupts from geoeffective AR 3014, follows M5.6 on May 19

Asteroid 4 times larger than Empire State Building to fly past Earth

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Coquimbo, Chile

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near north of Svalbard

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Al Hoceima, Morocco

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits north of Svalbard

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Seismovolcanic crisis continues at Sao Jorge Island, Azores – 33,000 earthquakes in 2 months

Earthquake swarm in the Reykjanes Peninsula, uplift around Svartsengi up to 2.5 cm, Iceland

Earthquake swarm in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Eyes on the tropics: Potential for pre-season storm

Damaging tornado rips through Levin, New Zealand

A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germany, and injured at least 30 people, authorities said

One dead, more than 40 injured as Michigan tornado causes ‘catastrophic’ damage

Possible tornado touches down in New Hampshire, driver captures terrifying dashcam video

Colorado to Experience Weather Whiplash as Heavy Snow Follows Temperatures Near 90

NYC heat wave coming this weekend, temperatures could shatter records

Saharan Dust and Wildfire Smoke Heads for Southeast

Fire next to Geneva airport disrupts flights

Man sentenced to 24 years for setting Big Sur wildfire that killed 12 endangered condors

Harris to announce $500 million school bus rebate program to replace diesel with electric, low emissions buses

Yellen’s global tax plan meets resistance abroad and at home

AI may be searching you for guns the next time you go out in public

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them

Red Alert: Breaking Dem Legislation Could End Gun Sales to All Current Firearm Owners Forever, Require DOJ License

Clyburn says ‘the country is in danger of imploding’ while weighing in on the Buffalo, N.Y., shooting

Mass shooting in Chicago leaves 2 dead, 7 hurt near Magnificent Mile

California: Thieves Steal $1 Million in Daylight Smash and Grab

Pastor stabbed to death, set on fire and left in van by man she was trying to help, police say

White ‘replacement theory,’ the racist, antisemitic belief fueling deadly attacks

Non-binary in Iraq: ‘People get killed’

National Science Teachers Association’s ‘Gender-Inclusive Biology’ Calls Women ‘People with Ovaries’

Australian Transgender Surfer Crushes the Competition in Open Women’s Divisions

GOP Drafts ‘Women’s Bill of Rights’ To Fight Transgender Ideology

Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children

Disney Giving ‘Pride Collection’ Profits to Groups Fighting Florida’s Anti-Grooming Law

Bill Maher challenges LGBTQ orthodoxy: ‘It’s OK to ask questions’ – especially when it involves kids

At least 135 teachers, aides charged with child sex crimes this year alone

Texas Teen Goes to Bathroom at NBA Game, Is Found 10 Days Later Sold for Sex in Oklahoma Hotel

Texas girl, 15, trafficked from Mavericks game in Dallas; 8 arrested in Oklahoma: police

Woman Makes Sexual Misconduct Claim Against Elon Musk

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence.

Elon Musk denies he harassed flight attendant on private jet

Justice Thomas: ‘We Are in Danger of Destroying the Institutions Required for a Free Society’

DHS warns of threats to burn down Supreme Court, kill justices as abortion decision looms

Religious backers of abortion rights say God’s on their side

San Francisco archbishop bars Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to abortion support

Archbishop Cordileone tells priests that Nancy Pelosi Communion denial is ‘pastoral, not political’

Abortionist Accuses Rep. Chip Roy of ‘Inflammatory Language’ When He Describes What Actually Happens to an Unborn Baby During Abortion

Oklahoma Democrat Suggests Mandatory Vasectomies in Response to Restrictive Abortion Law

Facebook Tells Employees to Stop Discussing Abortion at Work

AOC Mocks Christians For Opposing Abortion, Rants About How Babies in the Womb Are Not a Life

Abortion Pill Kills Woman, Drug Caused Sepsis Infection That Took Her Life

Marijuana slowly becoming New England’s newest cash crop

FDA Approves World’s First Pill with an Embedded Sensor

Biden’s Plan to Surrender U.S. Health Sovereignty to ‘Corrupt, Chinese Communist Party Entity’ World Health Organization Draws Fire

Gooden leads GOP pushback demanding Biden oppose WHO global surveillance system

Commentary: The WHO’s Death Trap for the US

Emergency WHO meeting over Monkeypox spread: ‘We should take it seriously’

WHO to Convene Emergency Meeting on Monkeypox After UK Cases Double to 20

African scientists baffled by unusual spread of monkeypox cases in Europe, US

Dubai to ‘enhance surveillance’ over globally rising monkeypox cases

FDA Approves New Intravenous Monkeypox Drug Treatment From Pfizer-Linked SIGA Technologies

U.S. Buys $119 Million Worth Of Monkeypox Vaccines After First Case Diagnosed In Massachusetts

Bavarian Nordic shares surge on order for monkeypox vaccine amid Europe outbreaks; one case in the U.S.

Sixth child in US dies of unexplained hepatitis as global cases top 600

U.S. Bioethics Chief, Who Happens to be Fauci’s Wife, Published a New Paper Telling Corporates They Can Ethically ‘Pressure Employees’ And ‘Embarrass Vaccine Resistors’

(NIH Journal Entry) COVID Update: What is the truth? The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies

Primary source of COVID misinformation is the feds, scientists and scholars tell surgeon general

Another Study Confirms Wearing Masks Increases COVID Infection

Report: NPR Opens Mask ‘Snitch’ HR Hotline

Lockdown Forever! German Court Finds Forced Vax for Caregivers Constitutional

National Border Patrol Council President Predicts 230,000 Migrants Will Be Released into U.S. Next Month When Title 42 Goes Away

Federal judge blocks Biden admin from ending Title 42 border expulsions

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

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